Superhero Origins: Booster Gold
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Superhero Origins: Booster Gold

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
He was introduced to readers in the first issue of his own 1986 comic book. Rather than meeting our hero in the midst of a deadly battle, readers were greeted with Booster negotiating a highly remunerative film deal. Clearly he was a celebrity, but there were some rather odd things about him. For example, he frequently stumbled over every day expressions and idioms and his robot sidekick Skeets made oblique references to the future. All was explained in the sixth issue when Booster met Superman, who deduced that Booster and Skeets were from the future. Join as we explore the comic book origin of Booster Gold. Special thanks to our user Luis Abreu for submitting the idea on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page! read more...