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Top 10 Video Games that Should Have Film Adaptations

VO: Dan Paradis
With the rise of AAA games delivering more cinematic storylines these days, it is high time that we could actually see some decent video game to film adaptations on the big screen. We've picked these 10 Games on the likes of having the best chance of being hits on the big screen. Some Directors have tried to get these made into films like Peter Jackson and Gore Verbinski, though they ran into production speed bumps. Never the less we've still got hope that something will come of them. Join as we countdown one of our most requested topics: Top 10 Video Games that should have a Film Adaptation. Special Thanks to our users "cliffhanger," "nait08" and "Zyphon44" for suggesting this topic on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

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Top 10 Video Games that should have Film Adaptations

There’s as much of a demand for their next sequels as there is for a film adaptation of these games. Welcome to and today we’re counting down one of our most requested topics; top 10 Video Games that should have film adaptations.

This list was the subject of much debate in the Watchmojo office, as with over 100 suggestions it was difficult to narrow down. So first off games that already have a film adaptation, even if they suck, are excluded. We picked the rest on a balance of fan hype, story originality, and how well the subject matter can translate onto film.

#10 “Halo” series (2001-)

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson already attempted to turn this series in to a film back in 2005 and sadly that never went anywhere. Still the concept of Humanity’s struggle for survival against a genocidal Covenant of Aliens, while also dealing with the parasitic entity known as the Flood, there’s definitely a lot to work with here. Could audiences connect with a character who never takes off his helmet? Does anyone care?

#9: “Assassin’s Creed II” (2009)

We already know there’s a movie of this series being worked on, but which time period would we like to see? For us it’s a no brainer, Ezio Auditore’s story in the Italian Renaissance is a clear choice for a starting point. We already have many pirate films to rule out Black Flag, and Colonial America may look a bit low budget for this production. The real question would be how heavily the story would deal with the Animus elements so key to the franchise.

#8: “Portal” series (2007-)

It sure has one of the most vocal fanbase whenever you mention cake,nNever the less the string of fan made short films do indeed show that there is a strong demand for a Portal film. There would be a number of hurdles to overcome in the translation; the fact that main character doesn’t talk being the biggest, but in the right hands a Portal film would make for some mind bending visuals.

#7: “Chrono Trigger” (1995)

Considered to be one of the greatest RPG’s of all time, Chrono Trigger has a deep time travelling story starting at 1000 AD, going to a 23rd century post apocalyptic future, and going back as 12,000 BC where a kingdom of floating islands dotted the sky. The style and setting alone would make for an awesome movie. Also considering the game has multiple endings, good luck trying to spoil this film to people who haven’t played the game.

#6: “Gears of War” series (2006-)

Seems like the nice setup for you intense and interesting action flick: On a human inhabited planet, the population is on the brink of extension fighting a losing war against the Locusts, a subterranean species that emerged a decade earlier. Hyper violence and oozing with grandure and machismo, the games were set up like an epic film series from the start. Like Halo, Gears of war is another series that has attempted to get a Film Adaptation back in 2010, but again has gone nowhere.

#5: “Bioshock” series (2007-)

Pirates of the Caribbean Director Gore Verbinski tried to get this film into produced, but cancelled due to budget concerns; that’s the 3rd one on the list. As with a lot of the other games on the list, the distinctive art style of Bioshock seems perfect for the big screen treatment. On top of that, strong atmospheric history of the Fall of Rapture is definitely a story worth exploring in film, especially now that the universe has been expanded to…infinite proportions.

#4: “The Legend of Zelda” series (1986-)

There was much debate over this entry in the Watchmojo office, mostly over the issue of how to treat the silent main character; Link. That being said, the vast amount of Fan Made films, as well as IGN’s infamous April Fools Day trailer, really shows that it is indeed possible to make something spectacular out of this and more importantly, that there is huge market for it. Just don’t give Link his cartoon personality.

#3: “Spec Ops: The Line” (2012)

Out of all the modern military stories to choose from, none even come close to the caliber of emotional storytelling as in 2012’s Spec Ops: The Line. Set in the sandstorm enveloped ruins of Dubai, The Line follows a group of soldiers down the path to insanity, where everyone’s trying kill them along the way. Best yet, the story was inspired by the novel Heart of Darkness, which also inspired Apocalypse Now. The smell of napalm? Try dealing with the smell of White Phosphorus.

#2: “Deus Ex” series (2000-)

Whether it’s the insidious conspiracy theory plots or Human Revolution’s moral dilemma of replacing parts of the human body with cybernetic implants, the Deus Ex Universe would have plenty of meaty sci-fi themes to work with. The social commentary would probably be pretty fitting for today’s society, after all, don’t Alex’s glasses remind you of the Google Glass just a little bit?

Before we get to the top spot, lets take a quick look at what else should get the movie treatment.

#1: “Mass Effect” series (2007-)

You might have noticed from some of our previous video game videos that we’re pretty big fans of the Mass Effect series, after all a visually spectacular science fiction game with enough lore and emotional filled moments to rival Star Wars is just begging for an adaptation. There is technically a film in development, but once again: It’s in development hell. Maybe J.J. Abrams could go for a triple threat and helm this one too? A word to the wise though, if you make this into a movie, be extra careful with your ending.

So those are our picks for games we’d like to see made into movies, now we’d like to hear from you. Given the trend of awful game adaptations, are you confident enough to let these films go to the Silver Screen? Let us know what you like to see made into a movie, and for more Top 10’s published everyday be sure to Subscribe to

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