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Top 10 Business Rivalries

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Gabriel Foley. These are the companies that are always battling each other to make sure we buy their products. For this list, we’re focusing on two companies that make similar products that are constantly compared to one another. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 business rivalries. Special thanks to our users Tanner Hall, KILLABAZINGA708, Vincent DeQwann Fripp, Moise Joassaint, Babbaj, and akt for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Gabriel Foley.

These are the companies that are always battling each other to make sure we buy their products. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 business rivalries.

For this list, we’re focusing on two companies that make similar products that are constantly compared to one another.

#10: Energizer vs. Duracell
Energizer Holdings vs. Procter & Gamble

These two companies power your TV remote, Xbox controller, and so much more. While Energizer has been around since the late 1800s, Duracell only burst onto the scene in the mid-1960s. This makes it all the more surprising that Duracell has been able to become a serious competitor to the historic battery and personal care brand in a such short time. Even if you side with the Energizer Bunny, you can expect these two companies will remain in a power struggle for the foreseeable future.

#9: Budweiser vs. Miller
Anheuser-Busch InBev vs. SABMiller

As far as beer companies go, it’s hard to think of more fierce competitors than Miller and Budweiser. Even though you can’t ignore Coors in the battle of the brews, these are the two brands that are more likely to pop into your head when you think of a cold refreshing beer. While it isn’t surprising that the beer business is as competitive as it is, it’s a steady stream of advertising keeping these two brewing legends held high as two of America’s highest selling beers.

#8: Visa vs. MasterCard
Visa Inc. vs. MasterCard Incorporated

While these two companies don’t actually issue credit cards, they are the reason we can use them. Considering both Visa and MasterCards are accepted nearly everywhere, and both American multinational financial services corporations are successful, it’s safe to say these companies are what most people use to make the majority of their purchases. Really, the only loser here is old-fashioned cash and coin.

#7: Hasbro vs. Mattel
Hasbro, Inc. vs. Mattel, Inc.

As these companies both make toys for kids, they have squared off for decades for the hearts of your little ones. They may not directly reference or acknowledge each other, but their products often share many uncanny similarities. Both Hasbro and Mattel have made some very iconic American toys, so it’s hard to imagine that either will be giving up their stake and disappearing anytime soon.

#6: Ford vs. GM
Ford Motor Company vs. General Motors Company

As two of the oldest companies that still make their cars in America, Ford and GM have been constant competitors since the early 20th century. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this American-founded rivalry is that GM was able to remain in the competition after they filed for bankruptcy in 2009. But no matter which car company your allegiance lies with, it’s evident this rivalry is behind some of the greatest American vehicles in history. If one looks East, you can see a similar struggle between automotive giants Toyota and Honda.

#5: DC vs. Marvel
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. vs. The Walt Disney Company

They’re responsible for characters like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and so many more. But since these two companies have characters with many similarities, many fans tend to side with one or the other. That makes this rivalry all the more intense, especially since Disney put its weight behind one, purchasing Marvel, while Time Warner owns DC. No matter where your loyalty lies, you can’t deny these two have played a huge role in the film and comic book industry for decades.

#4: Adidas vs. Puma
Adidas AG vs. Puma SE

This rivalry is proof that sibling rivalries can result in much more than hurt feelings. These two world-renowned athletic footwear and sportswear corporations were originally one company owned by two brothers. Tensions eventually caused the company to split into Adidas and Puma, edging out the Nike vs. Reebok rivalry, which is just as intense. Today, Adidas is Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturer while Puma holds its own by sponsoring high profile athletes, especially several notable footballers.

#3: Microsoft vs. Apple
Microsoft Corporation vs. Apple Inc.

Microsoft has had plenty of competitors over the years, including Sony and Nintendo in gaming and Google online, but none has been as large as their rivalry with Apple. This struggle saw the late Steve Jobs compete with Bill Gates for dominance in home computing, with the latter prevailing until Apple’s eventual supremacy thanks to their efforts in mobile and tablets. It doesn’t take much to see the differences between these companies; while Apple tends to focus on uniformity, quality, branding and style, Microsoft is more focused on ubiquity. Whether you’re a Mac or PC fan, these tech giants have pushed innovation to new heights.

#2: McDonald’s vs. Burger King
McDonald’s vs. Burger King

Fast food rivalries come and go, but none is more iconic than the battle of the burgers. Over the years, Burger King and McDonald’s have been in an all-out battle for control of the multi-billion dollar a year fast food market, trying to outdo one another’s offerings and mascots. After decades of competition, McDonald’s emerged on top and this has introduced it to a new breed of competitors.

Before we reveal the number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Airbus SAS vs. The Boeing Company
- The Hertz Corporation vs. Avis Rent a Car System
- Procter & Gamble Co. vs. Unilever
- United Parcel Service of North America, Inc. or UPS vs. FedEx Corporation
- Fender Musical Instruments Corporation vs. Gibson Guitar Corporation
- Comcast Corporation vs. Verizon Communications

#1: Coke vs. Pepsi
The Coca-Cola Company vs. PepsiCo Inc.

Was there ever any doubt? Shockingly, the similarity in these two companies’ products was no accident, as Pepsi was created to be a direct alternative to Coke. Despite all of Pepsi’s marketing efforts over the years, Coke has managed to become the more successful company and remain the top American soda icon. Regardless of which soft drink you prefer, it’s hard to imagine not being able to get a chilled Coke or Pepsi in a nearby vending machine.

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