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Top 10 Superman Villains

VO: Dan Paradis
The Man of Steel is among the most powerful superheroes. Like any Superhero of that status, he has more than a handful of worthy opponents who wish to eliminate him, and take claim of his adopted home of Metropolis. These villains range from cyborgs to god-like aliens, a cloned unstoppable beast, a magical imp from the fifth dimension, and a genius human who matches brains against brawn. Join as we count down the Top 10 Greatest Superman Villains. Special thanks to our users J.TOhMyGod!!!, MJDawg, derekallen, Forrest Stutts, ibriers_1, Hugh Fraser, Malcazar, Alec Gunther, togefree and Ton Gomez for submitting the idea for this video on our Suggest page!

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*Written by Craig Butler

Top 10 Superman Villains

When you’re the champ, there’s always someone trying to take you down. Even when you’re Superman. Welcome to and today we're counting down the Top 10 Greatest Superman Villains.

#10: Cyborg Superman

A freak radiation storm turned scientist Hank Henshaw into pure consciousness – and in need of a body. A purely robotic body gave way to a cyborg lifeform that includes some of Superman’s genetic material. As CyborgSuperman, this dude can take over any computer or machine, and he’s almost as strong as Superman – making him one very dangerous foe.

#9: Mr. Mxyzptlk

This troublesome imp is a denizen of the fifth dimension who really likes to annoy Superman. And with his other-dimensional magic power at his command, he takes pestering to a new level. In some variations, Mr. Mxyzptlk has actually become a deadly menace rather than just a pest. Regardless, defeating him usually involves tricking him into saying his name backwards, which isn’t exactly easy.

#8: Parasite

Where would comics be without radiation? That’s what turned average guy Rudy Jones into the energy vampire known as the Parasite. This baddie needs to feed off the life forces of other beings to live and can even change his appearance to resemble his victims. He can easily absorb Superman’s powers – and memories - as well, giving him an edge against Supes in battle.

#7: Metallo

The man with the kryptonite heart, Metallo was created when the villainous John Corben’s body was rebuilt, and required an unusual power source. He has super-strength and that chunk of radioactive rock in his chest makes him a major threat. Unsurprisingly, this super criminal just loves being able to have a heart to heart with the Man of Steel.

#6: Bizarro

Bizarro is an imperfect duplicate of Superman. Basically, Bizarro is the opposite of Superman; thinking that evil is good, love is hate, and so on. He has many of Superman’s powers, such as super-strength and flight, but also some backwards variations, such as fire breath and freeze vision. Often played for laughs, Bizarro’s powers and backward sensibility can nevertheless make him a dangerous antagonist.

#5: Brainiac

The Computer Tyrants of Colu created Brainiac, an artificial intelligence that quickly eclipsed his creators. Housed in a series of artificial bodies, Brainiac turns thirst for knowledge into a manifestation of evil. Notorious for shrinking and stealing cities, including Krypton’s greatest city, Kandor, Brainiac is remorseless and relentless – and although he can be temporarily stopped, he can never be defeated.

#4: Darkseid

Granite-faced Darkseid is the evil god who rules the hellish world known as Apokolips – and if not for Supermanand his friends, would rule all of existence as well. Blessed with super strength and immortality, he also has the awesome power of Omega Energy at his massive fingertips. Despite his confounding strength, Darkseid tends to work through underlings and soldiers, deploying them with skill and cunning, saving himself for the major confrontations.

#3: Doomsday

Doomsday actually did what no one else was able to do: he killed Superman. For a while, at least. The product of an alien cloning experiment, he’s the embodiment of brutality, rage and hate. His entire existence is based on the need to wipe out others and to destroy – well, basically everything. Not a real nurturing fellow. Having died at his hands once, even Superman is a little afraid of him – and understandably.

#2: General Zod

A commander of Krypton’s military forces, General Zod tried to overthrow the government – and was sent to the dimensional prison known as the Phantom Zone. Hey, at least it meant he survived Krypton’s destruction – and when he escaped the Zone, he gained the same superpowers as the Man of Steel. A power mad maniac, Zod is easily one of Superman’s deadliest and most dangerous enemies.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
Superboy Prime
Silver Banshee

#1: Lex Luthor

It had to be Lex. Superman’s arch-nemesis, the billionaire scientist Lex Luthor is greed and evil incarnate. And oh, does he have a festering hatred for the Man of Steel. Luthor will never be content until he has proven, once and for all, that his brains, money and cold, calculating evil make him better than Superman. Supremely selfish, Luthor is the dark mirror image of Superman – a man determined to use his gifts for himself and no one else. He truly is the man we love to hate.

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