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Top 10 Superheroes Without Powers

VO: Dan Paradis
Not all comic book heroes need to be pumped full of super serum, come from an alien world, or have been exposed to gamma radiation to fight evil! Sure, these characters may not have innate powers, but they've got the training, skill, intellect and resources to mix it up with the rest! From gizmos to martial arts training, armour and the will to persevere, they prove that not all comic book heroes need to be pumped full of super serum, come from an alien world or have been exposed to gamma radiation! Join as we count down the Top 10 superheroes without Superpowers. Special thanks to our user Kai Stephenson and KILLABAZINGA708 for submitting the idea on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

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Top 10 Superheroes Without Powers

Superheroes don’t always need to be super. Welcome to and today we're counting down the Top 10 superheroes without Superpowers.

These characters may not have innate powers, but they've got the training, skill, intellect and resources to mix it up with the rest!

#10: Kato

The Green Hornet may be Kato’s boss, but this sidekick clearly outshines the lead. An expert in the martial arts, Kato can chop, kick, hit, leap, spin and smash just about anyone or anything that comes his ways – and he does it with style and grace. While Kato has featured in the comics, he’s best associated with his portrayal by none other than Bruce Lee!

#9: Hit-Girl

Hit-Girl may have started as a supporting player in the Kick-Ass series, but this young heroine quickly proved herself way more formidable than the title character. Trained to be a superhero all her life, she developed her skills under the tutelage of her father, becoming an expert in martial arts, weaponry and ruthlessness!

#8: Black Widow

There have been several incarnation of the Black Widow, but Natasha Romanov remains the fan favorite. Originally a Russian spy, she defected to the U.S., becoming a member of both SHIELD and The Avengers. Sure, in some versions, biotechnology augmented her natural strength, but she otherwise simply possesses incredible gymnastic ability, agility, martial arts mastery and marksmanship. Add to that various superspy gadgets, and she is a force to be reckoned with.

#7: Green Arrow

Green Arrow's not the only superhero archer around, but he's the character that all others are based on. He is best known for his amazing array of trick arrows, such as the famous boxing glove arrow, as well as his unparalleled archery skill. He’s such an expert that he has proven worthy to fight along the Justice League.

#6: Catwoman

This Batman villain – and sometimes love interest –has all the lithe agility of her animal namesake. While her physical strength is more than sufficient, it's really her acrobatic, stealth and fighting abilities that make her dangerous. In combat, she uses her claws and whips with deadly finesse. She's nearly – sorry, have to do it – purr-fect.

#5: Rorschach

The Watchman's resident moral absolutist and psychopath, Rorschach is the kind of hero that gives other heroes the willies. Uncompromising in his moral vision, Rorschach will stop at nothing to correct injustices. He also possesses tactical brilliance, exceptional physical training, superior detective skills and an ability to use everyday items as weapons – deadly weapons.

#4: Nightwing

Robin – no matter which Robin you're talking about – is the most awesome kid superhero around thanks to training by Batman. So it's no wonder that Dick Grayson grew up to be one of the most powerful adult superheroes. Nightwing carries over the acrobatic elegance, while adding the power of a full-grown, highly developed fighter, complete with his ability to make lightning-quick strategic assessments.

#3: Punisher

Vigilantes don't get more dangerous than the Punisher. Driven to seek vengeance and declare war on crime when his loved ones were killed, he is relentless and remorseless. His use of weaponry is impressive, but it's his sheer strength, special ops training and high tolerability to pain that make his especially tough.

#2: Iron Man

Iron Man may at first seem an odd choice for a list of superheroes without powers. After all, he can fly, has superhuman strength and near-invulnerability. But that's all due to the special armor that he himself created in his identity as Tony Stark. It's Stark's inventive genius that created the armor, and it's Stark's training that allows him to use it to perfection. It's the man that makes the hero, not the suit.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Spirit
Nick Fury
The Phantom

#1: Batman

Not surprised? Well of course Batman tops this list. Bruce Wayne has spent decades training to be the best, and it's that grim determination that gives him his power. Sure, he's intelligent, strong, quick-witted and cunning, and has the coin to finance his exploits, but it's his sheer intensity and mindset that makes him unbeatable. Give it up for the Bats; he knows what true power is.

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