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Top 10 Female Vocalists

Whether fronting a band or singing on her own, these women sure could sing. For this list, we’ve chosen our female singers based on a combination of the quality of their voice, vocal range, recognition and popularity. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 female vocalists. Special thanks to our users Nathan Lorenzon, Emmay864, Adam Gordan, Ciara247ish, afarrelly, Rachel Jackson, Moise Joassaint, capsricious79 for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Girl, can she sing! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 female vocalists.

For this list, we’ve chosen our female singers based on a combination of the quality of their voice, vocal range, recognition and popularity.

#10: Tina Turner

Starting off as a featured singer, this multitalented artist really turned heads as part of the duo The Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Thanks to her memorable dance moves and killer legs, Tina quickly became known as a powerhouse performer. But it wasn’t only for those attributes that she earned the nickname the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll; Turner’s voice exudes an energy and strength unlike any other in music, which has allowed her to forge a successful solo career across multiple genres.

#9: Céline Dion

Though this French Canadian quickly found fame in Quebec singing in her native language, it was her decision to record in English that changed her destiny. Her technical mastery and vocal chops, combined with her ability to reach mainstream audiences, launched her into international superstardom. Whether singing in English or in French, Céline Dion boasts an emotion and intensity that’s become extremely influential.

#8: Janis Joplin

With Big Brother and the Holding Company, Janis Joplin honed the live skills for which she later became known. And as a solo artist, the Queen of Psychedelic Soul captivated audiences with her thrilling and provocative performances. Despite her untimely death, she remains etched in our memories thanks to her raw, honest and oh-so-passionate vocals.

#7: Christina Aguilera

This ex-Mouseketeer-turned-teen-pop-idol didn’t only make waves for her abilities an entertainer but also for her unbelievable singing skills. With a four-octave vocal range, it’s no wonder Christina Aguilera has been dubbed the “Voice of her Generation.” While she has soul music roots, Xtina can effortlessly record and sing different musical styles and can definitely hold her own against many of history’s greatest singers.

#6: Mariah Carey

She’s not one of the best-selling artists ever for nothing! This “songbird supreme” burst onto the music scene with four number one hits and stunned critics and fans with her ability to use her voice as an instrument. Boasting a five-octave vocal range and making the use of the whistle register completely her own, Mariah Carey is also known for being able to sing a single syllable while moving between multiple notes in sequence.

#5: Adele

After earning rave reviews for her debut album, Adele’s sophomore effort made history by launching the young Brit to worldwide fame, landing her six Grammys in a single night and earning her several Guinness World Records. Unlike many of her fellow female artists, Adele hasn’t relied so much on her looks as on her pure musical talent. Considering the depth, control and soul of her voice, she obviously doesn’t need to, and her millions of records sold prove it.

#4: Ella Fitzgerald

In her almost 6-decades-long recording career, Ella Fitzgerald sold 40 million albums, won over a dozen Grammys and released more than 70 albums. So is it any surprise she’s been called the First Lady of Song? When it came to pitch and tone, Lady Ella was simply unparalleled. The Queen of Jazz could also improvise with the best of them and excelled particularly with scat singing.

#3: Etta James

Etta James played a major role in bringing R&B and rock and roll together. While she started off singing in the former style, her crossover success in pop and other genres secured her a spot in music history. James may have been a contralto, but her voice evolved throughout her almost-60-year career and demonstrates why she’s had such a big impact on so many musicians thereafter.

#2: Whitney Houston

We will always love this best-selling and record-setting artist for more reasons than just her unbelievable cover of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” Not only did Whitney Houston help break barriers for African-American artists she also found success in R&B, soul, pop and gospel. “The Voice,” as she was known, was considered a mezzo-soprano, and could sing so boldly and richly there’s no way we’ll ever forget her.

Honorable Mentions

- Diana Ross
- Amy Lee
- Ann Wilson
- Amy Winehouse
- Patsy Cline
- Barbra Streisand

#1: Aretha Franklin

She may have started out in gospel, but The Queen of Soul has shown time and time again that she’s got it all no matter what genre she’s singing. The multiple Grammy-winner and best-selling artist has a voice that’s versatile, confident and beautiful. Whether she’s covering another artist’s songs or dabbling in jazz, R&B or soul, Aretha Franklin is a natural talent who’s earned all of our respect and more.

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