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Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Villains

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Andy Law. Get ready to go Super Saiyan ‘cause these bad guys will tear you apart. Whether they’re the creations of a mad scientist, the ruler of a demon realm, the brother of our beloved hero or just a baddie in search of immortality, these DBZ villains are some of our favorites. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 "Dragon Ball Z" villains. We should warn you: there will be some spoilers up ahead, so spoiler alert. Special thanks to our users Jsmith94243, fbnmedia, OmegaJackRed666, Mattyhull1, Mithrandir G., Daft_E4, DeathSkull and Anthony Castaneda for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Andy Law.

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Villains

Get ready to go Super Saiyan ‘cause these bad guys will tear you apart. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 “Dragon Ball Z” villains.

We should warn you: there will be some spoilers up ahead, so spoiler alert.

#10: Raditz

The brother of Goku, this Saiyan survivor came to Earth to help get it ready for sale on the planetary trade market; and by “get ready” we mean by exterminating every person on the planet. While attempting to persuade Goku to join his cause, Raditz kidnapped his nephew Gohan and even tried to kill him – talk about a strained family relationship.

#9: Dr. Gero

There’s always an evil scientist bent on world destruction. As the creator of the androids who were prophesied to bring about the end of the world – in true Terminator style – Gero’s goal was to take revenge on Goku for collapsing the Red Ribbon Army. Eventually, he programmed loyal Android #19 to transfer his brain to an android body to gain eternal life and fighting abilities as Android #20.

#8: Androids 17, 18, 19

Created by Dr. Gero, these mechanical baddies are said to have unlimited energy and eternal life. Their most distinctive aspect is that they do not possess energy levels that can be detected; thus they are more elusive and harder to evaluate. Of Androids #17, #18 and #19, #17 is probably the most deadly – after all, he did help kill his creator and is a general anarchist. However, his most distinctive trait is his pride.

#7: Captain Ginyu

Leader of the most revered assault team in the galaxy, Captain Ginyu inspires fear in all who witness his well-choreographed battle poses. There’s a reason the Ginyu-force is named after him: Captain Ginyu boasts an incredible power level as well as special skills. The most famous of these is his ability to switch bodies with almost any living thing. His loyalties reside only with Frieza and he’ll resort to any lengths to complete his duties.

#6: Dabura

As the ruler of the demon realm, this devilish villain was forced under Babidi’s control to be his right-hand man. However, he’s certainly unique in his sophistication and well-mannered fighting style; he uses efficient tactics and possesses the ability to turn his opponents into stone by spitting on them. Gross.

#5: Super Buu

This incarnation of the DBZ baddie was created when Evil Buu turned Majin Buu into chocolate and… ate him. The resulting Super Buu is incredibly short-tempered and his goal is to just do whatever he feels like; which most of the time involves killing and eating. His most powerful and unique attack is his ability to absorb an opponent; after which he takes on their energy and attributes.

#4: Vegeta

Known as the prince of Saiyans, Vegeta came to Earth so he could collect the Dragon Balls and make an attempt at for immortality, in order to take revenge on Frieza for destroying his planet and race. This guy is arrogant, vengeful, and cold, to the point that he blasted his own comrade into dust for failing to kill Goku. Though he eventually turns to the side of good, Vegeta’s pride will forever push him to surpass his limits to try to beat Goku.

#3: Broly

Born with a power level of 10,000, this long-lost Super Saiyan has a psychopathic thirst for destruction. The only way his father prevented him from destroying everything in sight was by keeping him under mind-control – and even that was broken by his rage. Broly eventually crushed his father in a space pod and threw him into an oncoming asteroid. But what’s he got against Goku? Basically, Goku used to cry a lot when he was a baby. That’s it.

#2: Cell

Created by Dr. Gero, this insect-like creature is made up of cells from the most powerful beings in the galaxy. One of his most unique attributes is his tail, which he uses to absorb energy and matter from people and androids in order to add to himself. Cell often boasts that he is the perfect warrior, and his goal was to prove it by staging a worldwide martial-arts tournament with the fate of the planet at stake.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Nappa
- Babidi
- Majin Buu

#1: Frieza

No other villain has ever lived up to Frieza’s ruthless evil and intimidating nature. The once-galactic ruler operated the planetary trade economy. And he resorts to any kind of tactics to win, which may include blowing up a planet or two. In an act so sadistic we still can’t believe it, Frieza murdered Goku’s best friend right in front of him, which led to the legendary Super Saiyan being unleashed.

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