Top 10 Worst DC Supervillains



Top 10 Worst DC Supervillains

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For every wicked comic book villain, there are countless duds. That's right, for every Joker or Lex Luthor DC produced, they also had the misfortune of creating characters that no one would take seriously, like or appreciate. These range from such hidden gems as Crazy Quilt, Polka Dot Man and Kite-Man. Join and today we'll be counting down the top 10 Worst DC Villains.
Top 10 Worst DC Supervillains

What's their best hope is to have the hero die laughing. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 worst DC villains.

#10: Ten-Eyed Man

Kicking of our list is Batman’s silly foe who appeared in 1970’s Batman 226. Once a regular two-eyed security guard named Philip Reardon, crooks caused an explosion that blinded him, before a shady doctor managed to graft his optic nerves onto all ten digits. Rather than blaming the crooks, he swore vengeance on the Dark Knight, thus proving that two heads may be better than one, but ten eyes is just plain stupid.

#9: Sportsmaster

When your villain wears black napkin with eyeholes cut out as a mask, how could you really take him seriously? Lawrence Crock started out with the working name of Crusher Crock in 1947’s All-American Comics #85, before his rebranding in Green Lantern #28. Like a villainous Casey Jones, everything he did was sports related, but with a twist – exploding baseballs, knockout basketballs, lacrosse nets that snared people. The original Green Lantern sent him to the showers every time.

#8: Rainbow Raider

Introduced in 1980’s Flash #286, this techni-colored supervillain goes one color palette too far! A color-blind would-be artist frustrated with his ailment, he went to the extreme! Sheesh, overreact much? The obvious 80s addition to the Flash’s and the Green Lantern’s rogues gallery, Raider commits crimes while riding a rainbow and wearing goggles that emit different beams of color.

#7: Prankster

Wow, this one looks familiar. While the Joker and the Riddler are similar enough as it is, the Prankster emerged as a hybrid of the two in order to play jokes, sorry, pranks, on Superman. Miraculously, there have been several incarnations. Even more shocking, some of Prankster's cons have been kind of fun – like his scheme to copyright the entire English language. But like with real life pranksters, the jokes wear thin real fast.

#6: Clock King

Wow, now we’re just getting extra ridiculous, and this one even made it to TV! A 60s villain originally appearing as “The Clock”, William Tockman, yes that’s his real name, was initially a Green Arrow enemy with the incredibly lame power of really good timing. And that's about it. With a costume this lame, it’s unlikely we’ll being seeing this monarch any time soon.

#5: The Fiddler

Ever wonder what to do with all those music lessons your mother made you take as a kid? How about using them to start a life of crime? Somehow, the Fiddler's fiddle playing is able to hypnotize and create walls of solid sound. Like the clock king, subtly was not the fiddler’s forte when he arrived driving his violin-shaped car in 1948’s All-Flash Comics #32.

#4: Kite-Man

Batman, the scourge of Gotham City's underworld, has fought a wide range of clever and demented villains. Then there's this guy from 1960’s Batman #133. We’re talking about Kite Man. Yes, Kite Man. Real name: Charlie Brown, we kid you not. He hang-glides on a kite, and busts other criminals out of jail with said kites. Outrageously, he managed to knock the mighty Batman out with a kite. Hey, even Batman has off-days.

#3: Polka Dot Man

A villain whose power is polka dots...? Arriving in 1962’s Detective Comics #300, he is infamous for basing his crimes on a dot theme, which is okay. However, his costume was so dot-heavy it kind of makes you nauseous just looking at it. One sock to the jaw from Batman, though, and the villain was seeing dots – which probably made him pretty happy.

#2: Crazy Quilt

A painter blinded by a gunshot, this laughable villain arrived in 1946’s Boy Commandoes #15. When surgery intended to restore his sight backfired, he became only capable of seeing vivid colors, which drove him mad. Since he’s capable of firing hypnotic beams, we’d like him to help us erase the memory of his incredibly gaudy costume. Who could keep a straight face when confronting this guy?

#1: Egg Fu

There's never been a villain quite like Wonder Woman's bizarre enemy, Egg Fu! A Chinese Communist agent named Chang Tzu, this enormous egg with a Fu Manchu arrived in 1965’s Wonder Woman #157. Why an egg? No reason given, other than the fact that it seemed to justify the racist name. Egg Fu uses his moustache like a lasso and talks with a horrendous stereotype that DC was left with an everlasting egg on its face.

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