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Top 10 Fictional Brands from Movies and TV

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Craig Butler. Product placement can have its downside. Would you really want your brand associated with the plane crash that set “Lost” in motion? Or underage drinking in films like “Superbad” and “Beerfest”? Or generally shoddy workmanship like Acme Corp.? There are any number of reasons why movies and television show invent fictional brands. And sometimes, these brands even eclipse real world products. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 fictional brands from movies and TV. Special thanks to our user akt for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page!

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Top 10 Fictional Brands from Movies and TV

Product placement can have its downside. Would you really want your brand associated with this? Or this? Or even this? Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 fictional brands from movies and TV.

#10 – Binford Tools

That’s the official motto of the fictional Binford Tools, sponsor of the fictional Tool Time on the real-life sitcom “Home Improvement.” Wouldn’t it be easier to go with an existing brand like, say Black & Decker? Yeah, probably not – because when Tim Taylor gets into “more power” mode, the laughs would go up but Black & Decker’s sales would go down – way down. Case in point…

#9 – Morley Cigarettes

See that red-and-white cigarette pack? That’s not Marlboro; it’s actually the fictional Morley brand. Morley got a lot of attention as the smoke of choice of “The X-Files”’ Cigarette Smoking Man, but they go back to William Shatner’s classic gremlin-on-the-airplane episode of “The Twilight Zone.” They’ve since been in dozens of films and TV shows – and a candy version even popped up on “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”

#8 – Heisler Beer

No real life beer manufacturer wants to be associated with underage drinking or general bad behavior. Enter the fictional Heisler Beer. Created by Independent Studio Services, Heisler is the go-to generic brew for everything from “My Name is Earl,” “Malcolm in the Middle” and “Desperate Housewives” to “Superbad,” “Beerfest” and “Training Day.” Hey, if they all like Heisler, it’s gotta be good.

#7 – Wonka Chocolate

When that candy man is Willy Wonka, the results are out of this world. In the films, Wonka made exotic treats like lickable wallpaper and rainbow drops that allow you to spit in seven colors. But Wonka candies soon made the transition to the real world, although in more acceptable – if delicious – forms. Snozzberries and everlasting gobstoppers never tasted so good.

#6 – Red Apple Cigarettes and Big Kahuna Burgers

Quentin Tarantino’s violent filmmaking style might make some businesses wary of being associated with his films. Doesn’t matter; Tarantino is happy to create his own products – most notably Red Apple Cigarettes and Big Kahuna Burgers. But, while Red Apple cigs can only be smoked onscreen, that’s not the case with Samuel L. Jackson-endorsed Big Kahuna Burgers; lots of local burger joints have added them to their menus.

#5 – Finder-Spyder Search Engine

Who wants to choose sides between Google, Yahoo, Bing and the rest? Enter Finder-Spyder, the fictitious search engine. It’s popped up on lots of TV shows, mostly dramas – “Breaking Bad,” “CSI,” “Journeyman” and many others. “Let’s Finder-Spyder it” may never take the place of “Let’s Google it,” but on TV at least, it gets the job done. No matter how low-budget their homepage may be.

#4 – Oceanic Airlines

What airline in its right mind would want to be associated with the crash that set “Lost” in motion? That’s why TV and film characters doomed to crash or be hijacked often fly the fictitious Oceanic Airlines. Oceanic first gained notoriety in the 1996 film “Executive Decision,” but it’s popped up – or crashed down – in everything from “Fringe” and “Futurama” to “The X-Files” and “Flipper.”

#3 – Dunder Mifflin Paper Company

The Scranton branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is a hilarious place for a viewer to visit; but the company’s heavy-handed style and incompetent leadership don’t inspire confidence in its product. Still, the U.S. version of “The Office” spawned such a devoted following that Staples began manufacturing a line of Dunder Mifflin paper products. Michael Scott should be proud of what comes in a Dunder Mifflin box.

#2 – Duff Beer

This Simpsons product may’ve crossed over into the real world, but the best place to pick it up remains Springfield’s Kwik-E-Mart. That’s where Bart can get his caffeine fix from Buzz Cola, and Homer can invest all of his not-so-hard-earned paycheck in can after can of Duff. Even the kiddies can vicariously enjoy it through Duff Gardens and its spokesperson, Duffman – alcoholic indoctrination was never so much fun!

#1 – Acme Corp.

This is the granddaddy of all fictional brands. Where would Wile E. Coyote or any of the Looney Tunes characters be without the incredible range of Acme products? From anvils to enormous rubber bands, earthquake pills to dehydrated boulders; you want it, Acme’s got it. Acme means “highest height” and it’s true: Acme Corp. takes viewers to the height of hilarity time and again – but their products consistently fail.

Do you agree with our list? Which fictional brand do you wish you could buy? For more top 10s about your favorite pop culture touchstones, be sure to subscribe to

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