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Top 10 Cheesy Boy Bands

VO: Rebecca Brayton
School dances wouldn’t have been the same without ‘em: frosted tips, baggy jeans, choreographed dance moves, longing glances, and tight harmonies – boy bands were where it was at in the ‘90s. But even if you were a fan, you have to admit they had their cheesy moments. Even Justin Timberlake would be embarrassed by some of his fashion and hairstyle choices. In honor of the Backstreet Boys’ founding on April 20th, 1993 and the release of the New Kids on the Block album "10" on April 2nd, 2013, counts down our picks for the top 10 cheesiest boy bands in history. 

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Top 10 Cheesy Boy Bands

School dances wouldn’t have been the same without ‘em. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 cheesy boy bands.

#10 – JoDeCi (1990-1996, 2008-Present)

Comprised of two sets of brothers, this bad-boy-boy-band invented their name by combining… their names. With matching outfits, near-constant shirtlessness and random video settings, plus classic ‘90s elements like way-too-low jeans, we remember these slow jammers with nostalgia. Especially with lyrics like: “every time I close my eyes, I wake up feeling so horny.”

Where are they now: As K-Ci and JoJo, the Hailey brothers had a hit with “All My Life,” but JoJo went to rehab in 2013 while working on a JoDeCi reunion.

#9 – B2K (1998-2004)

B2K meant Boys of the New Millennium. But, they barely made it. Even with help from P. Diddy. And an entire movie created for them. What’s cheesier than musicians trying to act? Their hot beats and cool dance moves couldn’t save most of these young men from obscurity.

Where are they now: Like most boy bands, one member has done better – Omarion has made a name for himself.

#8 – 3Deep (1998-2001)

Take two mediocre actors and…another guy, and what do you get? A boy band, obviously! You’ve probably never heard of 3Deep ‘cause they were only popular in Canada. However, we bet you won’t look at these guys the same way again, even if they do win an Oscar – which, let’s face it, they won’t.

Where are they now: This band is no longer, but all three have succeeded in their own, special ways.

#7 – BBMak (1997-2003)

What is with these band names? Since this was their one song, you may never’ve heard these Brits in your life. Either way: we’re disappointed they don’t at least break into dance for our mocking purposes. So we’ll settle on guessing how much they made street performing. We’re figure it’s a quarter and a stick of gum.

Where are they now: The band bailed in 2003, and ever since the guys have pursued solo work.

#6 – LFO (1995-2002, 2009)

White boys rapping means profound lyrics, kickass rhymes and product placements for preppy stores. Well, the last one’s true… What does that even mean? Lyte Funky Ones were a one-hit-wonder, though purists cite their Jennifer Love Hewitt song as proof to the contrary. You do sound cheesy. Well, they are really good at listing stuff.

Where are they now: You’re gonna feel bad: after LFO disbanded, Rich Cronin died of leukemia in 2010.

#5 – All-4-One (1993-Present)

They must be talented to make it as a boy band looking like that. Their harmonies are tight, they won a Grammy, and their songs made ‘90s school dances worthwhile. But they’re so over-the-top emotional, and their videos are so cheesy we can barely take them seriously. Also, do they ever let the white guy sing?

Where are they now: Believe it or not, they’ve been steadily releasing music since their heyday.

#4 – O-Town (2000-2003, 2011)

Handpicked to make girls scream, everything about this reality show band is fake. They’ve got great boy-band ballads, but “Liquid Dreams” is served up with extra cheese, from its dated pop culture references to its choreographed dances and terrible CGI. We cannot even take the guy with the braids.

Where are they now: In 2011, 4/5s of the band reunited without Ashley Parker Angel. And yes, that is his real name.

#3 – 5ive (1997-2001, 2006-07, 2012-Present)

Complementary ensembles? Check. Random mid-song rap breakdowns? Check. Music video set in a dark bowling alley? Check. These British bad-boys almost broke in the U.S., but even backing from Simon Cowell couldn’t help. Serves ‘em right for ruining so many classic rock songs.

Where are they now: After officially disbanding in 2001, they tried coming back twice, both times as a four piece. Don’t even get us started about the band name.

#2 – 98 Degrees (1996-2005, 2012-Present)

Frosted tips, pierced ears, hand motions to emphasize the words, one band member whose name no one knows: they’ve got all the elements of a cheese-fest. One of them even became a Chippendale’s dancer! 98° never succeeded like the Backstreet Boys or *NSync, but their ballads are the stuff boy bands are built on.

Where are they now: After Nick Lachey went rogue 98° reunited and went on tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men.

#1 – Color Me Badd (1987-2000, 2010-Present)

You gotta put the band that sings this song at the top of the list. More street than the New Kids, less credible than Boyz II Men, C.M.B. tried to be badass with their facial hair, lyrics and blatant dance moves. Face it: They’re so bad, they’re good. Almost.

Where are they now: They hooked back up as a threesome in 2010, and are working on new, sexy, cheesy tunes.

Do you agree with our list? Which cheesy boy band makes your ears bleed? For more top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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