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Top 10 Movie Crime Bosses

VO: Rebecca Brayton
These criminals think big, work big and don't settle for anything less than absolute power and control! Their personalities range from charismatic, to secretive, out of control, brutal and even honorable. We know they're bad but we can't help but love watching these bad asses do their thing! Join as we count down our Top 10 favorite movie Crime bosses. Please be advides, this clip contains spoilers! Consider yourself warned.

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Top 10 Movie Crime Bosses

They specialize in offers that can't be refused. Welcome to as we count down our Top 10 favorite movie Crime bosses.

Disclaimer, this clip contains spoilers! Consider yourself warned.

#10- Marcellus Wallace “Pulp Fiction” (1994)

Kicking off our list is Ving Raymes’ cool as ice crime lord, a man that dabbles in murder and rigged gambling to fund his operations. With hit men carrying out his orders, and a lot invested in his schemes, he does not take kindly to being betrayed. That being said, he is certainly most memorable for his appreciation of medieval culture.

#9- Nino Brown “New Jack City” (1991)

Wesley Snipes plays this bling wearing drug dealer who rose to power by exploiting New York City’s ever-growing addiction to crack. Leading the Cash Money Brothers gang, he is memorable for his keen fashion sense, and a megalomania that prompts disloyalty amongst his men. Always a smooth operator, Brown manages to talk his way out of court, he pays the ultimate price in the end for not respecting his elders…

#8- Brick Top Polford “Snatch” (2000)

This crime boss rules the London underworld from behind cokebottle glasses, with an unwavering smugness and absolute love for profanities. Played by Alan Ford, this criminal is often remembered for his creative use of farm animals. Trust us, it’s a bad sign if he decides to explain to you the meaning of the word ‘Nemesis”…

#7- Frank Costello “The Departed” (2006)

Jack Nicholson plays this absolutely ruthless Irish-American mobster who is as respected as he is feared by the community. Unique for taking a peculiar pride in his work and for his morbid sense of humor, he not only keeps an inside man working with the law, but covers his ass by secretly dealing with the FBI. Though, that ultimately didn’t do him much good…

#6- Frank White “King of New York” (1990)

It’s Christopher Walken doing his thing! Oh, you need more? This quirky psychopathic crime boss emerged from the slammer with the plan to both regain his position and improve his public image. Guided without a moral compass, he eliminates his competition, and then turns right around and uses his drug money to fund a hospital. A modern day Robin Hood with a murderous slant, he’s a little too comfortable rationalizing his actions...

#5- Bill The Butcher “Gangs of New York” (2002)

Inspired by a real life historical figure, this mid-19th century criminal is depicted by the ever-charismatic Daniel Day-Lewis. A self described patriot and man of honor, Bill the Butcher seized control of the 5 points district during the American civil war. His hobbies include bare-knuckle boxing, manipulating politicians, giving rousing speeches, practicing his stabbing techniques and draping himself in the American flag!

#4- Keyser Söze “The Usual Suspects” (1995)

This mythical Turkish crime lord is said to be so ruthless that he killed his own family, rather than to give in to the demands of other criminals. With an apparent influence everywhere and nowhere, this crime lord is often thought to be merely an urban legend of the criminal underworld. Real though he may be, his legacy lives on as he continues to hide in plain sight.

#3- Tony Montana “Scarface” (1983)

Al Pacino brings to life the Cuban immigrant out for the money, the power and the women. He aims to get it all by becoming the biggest cocaine dealer around, and do to so while driving a Cadillac with leopard print! He’s memorable for his massive ego, his eloquent way of talking and for being one of the biggest bad asses ever. Unfortunately, having so many enemies, and snorting this much cocaine, cause a liiiittle bit of a meltdown.

#2- Jabba The Hutt “Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi (1983)

Didn’t see this one coming did ya? This giant slug from space may be vastly different from some of the other entries on this list, at least biologically, but is still among the most memorable as a staple of pop culture. The head of an intergalactic criminal empire, he lives in a palace and surrounds himself with bounty hunters, smugglers, assassins, and slave girls. He may be fat greedy space slug, but damn does he have good taste…

#1- Don Vito Corleone “The Godfather” (1972)

Taking the top spot on our list is Marlon Brando’s mafia god who makes it a rule to keeping his friends close, and his enemies even closer! Though he is the most powerful gangster in New York City, he has a code of honor that keeps him from embracing the immerging drug business. While his son Michael is almost as memorable, we can’t refuse this charming cotton mouthed Corleone.

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