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Top 10 Overrated Video Game Franchises

VO: Dan
Everyone has a favorite video game franchise, which they depend on to deliver consistent thrills and entertainment. While most of these games are really fun, it doesn't mean that they are as perfect as the hype would make you believe. That's right, we're ignoring fan feelings and spilling the beans! Join as we count down the Top 10 Overrated Video Game franchises.

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Top 10 Overrated Video Game Franchises

We love these games, but it’s time to face the facts. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Overrated Video Game franchises.

Just a warning: We actually acknowledge that most, if not all these games, are actually really good. But screw being nice, it’s time to hurt some feelings.

#10- Fable (2004-)

Kicking off our list is the game role-playing franchise that debuted in 2004 following grandiose promises of unparalleled innovation. They aren’t specifically bad games, but aside from the obnoxious accents and a black and white moral choice system, when it’s all said and done, the Fable games end up being little more than very basic, vanilla RPGs.

#9- Angry Birds (2009-)

If you’ve ever wondered how far you can milk a good thing, well, don’t hold your breath yet cause they’re still milking this one. Addictive though it may be, this casual game’s positively viral effect on popular culture is absolutely maddening if you never thought sling-shooting birds was fun to begin with. Plush toys, spin offs, t-shirts, enough already. We know it’s popular because of its simplicity…maybe we’re just not that simple?

#8- Kingdom Hearts (2002-)

This game has more than its fair share of diehard fans and dedicated art websites. There is no denying that it’s enjoyable game by Square, especially if you enjoy the genre, and was an undeniable highlight of the PlayStation 2 years. But come on, we all know the gameplay is not what makes this one popular. It would never have flown off the shelves if it wasn’t for the fact that it was a giant Disney-final-fantasy emo circle jerk. And you love it, don’t you?

#7 Metal Gear Solid (1998-)

Standing as a classic example of a game that hit something good and then could never recapture the magic is MSG. Granted the first was innovative, but with each subsequent iteration, the MSG franchise has served more as a shining example of everything that’s terrible in Japanese game design. Bizarre controls, overly complex plots, sterile, empty game environments, ohhhh the interminable cut scenes; the list goes on.

#6- Grand Theft Auto (1997-)

This is the controversial game series that not only popularized the sandbox genre, but did so through shock value, racism, car jacking, violence and sex. Recent updates have only really brought graphical upgrades to the table, while the novelty has diminished in the face of other sandbox games more willing to experiment and evolve. Although popular with hardcore gamers as well, the overly explicit content in this franchise attracts the some of worst type of mouth breathing moron…

#5- Sonic: The Hedgehog (1991-)

This Hedgehog was briefly considered cooler than Mario during the 16 bit wars, until people got tired of the marketing hype. Even after countless horrendous follow-ups to its classic installments, fans continue to elevate sonic above his virtues. It’s time to face facts: even 16-bit Sonic was a one trick pony that never fully delivered on his promise of speed without forcing the game to literally play itself!

#4- Final Fantasy (1987-)

This other Square series peaked at number seven, and has somehow managed to ride a wave of nostalgia ever since. Retarded stories and ever changing settings and characters are one thing, but what’s most hilarious about this ailing franchise is how they keep trying to reinvent the turn based combat that they were forced to use for the originals. Guys, I know lining up your dudes and taking turns was all you could do in 1987, but its 2013. Stop trying to reinvent wheel, we have jet planes now.

#3- Assassins Creed (2007-)

There’s no denying that AC’s alternate-history open world packed with parkour and Templar killing is fun. However, this style over substance experience has never really introduced anything but small changes, like the setting and characters, between installments. The irony is that in game worlds that have 10 thousand distractions, you frequently find yourself bored to tears. Oh, and the Desmond thing; interesting, but ultimately everyone’s least favorite part.

#2- Halo (2001-)

Oh it’s all so epic (Yawn). Halo has rightly gained its revolutionary status through stellar gunplay and fun online multiplayer. But Halo suffers from a bit of an identity crisis. All the supporting media and advertisements make it look like a gritty war drama, and then you play something that is more akin Saturday morning cartoon; bright colors, hammy writing and silly voices. All the sweeping orchestras and live action vignettes in the world cant make the covenant even remotely scary.

#1- Call of Duty (2003-)

Remember that episode of the Simpsons where the kids go nuts cause Malibu Stacy gets a new hat? Well that’s what happens ever year with Call of Duty. A repackaged multiplayer with a few tweaked features, and an extremely and linear and ever shortening campaign have people forking out cash by the handful every November. You realize the bad guys keep coming and your fellow soldiers do nothing until you hit the next checkpoint right? And that this is the same as the last one? Ya…but…she’s got a new hat.

Agree, or simply agree to disagree with our list? What popular game franchise do you think is the most overrated? For more entertaining Top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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