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Halo 4: Everything You Should Know

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The quintessential Xbox franchise returns with it's #1 star back in the lead. It's been 5 years since players have stepped into the boots of Spartan John-117, Master Chief. Developed by the newly formed 343 studios, Halo 4 kicks off an entirely new trilogy continuing from where Halo 3 left off. Master Chief and Cortana awaken to find that they must confront a new enemy in the form of an ancient evil. Join as we explore everything you should know about Halo 4.

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Wake up Chief, Halo’s back. Welcome to, and today we’re taking a look at everything you should know about Halo 4.

Halo 4: Everything You Should Know

Developed by the newly founded 343 studios, Halo 4 is actually the 6th major FPS installment in the series, and the 7th Halo game if you count Halo Wars. It is the first major length game in over 5 years to feature Master Chief, Spartan John-117, as the main protagonist.

Halo 4 picks up exactly where Halo 3 left off, with Master Chief and his AI companion Cortana stranded and drifting through space aboard the wreckage of UNSC Starship Forward Unto Dawn. After lying dormant for 4 years, Chief is awakened from cryo-sleep by Cortana to find that their derelict ship has come across a mysterious planet, where they eventually crash land. There, Master Chief and Cortana are forced to confront a pirate faction of their old alien nemesis the Covenant, as well as an entirely new and hostile alien race known as the Prometheans. The pair soon discovers that the new planet and the ruthless Prometheans are both inherently linked the legendary Halo rings and the long extinct Forerunners that created them.

Much of the plot of this installment will revolve around Cortana’s deteriorating mental state. As an AI, Cortana has surpassed her 7-year life cycle and is beginning to become “rampant”, a state which resembles insanity in humans and generally signals the death of the AI in question.

On top of this devastating “digital senility”, Cortana’s previous encounters with Forerunner technology and the Gravemind have overloaded her with information, making her increasingly unstable.

Halo 4 promises to be a game with heavier focus on discovery and exploration than it’s predecessors. For the first time in the long running franchise, the plot of Halo 4 is being developed to arc seamlessly into a trilogy with 2 more sequels planned for future release. Dubbed the Reclaimer Trilogy, 343 Industries plans to create a much more complete narrative throughout Halo 4 and it’s intended sequels.

Of course, a major focus of the Halo franchise from the very beginning has been it’s multiplayer modes, and Halo 4 is looking to eclipse the whole series to date with what it’s bringing to the table this time around.

The iconic multiplayer modes like Capture the Flag and Slayer have now been dubbed War Games and have been overhauled with a new class system called “specializations”. After completing the standard 50 “Spartan ranks”, players will be allowed to pick a specialization, which is a class they will have to level up 10 times before they can select another. Each specialization has custom armor and weapon skins to unlock, as well as a unique “armor mod” that will cater to a specific play style. For example, one mod will make players more proficient at driving vehicles, while another will allow players to perform stealth assassinations with increased lethality.

The popular “Firefight” Co-Op mode present in Halo ODST and Reach has been replaced with the ambitious Spartan Ops mode. This new Co-Op offering will offer players episodic, story driven content that will be released on a weekly basis, beginning the week that Halo 4 is released. Each episode will contain 5 short missions, for a total of 50 missions over a 10-week period. Spartan Ops seeks to not only deliver an engaging co-operative narrative, but also one that ties in directly with the single player component of Halo 4.

With newly overhauled single player, co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes, Halo 4 promises to be most fully realized title in the series to date. Delivering a package bursting with all new content, nostalgic thrills and endless lasting appeal, Halo 4 is available exclusively for the X-Box 360.

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