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Top 10 Nintendo Trivia

VO: Dan
What do a baseball team, Popeye the Sailor and a swinger's hotel have in common? They're all related to Nintendo of course! The worlds oldest videogame company traces it's roots back over a hundred years, so join as we take a look at our Top 10 Favorite pieces of trivia about Nintendo.

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Top 10 Nintendo Trivia

What do a baseball team, Popeye the sailor and swinger’s hotels have in common? Welcome to, and today we’re taking a look at 10 pieces of trivia about Nintendo.

10) 100 Years of Gaming:

Kicking off our list is the oldest piece of Nintendo Triva there is. It’s a pretty easy guess to say that Nintendo is the oldest video game company, but can you guess how old? Try over a 100 years. Nintendo was actually founded in 1889, and although they tried their hand a large variety of businesses, they originally produced playing cards. It’s always been about games.

9) Wii Like Sports Too:

Speaking of Nintendo’s vast portfolio, you may be surprised to learn that Nintendo is the primary owner of the Seattle Mariners, who play near their headquarters in Washington. Who says video games and sports don’t mix?

8) Lurid Details:

While Nintendo has pretty much always been known as a family company, there are a few interestingly lurid about its past. First, in the 1960s it is rumored that Nintendo owned and operated a “love hotel” in which customers could pay to use rooms by the hour. An equally tantalizing fact is that there are several pornographic games for the NES that were released without Nintendo’s permission, all of which would fetch you a nice chunk of coins on EBay.

7) Blocked Products:

As mentioned before, Nintendo has tried its hand at several other business models and products. One such failed product was a line of construction bricks called N&B Blocks that heavily resembled lego pieces. Apparently they resembled Lego a little too much, and a resulting threat of lawsuit got the product shut down. The bricks do technically make an appearance in Super Mario Word 2, although most people would probably describe them as lego…

6) Inspirational Design:

Legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto is never shy about sharing the inspirations for his games and characters. Donkey Kong, Mario and the Princess were designed as a reimagining of the love triangle between Popeye, Bluto and Olive Oil. The Legend of Zelda was stylistically moddled after Ridley Scott’s Legend, starring Tom Cruise, and it’s non linear adventure gameplay were apparently inspired by nature hikes he took during his childhood.

5) U.S.suck at games:

Super Mario Brothers 2, which was deemed too difficult for western audiences. In need of a proper sequel for western gamers, Nintendo reskinned an obscure Arabian themed platforming game called Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic, and released that has Super Mario Brothers 2. The flying carpet makes sense now doesn’t it? Western audiences only got a chance to play the real Super Mario Brothers 2 in 1993 with Super Mario All Stars.

4) Wii-erd name:

During it’s design phase, the Nintendo Wii was code named the “Revolution”. However, Nintendo wanted a name that would translate seamlessly into a number of languages, and as such, settled on the name Wii. The name was not an acronym as many first theorized. Instead, the double “i” represents both the dual remotes the system uses, as well as two players standing side by side, reinforcing the communal aspect of the system’s games.

3) Wii-erd parameters:

When tasked with designing the Wii, engineers were given a number of unusual guidelines to follow. First, they were told to design their console to be reliable, rather than powerful, and set about creating a unit that would remain cool and stable after 24 hours of continuous use. The second had to do with size. Apparently during the design phase, Nintedo’s current CEO grabbed a handful of 3 dvds, stacked them together and told the engineers “make it about that big”. And so they did.

2) Bovine Design:

Not all of Miyamoto’s initial inspirations transitioned into his games seamlessly. When he first sketched Bowser, he originally intended for him to be an Ox. When from those sketches, character animator Yoichi Kotabe thought what he was looking at was a turtle, and began to design the character as such. After some confusion, they designed the character as a mash up of the two ideas, and the most famous final boss was born.

1) This system blows:

Anyone who ever had an original NES will remember that the most common solution for fixing a game that wasn’t working was to blow on the cartridge. The idea was that doing this would remove dust. While there is nothing that suggests that that is the case, it is likely that blowing breath into the cartridge provided minute amounts of moisture to the 72 pin connectors, allowing for better conduction between the cartridge and the system. So it worked, but for all the wrong reasons…

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