Superhero Origins: Doctor Stephen Strange
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Superhero Origins: Doctor Stephen Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange is a prominent and powerful crossover character within the Marvel universe. However, he was once little more than a gifted, yet egotistical surgeon. He cared only for himself and pursued wealth. All of this changed after a car accident that claimed the fine touch of his hands. Ruined, he ventured out to find a mystic, and found more than he bargained for! Join as we explore the comic book origins of Doctor Stephen Strange.

Superhero Origins: Doctor Stephen Strange

He is a sorcerer supreme, and wields black magic against the forces of evil. Welcome to and today we’ll be exploring the comic book origins of Doctor Stephen Strange.

As with most comic book characters, there are often re-imaginings and different versions to a character’s past. We have chosen to primarily follow the storyline that unfolded in 1963’s Strange Tales #115, and was then expanded upon in 1968’s issue #169.

Doctor Stephen Strange is a prominent and powerful crossover character within the Marvel universe. However, he was once little more than a gifted, yet egotistical surgeon.

A superstar doctor, he credited his success to his hands, which never shook or made mistakes while in the operating room.

Despite his great skill, Strange was a poor excuse for a human being, caring only for himself and turning down charity work in pursuit of wealth.

One fateful day, he drove off in his sports car for to meet with a wealthy stockbroker, whom he believed could make him even richer. Not paying attention to the wet driving conditions, his car slid off of a cliff.

Falling for what felt like an eternity, he landed beside his totaled car. With his body broken, he lay there finally understanding the anguish others have felt, experiencing true pain for the first time.

Awaking in the hospital, he suffered a fit of delirium, before being informed that though his life had been saved, his career as a surgeon was over, due to nerve damage to his hands.

Though he could have become a medical consultant, his ego couldn’t handle having to assist others without receiving all of the glory.

As a result, Strange spent his fortune on failed operations, trying and restore what he had lost, before becoming a homeless drifter shunned by his friends and colleagues.

Then one day, while sitting in a dockside bar, he overheard sailors speak of rumors regarding a legendary Chinese wizard and healer called The Ancient One.

Pawning the last of his possessions, Strange purchased a one-way trip to the Himalayas. There he searched tirelessly, before being caught in a terrible snowstorm. With nothing left to lose, he continued onward until he happened upon a temple sitting on the mountainside.

Entering, he was met by a shadowy figure standing over a pit of fire. Revealing himself to be the Ancient One, Strange was told that he was not worthy of help or pity. Enraged, Strange became aggressive, forcing The Ancient one to subdue him with a beam of weightlessness.

Left in shock and awe, Strange was finally given shelter by the old wizard, who introduced him to his apprentice, Mordo.

That night, after watching the raging snowstorm swirl outside, Strange happened upon Mordo casting a demonic spell, with the intention of killing his master in order to become the only remaining practitioner of black magic.

Without thinking, Strange performed an uncharacteristically unselfish act and attempted to warn the old wizard. However, he was caught spying, and Mordo cast a sheet of metal upon his face. Just before Strange was killed, the Ancient One arrived and fought off his would be assassin.

Having unwittingly passed the Wizard’s test of unselfishness, Strange was chosen to become the ageing wizard’s new pupil. This was done in the hopes that Strange could one day stop Mordo, as well as any other threat to the word.

After extensive training in the mystic arts, Strange emerged as a black magic master and was dubbed The Sorcerer Supreme.

Having been reborn with a new purpose, drive and energy, he returned to his home of New York, becoming a mystical consultant. Under that guise, he battled countless evils through his newfound powers, which included healing, telepathy, teleportation, astral projection, energy wielding and the ability to produce items and force fields at will.

In time, Strange crossed over to other comic series, where he assisted other Marvel superheroes, before mentoring and befriending Spider-Man.

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