Top 10 Celebrity Cougars

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In recent years, its become all the rage for older women to snatch up much younger men, often times men who are young enough to be mistaken as their son. This is especially true for celebrities and Hollywood icons. Some popular examples include Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Kim Cattrall and Madonna! Join as we count down Hollywood's Top 10 Cougars.
Top 10 Celebrity Cougars

These older women prowl for younger partners to sink their teeth into. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down Hollywood’s Top 10 Cougars.

Officially, a cougar is a woman over the age of 35 who has dated someone younger than herself – you know, just young enough to bring the phrase “robbing the cradle” to mind...

#10 – Courteney Cox (Born in 1964)

Kicking off our cougar countdown is the youngest woman on our list, and the only one to flex her cougar claws on a show called “Cougar Town.” While portraying Monica Gellar on “Friends,” Cox met actor David Arquette on the set of “Scream.” The pair got hitched in 1999, despite their seven year age difference. Ironically, that came back to haunt Cox later – the pair split in 2010 because she wanted him to grow up!

#9 – Halle Berry (Born in 1966)

You may or may not associate this Oscar-winning actress with her “Catwoman” role, but you can be sure she's a feline of the cougar variety. After failed marriages to both a baseball player and a musician, she finally gave in to her destiny and became one of the planet’s hottest hunters in 2005 by snatching up young model Gabriel Aubry. Meow.

#8 – Ellen DeGeneres (Born in 1958)

We've chosen this comedienne, actress and talk show host for our list as the only lesbian cougar, or “leopard” if you prefer. She had a high-profile relationship with Anne Heche, who is 11-years her junior, and since 2008 she's been married to Australian Portia Di Rossi, who is fifteen years younger than her. And gorgeous. Way to go, Ellen!

#7 – Susan Sarandon (Born in 1946)

This Oscar winner was a cougar long before it came in vogue! At 40-years-old, she dated 28-year-old director Franco Amurri. After that, at age 42, she sunk her teeth into actor Tim Robbins, then a fresh 30. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2009 so she's back on the hunt!

#6 – Raquel Welch (Born in 1940)

A purebred cougar on and off the screen, this Hollywood sex symbol solidified her cougar status when she married her fourth husband, who was 15 years younger than her. She has since sworn off younger men claiming they're nothing but trouble, but she still takes credit for
popularizing the cougar lifestyle!

#5 – Demi Moore (Born in 1962)

This Hollywood powerhouse actress has several marriages under her belt, including two to older men like rock star Freddy Moore and action star Bruce Willis. She then made headlines for tying the knot with actor Ashton Kutcher, 15-year age difference and all. Their split a few years later demonstrated that despite the allure, young men may be too hot to handle and too cold to hold.

#4 – Sharon Stone (Born in 1958)

This actress and former fashion model has a “Basic Instinct” when it comes to choosing mates. After over ten celebrity relationships that lasted roughly two-and-a-half years apiece, including two failed marriages, she's all about the young 'uns now, especially male models 27 years her junior...

#3 – Ivana Trump (Born in 1949)

A former Olympic athlete and fashion model, Ivana was once married to Donald Trump, bizarre hair and all. Craving a man who can truly get her “fired” up, she then began dating men who have never seen a gray hair. She also started hosting her own television show “Ivana Young Man,” centered on the art of cougar pouncing. Like other cougars, she likes her men to be around the same age as her children… Who says money can’t buy happiness?

#2 – Kim Cattrall (Born in 1956)

Though she swears that she’s a serial monogamist, as of late Kim Cattrall seems to be mirroring her man-eating TV counterpart Samantha Jones more and more. For example, though she was once romantically linked to former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, she recently shacked up with a 28-year-old Canadian chef – not bad for a gal born of
'56; she can have her cake and eat it, too!

#1 – Madonna (Born in 1958)

Taking the top spot on our list is the Material Girl herself, a woman known for playing with boy toys! She may have been married to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie, but today she has her eyes on the wrinkle-free. When Madonna was 51, she met 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz, and the pair had a steamy fling. He must be a special breed of mama's boy!

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