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X-Men Trivia

VO: Dan
The X-Men comic book series changed the face of comics, and continues to detail the epic struggle of mutants to find acceptance among regular humans. While so much has happened on the page and on-screen by means of compelling story-lines and characters, there's lots to discover behind the scenes as well! Join as we explore ten pieces of fascinating X-Men trivia.

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X-Men Trivia

There’s more happening behind the scenes than a simple allegory about equal rights! Welcome to, and today we’ll be exploring ten pieces of X-Men trivia.

#1 – Casting The Wolverine

Kicking off our list is the casting of the popular superhero Wolverine. Love Hugh Jackman? You might be surprised to learn that he wasn’t the first choice as for the part. This was actually Russell Crowe, who was refused his demanded salary. Other potential candidates included Aaron Eckhart, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Viggo Mortensen, Edward Norton, Gary Sinise and Keanu Reeves… Whoa. I just said that.

#2 – Becoming Wolverine, and Breaking A Few Nails

Not only did Jackman have the muttonchops to play the character, he also brought the right amount of bezerker rage! He came up with his rage face by modeling it after his own reaction to ice cold showers.

Speaking of Jackman’s Wolverine, his invincible Adamantium claws were actually made of plastic, wood and steel, causing his stunt doubles to break over 700 sets of while filming, despite having had special claw training! Still cheaper than the real stuff…

#3 – Becoming A Mutant Isn’t Always Easy

Of all the movie costumes, the Mystique outfit was the most invasive. Actress Rebecca Romijn had to wear blue paint and over 100 prosthetic pieces which covered 60% of her body. The costume took a total of nine hours to apply and, even worse, to maintain set secrecy she was kept in an isolated and windowless room between takes. To top it all off, she must have ingested a fair amount of her costume by the last day of filming, because she apparently hurled blue goop all over Hugh Jackman after drinking a celebratory Tequila shot!

#4- My, What Sparkly Eyes You Have!

The makeup woes don’t end there! Rebecca Romijn and several of the cast had to wear coloured contacts. These special contact lenses were not only uncomfortable, but pretty hazardous. In fact, the Mystique lenses could only be worn for an hour, while Romjin had to stumble around only 10% of her vision. The contacts likewise left Sabretooth’s Tyler Mane blinded for an entire day! Of course, Halle Berry played the diva card and had her eyes CGI’d...

#5 – This Place Looks Familiar

Um… does the X-Mansion look familiar to you too? If so, that’s because it’s the same house that Adam Sandler lived in for “Billy Madison.” So long before Wolverine defended the students from the government SWAT team, Billy was in the tub staging an epic battle between hair products.

#6 – Magnetically Attracted to the Cause

Several actors were considered for the role of Holocaust survivor Magneto for the original trilogy, including Ian McKellen’s later “Lord of the Rings” co-star Christopher Lee. However, McKellen was rather ironically cast after playing a Nazi himself in the director’s previous film “Apt Pupil”, and for being a real life gay rights activist, which helped him understand his characters grievances and motivations.

#7 – Frozen In More Ways than One

X2 had three instances of freezing that are not what you would expect. First, the arctic scenes were filmed in Northern Alberta, Canada: a region known for heavy snow. However, there was none at the time, so the snow had to be faked.

Ironically, the wall of ice in the X-Mansion was real and weighed 3500 pounds…guess they saw how cheesy plastic looked in “Batman & Robin.”

Finally, remember the museum visitors mentally frozen by Xavier at the opening? No effects were needed as they were all real-life Mimes. This was in no way related to the fact that much like mutants, Mimes are a repressed and often frightening minority.

#8- I’m The Juggernaut Bitch!

In “X3: The Last Stand”, the filmmakers decided to give the Juggernaut a line from a parody web series of the time! In it, potty-mouthed fans redubbed episodes of the 90s cartoon series. As a result, savy viewers were left in varying states of horror and hilarity as the Juggernaut said the magic words…

#9 – Continuity, Shmontinuity, Lets make a Movie!

“X-men: First Class” doesn’t perfectly fit in with the original series. Check it: Magneto’s helmet was new to Xavier in the 2000 flick, Hank McCoy was seen on TV without Blue Fur in X2, Patrick Stewart’s Xavier was able to walk twice afterwards (X3 and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”)... wand lastly Emma Frost was a Weapons X test subject in “X-Men Origins Wolverine”… blasphemy…

#10 – Uncanny Mix-Up

In the original 1963 comic “The Uncanny X-Men”, the original members of Professor’s Xavier’s team were very different from the films. These included Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman and Marvel Girl, who later became known as Jean Grey.

Because of this, First Class’s journey to the beginning is heavily constrained by the decisions made for the first trilogy… Which may be why James McAvoy confusingly shaved his head for the role of Xavier, only to be fitted with a wig during filming…

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