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Travel Guide: Portugal

VO: Rebecca Brayton
The southeastern European nation of Portugal is known for many things. As one of the continent's oldest countries, you are bound to find evidence of its history and culture through its architecture, which includes castles and religious buildings. Portugal is also known for its natural beauty, which allows visitors and residents alike to participate in a number of outdoor sports and activities. Don't forget to visit its numerous cities to learn more about its urban life and get a taste of Portuguese cuisine! In this video, continues our travel series with a look at Portugal.

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This country is known as “the Gentle Land.” Welcome to and today we’ll be continuing our travel series with a look at Portugal.

European Country on Iberian Peninsula

Found in south-western Europe, Portugal is situated on the westernmost edge of the Iberian Peninsula. Bordering Spain on the east and the Atlantic Ocean on the west, it has a population of over 10 million people spread over an area of more than 35 thousand square miles.


The country has a warm Mediterranean climate which is most evident during spring and summer. It experiences the majority of its rain and wind during fall and winter.

History and Culture

As one of the oldest European nations, it’s no surprise Portugal has a deep and culture-rich history, which you can see in the architecture of the region. Manor houses, churches and magnificent castles adorn the Portuguese countryside and some have even been converted into tourist accommodations.


One notable attraction is the sixteenth century Pegoes aqueduct, which stands less than two miles from the historic Templar town of Tomar.


Partly due to its large coastal area, Portugal is home to many beautiful and diverse landscapes. Nature lovers are sure to marvel at the many mountains, rock formations, forests and waterfalls found among the land. If you want to relax in the sand or cool off in the ocean, Portugal also has several beaches.

Outdoor Activities

If you’d like to try out some activities, there are many that will suit your fancy, including horseback riding or golf at any of the country’s fine courses. More adventurous types can take to the skies by hang gliding!

City Life

When it comes to culture, be sure to visit one of Portugal’s energetic cities, including the capital, Lisbon. Many of these municipalities feature a mix of traditional lifestyles and modern living. Don’t forget to enjoy Portuguese cuisine, especially when it comes to the wine and seafood, before heading out for drinks and a night on the town.

Plentiful Portugal

Whether you’re a history buff or a culture fan, a seafood lover or a nature enthusiast, a golfer or a party-goer, Portugal has it all.

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