Top 10 Evil Movie Robots

For every good machine, there is a bad one that doesn't obey anything resembling Asimov's three laws of robotics! From Terminators to Transformers, Fembots and giant metal dinosaur like monstrosities, the sky is the limit for things to go wrong and the human race to pay the ultimate price! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 most evil film robots.
Top 10 Evil Movie Robots

People don’t kill people, robots kill people! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 most evil film robots.

#10 – Mechagodzilla: “Godzilla Series”

Kicking off our list is the mechanical doppelganger of Japan’s greatest movie monster! While his origin and backstory changes with every film, the one thing that remains constant is Mechagodzilla’s skill in wounding the king of Monsters and taking out half of Tokyo. Made from space titanium, he reigns terror with an army’s worth of firepower, while also mimicking Godzilla’s special powers.

#9 – Fembots: “Austin Powers”

No man can resist their charms… That’s what makes them so deliciously evil and deadly! The Fembots are Frau Farbissina’s most devious development – in an effort to take over the world and destroy Austin Powers, she has even equipped them with machine gun jubblies! Thankfully for Austin, he’s too much man for their processors to handle.

#8 – AMEE: “Red Planet”

This Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion robot is a unique hybrid of cat, dog and monkey, and was built for military combat, but was re-purposed to serve as a Mars navigator. See where this is going? Her military programming inadvertently gets switched back on and she targets the Mars crew, of course. Not only is AMEE a killing machine, she also stalks and toys with her prey, and keeps them ever fearful of a surprise attack.

#7 – Ash: “Alien”

This undercover android poses as a science officer aboard the Nostromo, but remains loyal to the company. Ash breaks quarantine to get the alien life form on board, and is also secretly tasked with ensuring that the Xenomorph makes it back to Earth – even if that means the human crew gets killed in the process. Don’t think he’s evil? Ash tries to kill Ripley with a magazine, before taunting her as a disembodied head that bleeds milk!

#6 – Roy Batty: “Blade Runner”

Another human-looking android, Roy is the leader of the Nexus-6 replicants and was programmed as a warrior. He returns to Earth to seek out his maker and plea for an extension on his fixed lifespan. He develops quite a ruthless streak, which leads to some pretty graphic violence… Boy, was it ever a mistake to give this guy a pair of thumbs…

#5 – ED209: “Robocop”

Before Robocop, this prototype served as a means of law enforcement. Built by Omnni-Consumer Products, this machine was unveiled with a few kinks to work out. Any machine that gives you 20 seconds to comply and then ignores your actual compliance is evil in our books. What kind of policing was this machine intended for anyways? Oh, Detroit, right…

#4 – Sentinels: “Matrix Trilogy”

In the future, the machines use humans as batteries. However, those who manage to reject the Matrix and escape must face things far more terrifying than guys in suits. For example: the Sentinels. These squid-like monstrosities hunt down humans using sonar, and when they find them they rip apart their ships – and their crews – with lasers. Oh yeah, also, these things never hunt alone…

#3 – HAL 9000: “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Designed to assist the crew, this artificial intelligence unit fell victim to the Hofstader-Moebius loop, which means he was programmed to always reveal information, yet ordered to secrecy. This causes it to become a little paranoid and just a tad homicidal. And although his iconic red eye may seem malevolent, he’s always chillingly polite. Just don’t let him catch you quietly plotting against him: he can read lips!

#2 – Megatron: “Transformers”

Megatron is a sentient machine from the Planet Cybertron, and as leader of the evil Decepticons he is hell-bent on galactic domination. After letting his lust for power get the better of him, he decimates his home world and heads to Earth to carry on with his destructive plans. Megatron gets mega-points for his bad-ass transforming ability, and for wanting to enslave the human race, rather than just exterminate it like so many others on this list.

#1 – T-800 and T-1000: “Terminator Series”

Taking the top spot on our list are the machines sent back to kill John Connor, both before and after he was born. We can’t help but love them both equally, as they’re the two most ruthless machines on this list. The T-800 is an unstoppable killer who plays by-the-book, while the T-1000 is all but invincible with its liquid metal frame and police officer disguise.

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