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London, England: Top Attractions

VO: Rebecca Brayton
After over two thousand years of recorded history, it stands to reason that a city like London would have a plethora of activities and sites to see. Whether you're interested in culture and history, or food and cuisine, you’re sure to find something to do. Sightseers should see such iconic landmarks as Big Ben and Tower Bridge, but can also travel to a market like New Spitalfields to pick up some rations. Don’t forget to take in some culture at the Arcola Theatre as well, and see the business district at Canary Wharf. In this video, checks out a few of the top attractions you needs to see while visiting London, England.

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Top Attractions in London, England

From sports and leisure to shopping or sports, the UK capital city has it all. Welcome to, and today we’ll be taking a look at a few of the attractions you need to see while visiting London, England.


This British capital city is home to many iconic and legendary tourist attractions, as well as a number of other more out-of-the-way spots that draw visitors. Whether you’re searching for fun and adventure, relaxation and leisure, or simply some sightseeing, London is full of enjoyment.

Iconic Landmarks

You can’t visit such a special spot without seeing its legendary landmarks. Take a minute to stroll by the Palaces of Westminster, where parliament meets. You’ll see the huge clock tower that is colloquially known as Big Ben at the north end of the complex. This timepiece is one of the most famous symbols of the city, and has been standing at this spot since 1858. Meanwhile, St. Paul’s Cathedral can offer you some of the best views of the city from its dome. Visit the queen’s residence at Buckingham Palace, or walk across Tower Bridge.

New Spitalfields Market

When you’ve seen these sites, it’s time for more secluded locations. If you happen to be looking for some fresh produce, as well, then New Spitalfields Market is a great place to check out. It is one of the premiere markets in Europe thanks to its variety: whether it’s fresh flowers, or unusual fruits and veggies you need, you’re sure to find something on this 31-acre-wide marketplace.

Borough Market

Exotic foods can also be found at Borough Market. Not only is this a perfect spot to pick up produce, you’ll also find gourmet pastries and cheeses.

Canary Wharf

If you happen to be fascinated by skyscrapers, then head over to Canary Wharf business district. Some of the tallest buildings in Britain are found in this area. Canary Wharf is also an ingenious blend of innovation and business. Just a few decades ago, this area was one of the most rundown regions of the city, but today it is a vital riverside zone.

Arcola Theatre

Culture may be more your speed, and if that’s the case venture over to the Arcola Theatre to take in a show. This theatre was built in a renovated paint factory, and today it is an esteemed venue for both classic plays and more modern performances.

O2 Arena

Another venue in London is the O2 Arena. This stadium is one of the largest venues in London, and is part of a huge entertainment complex. This is definitely another site worth checking out – whether it’s for a concert or a sporting event.

2012 London Summer Olympics

Speaking of sports, ahead of the 2012 London Summer Olympics the city built a wealth of world-class venues to house the events. From the unique Copper Box, to the Aquatics Centre and the Olympic Stadium, these buildings are a combination of style, environmental friendliness and technology.

Lots to See

You’ll never be at a loss for things to do when visiting London, England.

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