Interview with Vinny Appice on Black Sabbath, John Lennon

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Vinny Appice grew up in Brooklyn, New York and took up the drums before his tenth birthday. It was only a few years later he was playing with a huge star like John Lennon. Eventually, he joined Black Sabbath, where he met Ronnie James Dio. The pair later broke off to form Dio, and from there he's only added to his credits, including the band Kill Devil Hill. In this video, got the chance to speak with Appice while he was in town judging Heavy MTL's Battle of the Bands. We chat about how he first got into drums thanks to his brother Carmine of Vanilla Fudge, what his signature style is, what advice he has for up-and-coming bands, and he talks about his time with Rick Derringer and John Lennon.