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The Culture of Dallas, Texas

VO: Rebecca Brayton
This southern city is blessed with a number of stereotypes, and one of the most iconic is that of the cowboy. This is celebrated by the city’s Pioneer Plaza, which is a huge bronze sculpture that illustrates a cattle drive. Another way to take in the culture of Dallas is to head to the State Fair. There, you’ll find plenty of fairground food, amusement rides and friendly people. Of course, more traditional cultural pursuits can be visited in the town’s museums. Or, visit one of the many shops, cafes or restaurants if you just want to relax. In this video, learns more about the culture of Dallas, Texas.

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The Culture of Dallas, Texas

From cowboy stereotypes to more traditional cultural pursuits, this Texas town has something to suit anyone. Welcome to, and today we’ll be learning more about the culture of Dallas, Texas.

Cowboy Culture

Texas is blessed with a number of iconic stereotypes that represent its culture, people and history. One of the most enduring of these is the symbol of the cowboy. That image is well represented at Dallas’ Pioneer Plaza, which was built with the intention of showcasing the location’s “western” history. This is highlighted by the huge sculpture in the plaza that illustrates a cattle drive.

Texas State Fair

One event that is tied to the iconic history and culture of Texas is the annual State Fair. Since 1886, it has been held at Fair Park, which is considered a National Historic Landmark. This spot is actually home to North America’s largest Ferris wheel, and the Cotton Bowl sports venue.

Amusement Rides

The State Fair also boasts numerous other exciting and fun rides for the whole family. Each year, the event draws millions of tourists to the town during the 24-day festivities.

State Fair Food

While the State Fair food isn’t necessarily typical of Texas cuisine in general, it is representative of state fair food. You’ll find lots of fried fare, food on a stick, and – of course – cotton candy to tide you over.

The Arts District

For other examples of Dallas culture, head downtown to the Arts District. There, you’ll find a variety of venues, museums and galleries where you can take in different events and exhibits. For example, check out the Nasher Sculpture Center to see examples of contemporary and modern art. Or, visit one of the city’s many music venues to marvel at their noteworthy architecture, or to take in a show.

Sports and History

However, lovers of other pursuits can head to Cowboys Stadium to take in a football game. Or, if history is of interest to you, go to Dealey Plaza to learn more about the historically significant location where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas features bustling nightlife, as well as shopping, cafes and restaurants. In fact, the city boasts the most restaurants and shopping centers per capita of any city in the United States.

Culture for All

This is one town that embraces its history and stereotypes, but also offers visitors a number of other activities.

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