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The Museums of Dallas, Texas

VO: Rebecca Brayton
As one of Texas’ most important cities, Dallas is home to a number of fascinating, beautiful and informational museums for visitors to take in. Many of these cultural institutions are found within the city’s Arts District, which is located in the heart of the downtown area. Check out modern sculpture at the Nasher Sculpture Center. Or, head to the Dallas Museum of Art to see its impressive collection. The Crow Collection of Asian Art is another must-see, while Dealey Plaza gives tourists a chance to relive history. In this video, checks out the top museums in Dallas, Texas.

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Top Museums in Dallas, Texas

Learn more about art and history in this southern city. Welcome to, and today we’ll be taking a look at a few of the museums found in Dallas, Texas.

The Nasher Sculpture Center

Downtown Dallas is home to an Arts District that houses many of the city’s cultural institutions. The Nasher Sculpture Center is one museum located in this area. It is a 2.4 acre spot that accommodates a rotating group of contemporary and modern sculptures.

The Dallas Museum of Art and The Crow Collection of Asian Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is another institution located in the Arts District. Established in 1903, this museum houses an impressive collection of art. The Crow Collection of Asian Art is also impressive, and entry is free-of-charge.

Dealey Plaza

For those interested in history, Dealey Plaza is a historic spot that allows visitors to be a part of the past. In November 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as his motorcade drove through this plaza, and today the location is home to a museum dedicated to JFK’s memory. The Sixth Floor Museum is found in the former Texas School Book Depository in the same spot where Kennedy’s assassin took the shot that killed him. The museum is full of videos, photographs and facts about Kennedy’s life and legacy

Bryan Pergola, Grassy Knoll

As of 1993, the entirety of Dealey Plaza has been protected as a National Historic Landmark for its role in history. For example, the grassy knoll was one spot where many spectators witnessed the assassination. It is found near the Bryan Pergola, and will remain unchanged thanks to its official status as a landmark.

Pioneer Plaza

Another location that showcases the history of Dallas is Pioneer Plaza. This municipal park is one of the most visited attractions in Dallas, and it showcases a large sculpture that illustrates a cattle drive. This piece of art is so large it is the world’s largest bronze monument of this nature. This is a constantly evolving piece of art, as every so often the city adds a new steer to the group. The park complex also features lovely landscaping, complete with small waterfalls.

Texas Culture

Dallas has proved itself as a hub of arts and culture found deep in the heart of Texas.

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