Year in Review: 2011

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
This was the year the world welcomed its seven billionth person. Japan was devastated by an earthquake, followed by nuclear meltdowns. We lost Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to cancer. Some of the world's most tyrannical leaders also died this year. The year's biggest stories revolved around worldwide protests: the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement showed that the population was tired of the status quo. Sports and celebs were as entertaining as ever, and this was the year Charlie Sheen was #winning, Kim Kardashian made it 72 days and the Royal Wedding made everyone swoon. In this video, recaps the year that was: 2011. We've definitely left some stuff out, so feel free to tell us what we missed.
Welcome to, and today we’ll be going over the year that was: 2011.

This year, the world welcomed its seven billionth baby. That’s billion. With a “B.”
We also learned how strong the human spirit can be.
The cause du jour? Bullying. Too many suicides.
Never forget.
Unfortunately, it was Japan’s turn to host this year’s huge natural disaster. And the ensuing nuclear meltdowns.
They weren’t the only ones to have problems this year, though.
On the upside: NASA found us a new planet to live on when we finish destroying this one. Too bad it’s 600 light years away.
Who’s this year’s Best New Artist? Was it Drake? Bieber? Nope. Esperanza Spalding…Wait, what?
She’s still friggin’ weird.
Don’t ever let this guy host an awards ceremony again, K?
Don’t worry: it’s almost over.
This is over.
So’s this.
Really? Again?
It’s time to play the music; it’s time to light the lights!
Zombie apocalypse, guys.
Epic is an understatement.
In sports: Adios, Ronaldo.
For the first time in 15 years, Tiger dropped out of the top 50. But don’t worry: he made it back preeeeeetty fast.
Green Bay triumphed in the Super Bowl this year, with no help from Brett Favre of course.
And then there’s Tebowing.
Check out this Cinderella story: St. Louis win the World Series after making the most impressive comeback in baseball history.
The Mavs were this year’s basketball champs. And that had to tide fans over until the next season finally started on Christmas Day.
Meanwhile, the Bruins nabbed their first Stanley Cup since ’72, and secured Boston’s rep as Sports Town of the Decade. Vancouver didn’t take it so well.
However, the hockey world was dealt some serious blows this year: three NHL enforcers passed away over the course of four months, calling into question fighting in hockey. So did all the head shots and ensuing concussions.
Also, a plane crash in Russia killed an entire KHL team.
In other news: Just so you know Sandusky: the correct answer when someone asks if you’re sexually attracted to young boys is no. Always no.
Actually, how many sex scandals did you count this year?
Another sign of the approaching apocalypse: She’s a New York Times best-selling author.
And just when you thought they couldn’t get any worse: 72 days.
The Dalai Lama announced he was resigning from public life. Just when we need all the spiritual guidance we can get.
But at least the U.S. isn’t the only country in an economic funk.
Guess who’s supposed to pick up the pieces: irony much?
But you know who’s not broke? This guy.
They are the 99 per cent. Occupy Wall Street, Occupy EVERYWHERE.
They did it first: behold the Arab Spring.
Even Russia’s in on the protesting.
Hey GOP: enough with the debates already – you’re not making yourselves look any smarter.
Just to be safe: don’t let this guy anywhere near your phone.
Like OJ before her, Casey Anthony proved you can get away with murder. Allegedly.
You finally got him.
And him! By the way: pictures or it didn’t happen. And where is my SEAL Team 6 video game?
The Iraq War is finally over.
Even Norway has gun-happy psychos.
Now you can ask AND tell.
The Supreme Leader is dead; long live the Supreme Leader.
Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years: think his hair can take it?
Say bye to the space shuttles.
Whose show are you sadder to see leave TV? Yeah, me neither.
Here’s more irony for ya: Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook photos were leaked! But he’s a mega-nerd, so it was pretty boring. Scarlett Johansson’s leaked photos? Much more interesting.
Plank you very much.
Remember this guy? Yeah, didn’t think so.
Bet you’d love to forget her. What day comes after Thursday again?
Always out to prove his manhood, Tom Cruise autographed the top of the world’s tallest building. Over-compensate much?
Simon’s still a jerk, but on a different show. With Paula. And a black guy. And A Pussycat Doll.
See ya later, Michael.
America’s Sweetheart left her anchor chair at CBS, to host a daytime talk show on ABC.
America’s other sweetheart made a splash, and everyone remembered why they hate being a bridesmaid.
But everyone is a sucker for a huge wedding.
The Royal Wedding also introduced us to Pippa and her behind.
Nice hat, too.
This kid’s gonna have everything, except a mortgage and student loans.
Jay-Z hooked up with someone else this year, too.
Beat it, Conrad: you are going to jail. But if you’re nice to Lindsay Lohan, she’ll tell you how to get our reeeeeeeal fast!
Don’t judge a book by its cover, just by its overplayed music.
They’re sexy, and they know it.
That’s funny: I didn’t hear about hell freezing over.
Is that your final answer?
Hey Girl, It’s Ryan Gosling. That’s it. There’s nothing more to say.
And this was our other guilty pleasure.
While we’re at it, Jennifer Aniston was voted the sexiest woman of all time. In case you’re interested, Angie’s number 10.
As always, there were some high-profile break-ups this year.
We also lost some pretty talented people.
Thanks for everything, Steve.
And guess what: everyone’s still, still unemployed.

It was a busy year, and we’ve definitely missed some stuff. Tell us what you would’ve added.
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