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7 Things You Should Know About Batman: Arkham City

VO: David
With the asylum having been heavily damaged, the mayor has hired a private military contractor to transform a large portion of the city’s slums into a detention center. There, inmates are given free reign with the ultimate goal being that they kill each other off. Instead, the prisoners soon form gangs, with Batman’s toughest enemies at the helm. Forced to intervene when Two-Face decides to publicly execute Catwoman, Batman must also contend with Hugo Strange, the deranged psychiatrist in charge of the city area who has discovered his true identity. Join as we explore the 7 Things You Should Know About Batman: Arkham City.

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7 Things You Should Know About Batman Arkham City

From the madhouse to the streets, The Dark Knight returns in the highly anticipated sequel to the greatest superhero game of all time. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at the 7 Things You Should Know About Arkham City.

Number 1: Prologue

Picking up a year following the events of the last game, Quincy Sharp, the former warden of Arkham Asylum has since taken credit for stopping the Joker to become Gotham’s mayor.

With both the asylum and Blackgate prison having been heavily damaged, he has hired a private military contractor group called Tyger to transform a large portion of the city’s slums into a massive detention centre. There, inmates are given free reign, with the condition that they do not attempt to escape, the ultimate goal being for them to kill each other off.

Instead, the prisoner’s soon form gangs, with Batman’s toughest enemies at the helm.

Number 2: The Plot

Keeping a vigil over the highly volatile area, Batman is soon forced to intervene when Two-Face announces his intent to publically execute Catwoman, the Caped Crusader’s reoccurring love interest. At the same time, Hugo Strange, the psychiatrist in charge of the city area has initiated his own secret agenda, which involves his discovery of the Dark Knight’s true identity.

Number 3: Gameplay and Combat

Retaining the original’s open-world action gameplay, Batman once again uses his stealth tactics and expertise as a detective to solve a large assortment of puzzles and challenges.

Confronting countless enemies in the process, combat remains just as riveting and brutal as ever, with several new enhancements. These include the ability to counter two enemies at once, and use gadgets mid-battle. For example, Batman can now spray explosive gel on an enemy’s back while leaping past them. Defensively, Batman can now catch and return most projectiles that are thrown his way.

Number 4: New and Improved Gadgets

Beginning his adventure fully equipped with all of the items from his previous outing, he has since added a bevy of improvements. These include the Cryptographic Sequencer’s newfound ability to track signals. The line-launcher being able to create two-way zip lines. The Batarang’s mid-air speed can now be controlled. And finally, the grappling hook can now push the caped crusader to a higher altitude while gliding.

Furthermore, Arkham City has expanded the list of usable gadgets. These include a gun which fires off stun blasts, smoke pellets, and Cryo Bombs that freeze enemies in place.

Most exciting of all, Batman can now summon swarms of bats with his Ultra Sonic Emitter, in addition to listening in on radio frequencies and chatter with his new Broadcast Analyzer.

Number 5: Detective Mode

Overused by many in the previous game, Detective Mode’s x-ray vision will now be limited. Now, it must be brought up while standing still, instead of having the option to keep it toggled throughout the adventure.

Despite seeming like a step backward, this adds balance to the gameplay, and now displays enemies and evidence much more clearly.

Number 6: Returning Cast and New Enemies

Fans of Kevin Conroy’s Batman and Mark Hamill’s Joker need not worry as the pair lend their spectacular vocal talents to the series once more.

And beside all of your favorite villains returning from the previous game, Arkham City now shines a spotlight on several other iconic nut jobs. This list includes the likes of Two-Face, Riddler, Penguin, Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange.

Number 7: Catwoman’s Side-Story

New to the series is your ability to take on the role of Catwoman, as the duo team-up to restore order to the city. Albeit, done within a separate storyline that crisscrosses over the main narrative.
As the danger-loving kitty, players will acrobatically take on thugs, wielding sharp claws, signature whip and bolas.

Interestingly, this cat burglar makes use of her own version of detective mode called Thief Vision, which serves to locate valuable objects.


Available for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in stereoscopic and Inficolor 3D, Rocksteady has managed to deliver The Dark Knight’s most ambitious challenge yet.

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