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top 10 reasons why superman is better than batman

Superman's 80th anniversary! It's time to bring recognition to our favorite superhero.
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    1Doesn't just fight crime at night suggested byDirector22

  • 2Superman is the ideal for a superhero
    People both in the comics and real life think Superman is too much of a goody-two-shoes and that Batman's inner darkness makes a much more compelling character. The truth is that Superman's goodness serves him well and allowed him to save the world several times over.

  • 3Batman is overrated

  • 4Superman stands for something
    He believes in truth, justice, compassion and the hope that people can build a better tomorrow.
    Batman stands for JUSTICE
    Bruce Wayne being Batman is selfish. He uses it as a coping mechanism. It shows the spoiled rich kid aspect of him. Most people grieve. He trains around the world amd comes back dressed like a bat to fight crime. Superman believes in hope and standing for the best a person can be. He exists to inspire people

  • 5Superman is the first comic book superhero suggested byGodslayer79
    You can't beat the classics.

  • 6Batman's pragmatism makes him harder to trust. suggested byTrueBackLash
    For what it's worth, Superman understands that his huge power can be a huge burden, but oftentimes Batman goes too far in his quest to bring accountability to his fellow heroes, as the Tower of Babel and Brother Eyes can attest. Superman, being a huge believer in the inherent goodness of humanity, will always the benefit of the doubt to anyone he c

  • 7Saves the whole world, not just the city he lives in suggested byDirector22

  • 8While he does fight Supervillains and Criminals, Superman's main priority is save lives and protect civilians. suggested byTrueBackLash

  • 9Superman stopped the kkk

  • 10The fans suggested byGodslayer79

  • 11The 'World of Cardboard' Speech suggested byTrueBackLash
    Superman would crush batman. Batman cant realistically beat superman.

  • 12Superman has better comics

  • 13Superman has all the powers

  • 14has Lois lane
    This shows that Superman has a committed and healthy relationship. He can be married to Lois Lane with a child. While Batman was an absentee father

  • 15Batman needs a mask and cowl to hide his secret identity. Superman just need glasses and a slouch to become his secret identity. suggested byTrueBackLash

  • 16better costume

  • 17He boxed with Muhammad Ali suggested byvictowers

  • 18Superman saved a man's life in real life

  • 19Batman is a rip off of Superman

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