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top 10 pokemon of Ash Ketchum

also part of: Top 10 ash ketchum pokemon
Rankings should not be based solely on power but also on popularity within the franchise.
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    Been since the start, defeated Legendaries, Iron Volt Tackle, Gigantic Electro Tackle. Of course he should be number 1.
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  • 2charizard
  • 3bulbasaur
    Bulbasaur MOVED WHILE CHARGING A SOLARBEAM AND REFUSED TO EVOLVE! Hell, he TIED WITH a Meganium (Johto's Grass Starter Final Evolved Form)
  • 4Greninja
    Ash Greninja ftw, aerial ace is basically close combat times 6, defeats nearly everyone despite the type disadvantage. Hell the only time he lost a Gym Battle was after he beat the first one, which was an Onix.
  • 5snorlax
    I saw Snorlax is better based on one thing: Snorlax has 6 moves.
  • 6squirtle
  • 7butterfree
  • 8Infernape
    Think about it: Flame Wheel was OP, he fought Abanasnow on ice roller skates, and took out half of Paul's Pokemon in their final battle. And after the 5th DP Gym Battle, he usually takes 2 Pokemon per gym.
  • 9lapras
  • 10Sceptile
  • 11Goodra suggested byJessica Fendt
    Until the League, Goodra never lost. Though had Ash kept it rather than released it, it probably would've done better even though it fought a Fairy Type with Sawyer and a Steel type with Alain.
  • 12muk
    Remember when Ash finally used Muk to defeat that Bellsprout? Man that was hilarious.
  • 13Chikorita to Bayleaf suggested byJessica Fendt
  • 14Oshawott suggested byOrochiXReina93
    Oshawatt created a spinning water gun to destroy a Sandstorm, blasted him through the roof with Aqua Jet and slashed him apart with Razor Shell. Shame it never did much past that but it was BADASS!
    Oshawatt was wasted potential because he was doing so good! He took down Pansage, has a Laser Blade, eliminated one of Trip's Pokemon in his third battle with Ash, and he dominated Clay 's Krockorock!
  • 15Heracross suggested byCineking2
    How is Heracross not higher? He actually hit Tobias' Darkrai, did well in the Battle Frontier, and dominated Ash 's battle with Nando.
  • 16pidgeot
  • 17Quilava suggested byJessica Fendt
  • 18Snivy suggested byJessica Fendt
    Snivy greatest asset was her defense!
  • 19Noctowl suggested byEthan Monma
    Noctowl needs more love because it saved Ash 's team in the DP era of the Sinno League battle with Conway.
  • 20Totodile suggested byEthan Monma
    Its just like Oshawatt, he need more development to truly be strong. Shame he never evolved either.
  • 21Tauros suggested byEthan Monma
  • 22Donphan suggested byEthan Monma
  • 23Kingler suggested byDirector22
  • 24primeape
  • 25Squritle suggested bySam Abbott III
  • 26Hawlucha suggested byDirector22
  • 27Bayleaf suggested byDirector22
  • 28Aipom suggested byCineking2
  • 29Torterra suggested byretle

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