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top 10 high school movie cliches (suggested 2 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 School Movie Cliches

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    1Mean teachers suggested bylortrotk

  • 2Actors in their twenties and thirties playing teenagers

  • 3Huge, tough bullies suggested bylortrotk

  • 4The football captain dating a cheerleader

  • 5Boy meets girl by accidentally dropping her notebooks

  • 6The new girl trying to be popular

  • 7Nerdy girl becoming attractive

  • 8Neurotic principal

  • 9Pranks in the lockers

  • 10Teacher that speaks about the importance of being yourself

  • 11The friend that always get bullied by everyone suggested byShahab Gh

  • 12Bullies stalking nerds

  • 13A prom party is the ideal moment to reveal your feelings

  • 14Bully of school is handsome and charming suggested byShahab Gh

  • 15School system is the real bully suggested byMargaret Rd

  • 16Bullies stalking nerds

  • 17The teacher that encourages students to be themselves

  • 18Football captain dating cheerleader

  • 19Neurotic principal

  • 20Boy accidentally meets girl by dropping her notebooks

  • 21Locker pranks

  • 22Actors in their twenties or thirties playing teenagers

  • 23The prom dance is the moment to reveal your feelings

  • 24The nerdy girl that becomes attractive

  • 25Dumb jocks suggested byChesterstat

top 10 high school movie cliches

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    1Everyone's partying - no one studies

  • 2The popular cheerleader girls gang

  • 3The popular quarterback guy

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