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Top 10 Cartoon Couples

also part of: Top Ten Cartoon Couples
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    1Robin and Starfire

  • 2Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable suggested byrma2098

  • 3Katara and Aang suggested byJoel Miller

  • 4cosmo and wanda suggested byTavaris Tillmon

  • 5homer and marge simpson suggested byEvie May Caselli

  • 6Sparx and Nova- Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! suggested byGina Lawlor
    This couple comes from a SERIOUSLY underrated show! But they've had such beautiful moments together. They've got a huge fanbase and a person on YouTube even made a video piecing together all their moments. Not to mention, it features one of the most beautiful love confessions of all time. "I love you too much to lose you." Sparx and Nova are just

  • 7Joker and Harley Quinn suggested byKatana21

  • 8sokka and suki avatar the last airbender suggested byrikkih23

  • 9Rigby and Eileen suggested byOlivia Jean Brown

  • 10Jay and Nya- Ninjago suggested byGina Lawlor

  • 11Cornelia and Caleb- W.I.T.C.H suggested byGiLaw

  • 12Fry and Leela - Futurama suggested byMatt Thornton

  • 13jimmy and cindy suggested byphin01

  • 14Beast Boy and Terra suggested byOlivia Jean Brown

  • 15fred and wilma flintstone suggested byEvie May Caselli

  • 16Homer and Marge Simpsons suggested byMariogamefreak1

  • 17arrtamis and kid flash suggested bycarlos mora

  • 18Mordecai and CJ suggested byOlivia Jean Brown

  • 19Skips and Mona suggested byOlivia Jean Brown

  • 20Peter and Lois Griffin - Family Guy suggested byrma2098

  • 21Popeye & Olive Oil suggested byAnonymous

  • 22Mordecai and Margaret suggested byContributor101

  • 23Mike and Zoey- Total Drama Series suggested byGina Lawlor

  • 24Courtney and Duncan-Total Drama Series suggested byrma2098

  • 25clark kent or superman and lois lane suggested bycarlos mora

  • 26Stan & Francine Smith - American Dad suggested bystevehill

  • 27batman and catwoman suggested bycarlos mora

  • 28Sharon & Randy Marsh - South Park suggested bystevehill

  • 29Batman and Wonder Woman- Justice League and JLU suggested by_butterluver

  • 30Green Lantern and Hawk Girl- Justice League and JLU suggested by_butterluver

  • 31Fred suggested byviliguns

  • 32George suggested byviliguns

  • 33Homer suggested byviliguns

  • 34Duncan and Gwen - Total Drama series suggested byKatana21

top 10 cartoon couples

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    1Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse suggested byCam Finnie

  • 2Fred and Wilma Flintstone- The Flintstones suggested byCam Finnie

  • 3Roger and Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit suggested byMarcus Kyle Cotton
    They don't fit the criteria

  • 4homer and marge simpson- the simpsons suggested bywilfredy irizarry jr

  • 5Doug Funny and Patty Mayonaise suggested byJason Horrocks

  • 6Ed and Bev Bighead- Rocko's Modern Life suggested byCam Finnie

  • 7Homer and Marge Simpson suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH

  • 8Brian and Stewie suggested byJason Horrocks

  • 9Beavis and Butthead suggested byCam Finnie

  • 10Cow and Chicken- Cow and Chicken suggested byCam Finnie
    They're siblings, people!

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