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top 10 best Total Drama characters (suggested 24 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top 10 total drama characters

Chris and Chef do not count since they are hosts, and no one introduced in the Ridonculous Race
Not successful characters but characters loved by the fanbase.
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    Duncan is horrible! He killed Gwent!
    He sucked in all stars
    Gwen should be number 1
    He is a complete misfit and like him I don't like that nobody calls me cute. He deserves to be with Gwen forever, they are awesome
    And he is totally a screen hog who is on way too many episodes. He shouldn't have been on total drama world tour and all stars since he already had way too much screen time. They totally ruined his character in all stars
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  • 2Gwen
    Bring baxk gwent
    "Gwen is the best Total Drama character ever! Also, she should have been #1 on your top 10 goth girl list!"
    screen hog. Don't really like her in total drama world tour and all stars

  • 3heather suggested byJaime Eduardo Rodríguez
    Heather is a good charrter but i hate her
    Heather is awesome!

  • 4Owen
    I like owen but he shouldent have won it should have been gwen
    Easily my favorite character because he can always make you laugh cause how funny he is
    Owen has dumb fart jokes that totally aren't funny he shouldn't be here

  • 5Noah
    Noah is the reason I watch Total Drama.
    Yeah he is super funny and sarcastic but I wouldn't put him #2 more like #5
    Noah is my #2 after trent

  • 6Izzy suggested byGiLaw
    One of the funniest characters in the series is definitely Izzy
    Aka explosevo
    Aka e skope aka brainzilla

  • 7Lindsay
    Lindsay is dumb and hilarious she should be # 1 she is so funny. Total drama action was her best season and had her best jokes. i really hate the fact she was eliminated 1st in all stars

  • 8Courtney suggested byconnordavidson1998
    You can't spell Bitch without C I T
    The best ever
    I loved courtney in island but filing a lawsuit is not cool and dont get me started on world tour she got mad at gwen because she kissed duncan after they broke up and in all stars she kissed scott %uD83D%uDE2C%uD83D%uDE2C%uD83D%uDE2C%uD83D%uDE2C%uD83D%uDE21%uD83D%uDE21%uD83D%uDE21%uD83D%uDE21
    Courtney is awesome and really funny like Lindsay total drama action is her best season she has really funny jokes in total drama action and total drama world tour and I hate the way they treat her in all stars

  • 9leshawna suggested by999Mahoga
    It sucked how she was elimed in island
    No coment

  • 10Cody suggested byconnordavidson1998
    Cody is hilarious and an awesome protagonist in the total drama world tour season finale he is a really awesome character with a good personality

  • 11bridgette suggested by999Mahoga
    Nice in island

  • 12Dj suggested byconnordavidson1998
    Same as bridge

  • 13Dawn
    dawn is awesome and well thought of
    They should have made sawn scott dawn

  • 14Harold suggested byconnordavidson1998
    Harold deserved more credit for not having much screen time in season 3, plus he should have been in All Stars

  • 15Chris suggested byDonny Gu

  • 16Mike
    He was awsome in revenge of the island but sucked in all stars
    SO overrated, found him quite boring
    Hate Mike and his Mal plot in total drama all stars. Rushed to end and super boring. Horrible antagonist and character in all

  • 17Alejandro

  • 18Shawn (Pahkitew island) suggested byjpew2007
    funny and awesome

  • 19chef hatchet suggested by999Mahoga

  • 20Geoff

  • 21Zoey suggested byconnordavidson1998

  • 22Jasmine (Pahkitew island) suggested byjpew2007

  • 23Tyler suggested byBoots Suwienski

  • 24trent suggested by999Mahoga

  • 25Ajejandro suggested by999Mahoga
    To flitey

  • 26sky suggested by999Mahoga

  • 27Sierra
    Crazy fan girl
    she is very annoying, well, to me thats what i say.

  • 28samey suggested by999Mahoga

  • 29Ella suggested byBoots Suwienski

  • 30Lighting suggested bylenvallairdjr

  • 31cameron suggested by999Mahoga

  • 32brick suggested by999Mahoga

  • 33Ezekiel
    I would rather have The Yeti on the list over him
    Yay gavin

  • 34katie suggested by999Mahoga

  • 35shawn suggested by999Mahoga

  • 36dakota suggested by999Mahoga

  • 37B suggested byconnordavidson1998

  • 38scott suggested by999Mahoga
    scott's a good character

  • 39anne maria suggested by999Mahoga

  • 40jo suggested by999Mahoga

  • 41Kitty suggested byMichael Bird

  • 42blaineley suggested by999Mahoga

  • 43Emma suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 44JUSTIN suggested by999Mahoga

  • 45beardo suggested by999Mahoga

  • 46sadie suggested by999Mahoga

  • 47Brody suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 48chester suggested by999Mahoga

  • 49dave suggested by999Mahoga

  • 50Eva suggested byconnordavidson1998

  • 51Crimson suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 52Enniu suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 53Junior suggested byAnonymous

  • 54svetlana suggested by999Mahoga
    69 nice

  • 55sam suggested by999Mahoga

  • 56lightning suggested by999Mahoga

  • 57Tom suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 58Fang suggested byAnonymous

  • 59max suggested by999Mahoga

  • 60topher suggested by999Mahoga

  • 61vito suggested by999Mahoga

  • 62mal suggested by999Mahoga

  • 63beth suggested by999Mahoga

  • 64staci suggested by999Mahoga
    Most annoying

  • 65Mikey suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 66Jay suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 67Loki suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 68scarlett suggested by999Mahoga

  • 69amy suggested by999Mahoga

  • 70leonard suggested by999Mahoga

  • 71Kelly suggested byMichael Bird

  • 72manitoba smith suggested by999Mahoga

  • 73Dekota suggested byconnordavidson1998
    Its dakota not dekota

  • 74rodney suggested by999Mahoga

  • 75sugar suggested by999Mahoga

  • 76Suger suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 77Josee suggested byAnonymous

  • 78Jude suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 79Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 80A suggested byJustice Cheeseman

Top Ten Total Drama Characters

Must be either a host, a finalist, or made it to the merge at least once. Ridonculous Race characters are out
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    1Duncan suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 2Owen suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 3Gwen suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 4Lindsay suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 5Heather suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 6Mike suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 7Zoey suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 8Izzy suggested byGiLaw

  • 9Noah suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 10Dawn suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 11Jasmine suggested byTDI4ever

  • 12Chris McClean suggested byAri Masliansky

  • 13Scott suggested byCards06

  • 14Shawn suggested byGiLaw

  • 15Alejandro suggested bytrainlover476

  • 16Cody suggested byAlexis Paradis

  • 17Sierra suggested byIcequeen NinjaWarrior

  • 18Trent suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 19LeShawna suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 20Chef hatchet suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 21Dave suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 22Y suggested byJustice Cheeseman

  • 23B suggested byJustice Cheeseman

Top 10 Characters from Total Drama

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    1Izzy suggested byThe CrazedSpruce

  • 2Noah suggested byJorel Hamilton

  • 3Dawn suggested byJorel Hamilton

  • 4Owen suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 5Gwen suggested byJorel Hamilton

  • 6Chris suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 7Heather suggested byJorel Hamilton

  • 8Heather suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 9Heather suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 10Lindsay suggested byKasoqucafi

  • 11Gwen suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 12Gwen suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 13Mike suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 14Duncan suggested byJorel Hamilton

  • 15Chris suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 16Courtney suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 17Courtney suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 18Zoey suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 19Mike suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 20shawn suggested byKasoqucafi

  • 21Brick suggested byDDTV2016

  • 22DJ suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 23Bridget suggested byJorel Hamilton

  • 24jasmine suggested byKasoqucafi

  • 25Duncan suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 26Duncan suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 27Harold suggested byJorel Hamilton

  • 28Sierra suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 29Owen suggested byJorel Hamilton

  • 30Scot suggested byJorel Hamilton

  • 31DJ suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 32Zoey suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 33ella suggested byKasoqucafi

  • 34sky suggested byKasoqucafi

  • 35ann maria suggested byKasoqucafi

  • 36Topher

  • 37Jo suggested byDDTV2016

  • 38Owen suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 39Sierra suggested byLuis Enrique Garcia

  • 40Geoff suggested byJorel Hamilton

Top 10 "Total Drama" Series Characters

  • Top 30 Total Drama Characters

  • top 38 total drama characters

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      1Jasmine suggested byKasoqucafi

    • 2Shawn suggested byKasoqucafi

    • 3Lindsay suggested byKasoqucafi

    • 4Courtney suggested byKasoqucafi

    • 5Noah suggested byKasoqucafi

    • 6Sky suggested byKasoqucafi

    • 7Ella suggested byKasoqucafi

    • 8Cody suggested byKasoqucafi

    • 9Tyler suggested byKasoqucafi

    • 10eva suggested byKasoqucafi

    Top 10 Characters in "Total Drama Island"

  • top 10 best Total Drama characters

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      1dunken suggested byNiek Bekker

    • 2gwen suggested byNiek Bekker

    • 3heather suggested byNiek Bekker

    • 4Izzy suggested byGavin Eriksen

    • 5Lindsay suggested byGavin Eriksen

    • 6dawn suggested byNiek Bekker

    • 7scott suggested byNiek Bekker

    • 8b suggested byNiek Bekker

    • 9hareld suggested byNiek Bekker

    • 10ezekiel suggested byNiek Bekker

    • 11zoey suggested byNiek Bekker

    • 12Sierra suggested byNiek Bekker

    Top 10 Favorite Total Drama Characters

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    • 2Gwen

    • 3Chris

    • 4Alejandro

    • 5Chef

    • 6Owen

    • 7Lindsay

    • 8Zoey

    • 9Heather

    • 10Mike

    Top 10 Characters from the Total Drama Series

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      1Gwen - Total drama island, action, World Tour, All-stars suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 2Lindsay - Total drama island, action, World Tour, All-stars suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 3Owen - Total drama island, action, World Tour suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 4Heather - Total drama island, action, World Tour, All-stars suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 5LeShawna - Total drama island, action, World Tour suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 6Duncan - Total drama island, action, World Tour, All-stars suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 7Izzy - Total drama island, action, World Tour suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 8Sugar - Total drama Pahkitew island suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 9Shawn - Total drama Pahkitew island suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 10Cameron-Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, All Stars suggested byJon Shanahan

    • 11Sam-Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, All Stars suggested byJon Shanahan

    • 12Harold-Total Drama Island, Action, World Tour, suggested byJon Shanahan

    • 13Mike - Total drama revenge of the island, All-stars suggested byJakken_Dean

    • 14Courtney-Total Drama Island, Action, World Tour, All Stars suggested byJon Shanahan

    Top 10 Total Drama Island Characters

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    • 2Owen

    • 3Noah

    • 4Trent

    • 5Duncan

    • 6Heather

    • 7Tyler

    • 8Alejandro

    • 9Harold suggested byJames Englebert

    • 10Lindsay suggested byJames Englebert

    • 11Brick

    • 12Chef Hatchet suggested byJames Englebert

    • 13Eva

    Top 10 "Total Drama" Characters

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    • 2Zoey

    • 3Heather

    • 4Alejandro

    • 5Owen

    • 6Shawn

    • 7Gwen

    • 8Jasmine

    • 9Cody

    • 10Sierra

    Top 10 Most Underrated Total Drama Characters

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    • 2Amy & Samey

    • 3Ezekiel

    • 4Ella

    • 5Justin

    • 6Noah

    • 7Sam

    • 8Harold suggested byAugustine Nsang

    • 9Zoey

    • 10Eva

    • 11Owen

    Top 10 total drama franchise characters

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