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Yet Another Top 10 Video Game Logics That Don't Make Sense

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    1NPCs repeating same line over and over again
  • 2Unable to go over/around ledge, fence, or blockade
  • 3Finding Modern Items in Uninhabited/Ancient Locations
  • 4Swords with Ammo
  • 5NPCs unable to remember their/someone else's name
  • 6Victory Poses in the Middle of a Battle/Dangerous Situation
  • 7Bullets Don't Kill
  • 8Ridiculous Elaborate Puzzles/Challenges
    who would have the time to make these?
  • 9Children Defeating the Ultimate Evil
  • 10Enemies Giving Up Searching for you (Stealth Games)
  • 11Taking Your Sweet Time Against Evil
  • 12Legendary Weapons Outclassed By Normal Weapons
  • 13Sleeping Heals Everything (Broken Limbs, Status Ailments, etc.)
  • 14Nothing Suspicious Here (Poor Disguises/Carry Weapons in the Open)
  • 15Everything you shoot explodes
  • 16Enemies Exploding After Being Defeated
  • 17Having to reach a certain level/kills to use a weapon
  • 18Taking Turns Fighting the Enemy (Turn Based RPGS)
  • 19Shooting Allies Does No Damage
  • 20Can't Go Left (2D Platformer)
  • 21Jumping, Rolling, and Walking Backwards are the Fastest Means of Travel
  • 22Less Health Leads to Stronger Attacks
  • 23Knives Stronger Than Guns
  • 24Enemies Can't See You If You Are Hiding Under A Box or Crate
  • 25Punching Diseased or Infected Enemies
  • 26Pipes has more Uses Than More Powerful Weapons
  • 27Pausing the Game to Heal
  • 28That is not the way to solve it (Alternative Solutions Don't Work)
  • 29Inconsistent Falling Damage

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