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Top ten worst computer-animated films

#2: The film must have received (or been intended to receive) a theatrical release. So no crappy toy commercials or mockbusters that were direct-to-DVD.
#1: The film must have been computer-animated.
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    If a distributor says they want to redub your English film into English, back out immediately. That's the story of Doogal.

  • 2Happily N'Ever After
    Of all the blatant Shrek formula ripoffs, this was the most blatant of all.

  • 3Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

  • 4Delgo
    Let's just say it was one of the greatest box office bombs of all time for a reason.

  • 5Mars Needs Moms
    The title says it all. This would have been embarassing even in the 80s. In the CG age, its utterly ridiculous.

  • 6Cars 2

  • 7Alpha and Omega
    There were more butt jokes in the teaser trailers than there were in most movies.

  • 8Valiant
    It has a plethora of fart jokes, a gag ripped off from Shark Tale, a needle up the arse, and a display of taxidermy murder victims. Don't watch this with your kids.

  • 9Chicken Little
    One of the most shallow and mean-spirited anythings Disney has ever produced. And a blatant ripoff of the Shrek formula to boot.

  • 10Foodfight!
    This movie is so bad that, to this day, people still debate whether or not it even exists. That's when you know it's horrible.

  • 11Planes
    Those Cars movies that everyone rips on? This was a spinoff of them.

  • 12The Lego Movie
    I consider it unfair that people raze on Foodfight!'s rampant corporatism but give this movie a pass. Unikitty is not that redeeming.

  • 13Brave
    A blatant ripoff of How To Train Your Dragon and. . . Jane & The Dragon? Really Pixar?

  • 14The Boxtrolls

  • 15Strange Magic

  • 16Turbo
    How do you fail to make money in a genre where even Cars 2 is raking in big bucks? Choosing a snail as your main character is a good way to start.

  • 17Norm of the North
    Good thing this list wasn't made official yet. Otherwise everyone would be demanding to know why this colossal turd of a film was left out.

  • 18Dino Mom
    AKA: Dino Time. AKA: Back to the Jurassic.
    I personally was just indifferent to this movie, but it's a good sign that a movie is total crap when they give it a name change twice.

  • 19Space Chimps

  • 20Barnyard

  • 21Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

  • 22Escape from Planet Earth

  • 23Fly Me to the Moon

  • 24Planet 51

  • 25Roadside Romeo

  • 26Free Birds

  • 27Shark Bait
    Wait. . . You mean this WASN'T a shameless "mockbuster" ripoff?

  • 28Pinocchio 3000

  • 29Shark Tale

  • 30The Nut Job
    I actually thought this movie was decent enough (not good, just not bad either). But WM gave it an honorable mention in their worst of 2014 list, so I guess I'm obligated to include it.

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