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Top Ten Saddest Cartoon Episodes

also part of: top 10 saddest cartoon episodes
Amending Fences - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Let's have this a One Entry per Franchise
One Entry per Series*
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    1Jurassic Bark - "Futurama" suggested byJohn MasterFall
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  • 2Rose's Scabbard - Steven Universe
  • 3I Remember You - "Adventure Time" suggested byJohn MasterFall
  • 4The Tales of Ba Sing Se - Avatar: The Last Airbender suggested byNick Suede
    Leaves from the vine, falling so slow...
  • 5Mother's Day - Rugrats suggested byDave Mann
  • 6Tale of Two Stans - "Gravity Falls" suggested byAndyAlan
  • 7Life of Brian - Family Guy
  • 8Mona Leaves-a - The Simpsons suggested byNick Suede
  • 9Gary Come Home- Sponebpb SquarePants suggested byScotty Arbour
    The episode is actually called "Have You Seen This Snail?"
  • 10Aftershock part 2 - Teen Titans suggested bytrutomboy18
  • 11Twisted Sister- The Powerpuff Girls suggested byDaniel Attrell
  • 12Remembrance of Courage past - Courage the cowardly dog suggested byQuedrive
  • 13Apokolips... Now! - Superman: The Animated Series suggested byDave Mann
  • 14Burrito - We Bare Bears suggested byAndyAlan
  • 15The Mask - Courage the cowardly dog suggested byQuedrive
  • 16Steak Me Amaedus- Regular Show suggested byKate Auld
  • 17"Tanks for the Memories" - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • 18The Invasion - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 suggested byAhmed Maklad
  • 19Dipper and Mabel vs the future - Gravity falls suggested by45stepz
  • 20Lisa's Substitute - The Simpsons suggested byQuedrive
  • 21Appa's Lost Days - Avatar: The Last Airbender suggested byAhmed Maklad
  • 22Code of Hero - Beast Wars Transformers
  • 23Amending Fences - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic suggested byalmafeta
    It's obvious that the entire episode is building up to a confrontation - but it gets progressively worse over the course of the episode, leading to a heart-rending breakdown at the end.
  • 24"Bye, Bye Butterfree" - Pokemon The Original Series suggested bytheenlightenedone
    This episode is the perfect representation of this category. They did everything right to get that kind of response out of use children in this episode. Butterfree should both be the thumbnail for this episode and #1
  • 25Cookie Chomper III - Alvin and the Chipmunks suggested byAngel21
  • 26Gotta Catch Ya Later - Pokémon suggested byLunette MacNeill
  • 27Kenny Dies - South Park suggested bykrusty_1386
  • 28Skips' Story - Regular Show suggested bykrusty_1386
  • 29Last of the starmakers - Courage the cowardly dog suggested byQuedrive
  • 30Kraven the Hunter - Ultimate Spider-Man suggested byAhmed Maklad
  • 31Mystery Solved - NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians suggested byAhmed Maklad
  • 32Every Single Episode- Teen Titans Go suggested byDaniel Attrell
    They want the most saddest, not the most embarrassing
  • 33Journey Thourgh Memory Lane [Part 2] - Inanimate Insanity suggested byFairmount JP IkeToon
  • 34Arnold's Christmas - Hey Arnold! suggested bykrusty_1386
  • 35Son of Stimpy - The Ren & Stimpy Show suggested bykrusty_1386
  • 36Stan's Best Friend - American Dad! suggested bykrusty_1386
    This the episode about the new dog, Kisses reminding Stan about the death of his childhood dog, Freddy, and Stan trying trying to revive Kisses before he can die.
  • 37Happy Easter - Davey and Goliath suggested byBrian Walsh
  • 38Episode 25 - Death Note
  • 39Future Tense - Gargoyles suggested byFFXIKadian
  • 40Gang wars - Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids suggested byDirector22

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