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Top 5 Ways Thanos In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is Actually An Idiot

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    1Actually Believing That The Universe Will Be Grateful To Him For Doing The Snap
    I wonder why he though that. Thanos was showing himself to be an arrogant and egotistical man by believing and saying that and he cane across as showing a complete lack of empathy
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  • 2Trusting A Stone With Loki In The Hope Of Getting Another Stone
    Actually two since the time stone was revealed to have also been in New York at the time of the invasion
  • 3His Plan Ignores The Fact That The Universe Will Become Overpopulated Again In A Few Years
    I am not sure how long it will take actually since five years pass since the snap and people were still heavily impacted by it
  • 4He Killed Gamora's Parents And Tortured Nebula And Actually Expected Them To Stay Loyal To Him
    And its implied that he did this to his other adopted too as black ebony showed fear towards thanos
  • 5He refuses to accept or even think about other possible solutions to his problem suggested byDaniel Lewis
    Or use the snap to increase the size of the planet or put more land in the planets. He also could have used the snap to get rid of pollution or restore the polar ice caps
    Example he could have used the snap to create more resources based on what the stones are capable of
  • 6His Final Plan Of Destroying Everybody In The Universe Just To Recreate Again Has Flaws Just Like The Original Plan
    Yes and it is even worse than the decimation
  • 7Should Have Killed All The Avengers When He Had The Chance
    I am baffled especially as to why he did not kill Thor when Thor axed him in the shoulder
  • 8He Actually Made Certain Species Extinct With The Snap
    Or at least put them in critical endangerment. The directors confirmed that Thanos snapped out half of the species he already decimated meaning that he made them underpopulated
  • 9His snap to destroy the stones alerted the avengers to his location suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 10He wiped out half of animal and plant life too suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 11He put too much trust in Ronan suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 12He abused and tortured Nebula to the point where she detected from him suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 13He chose to go after the time stone before the mind stone suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 14He forgot to decimate ant man suggested byDaniel Lewis
    Ant man was trapped in the quantum realm during the snap and stayed there for 5 years before escaping. However, ant man did not actually age a single year in the realm which led to the discovery of time travel
  • 15He decimated spider man suggested byDaniel Lewis
    One of the reasons why stark decided to do the time heist was so he could bring back peter Parker and ensure that he had a happy and bright future
  • 16He arrogantly believed that the survivors would be grateful to him suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 17His plan also wiped out half of all livestock and half of all fruits and vegetables suggested byDaniel Lewis


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