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Top 20 Things in Spongebob That Make No Sense

also part of: Spongebob That Make No Sense
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    1Underwater Fire
    I dunno
    This was even pointed out in one episode-- by Patrick of all people!
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  • 2Underwater Gorilla
    Maybe he is a wizard
  • 3Underwater Water & Drowning Fish
    That's goo being talked about.
    In the beach's case, it's actually goo, not water (though the script writers occasionally goofed up and referred to it as water). As for what comes out of their taps... no idea.
    Maybe that water is really salty
  • 4Pearl is Related to Krabs
    Maybe pearl is adopted or the mom is a whale
    plus the children production is up to the mom or maybe the mom was a whale
  • 5Mr. Krabs' History
    He had depression and adopted pearl
  • 6Mermaidman & Barnacleboy are Fish-Sized Humans
    Don't ask.
  • 7Eating food underwater without it getting soggy or falling apart
  • 8Underwater Electricity
    Ever heard of Electric Eels?
    Dark magic
  • 9Two Neptunes
    Maybe they fill in for each other
  • 10Spongebob's Parents are Round
    Probably due to some unfortunate disorder, or something.
  • 11Breathing Air
    When they enter Sandy's fresh air dome they aren't breathing. When they go up to the surface, theyre just fine
  • 12Was Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy's adventures recorded for a live TV show?
  • 13Underwater Tears
  • 14Spongebob's Strength
  • 15Gary being able to tie things together
  • 16Patrick has a sister when he already said that he didn't
    Stupidy or he has shortterm memorie loss
    hes dumb so its possible he forgets he has one
  • 17Is Squidward a good musician?
    That's one of the biggest plot holes-- sometimes he is and sometimes he isn't.
    Squidward is tone deaf
  • 18Perfume Shop Aboard Flying Dutchman's Ship
    Why the Flying Dutchman would have a random Macy's department store is baffling.
  • 19Spongebob's Anatomy
    It's inconsistent. Like sometimes he has bones and sometimes he doesn't.
  • 20Underwater Tree
  • 21Characters who are invertebrates have bones suggested byDirector22
    An example would be in Squid on Strike, at the end when Squidward and Spongebob were skeletons
  • 22Snowing during winter. suggested bymultiyapples
  • 23Any Fish being Able to Cook. suggested bymultiyapples
  • 24Concept of air - Safe Deposit Krabs suggested byDirector22
  • 25Plankton being Scared of Pearl when He Interacted with Her in the Past suggested byRazorRex
  • 26Going on land and coming out with multiple designs suggested byDirector22
    First time they go on land they were puppets, then 2-D animated, then 3-D animated
  • 27Multiple origins for the Krusty Krab suggested byDirector22
  • 28Literally every underwater sea creature being able to talk. suggested bymultiyapples
  • 29Underwater painting suggested byJesse Goodwin
  • 30The characters understanding different species (mr krabs understands squidward etc) suggested bymultiyapples
    Not sure what you mean by that, I don't see why they wouldn't understand each other.
    Hodgson's Law
  • 31All the Main characters being extremely small compared to their real life counterparts. suggested bymultiyapples
    Size not mattering.
  • 32Fish Driving. suggested bymultiyapples
    These fish literally walk on the bottom and deal with gravity.
    Ur mum
  • 33how sandy' suit appears fine after she ripps it off in pressure suggested byLeonardo Lim
    Maybe extreme fabric
  • 34Aging suggested byBella McCartney
    Some weird Mumbo Jumbo.
  • 35Plankton stole Sandy's fur and not her underwater suit, but she goes to town without the suit suggested byRichard Smith
    Just watch and you will understand.
  • 36Plankton never called Dennis to kill Mr. Krabs suggested byLeonardo Klotz
    That's because it was left to King Neptune when Mr. Krabs was wrongfully framed.
    Maybe he forgot
  • 37Helicopters and Blimps underwater suggested byAdam Garfinkel
    This is getting ridiculous.


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