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Top 20 Scariest Characters of All Time

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    1Pennywise (It)
    He was based on John Wayne Gacy also known as the Clown Killier
    Which version
    He's not even a scary clown. He looks like he's from a children's birthday party. Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers are way scarier
    Doesn't exist that's why it's not scary. People like leather face, Patrick Bateman or even Jack Torrence could be real. It's all REAL psychological features that are truly present in some people in this modern day society.
    + 14 comment(s)

  • 2Xenomorph ( Alien movies) suggested byBaylor Heilman
    everybody gangsta until they come across xenomorph
    definitely number 1
    I hate those Face Huggers more than Xenomorphs
    Dude the xenomorph needs to be #1 this thing gave me nightmares as a child
    + 4 comment(s)

  • 3Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
    Freddy from the first movie? Absolutely. Freddy from the sequels? No chance.
    Waking life completely neutered Freddy
    He isn't as scary as he has so many flaws. And his inconsistence. Sometime you must sleep, sometime you're awake. And he is like a pedophile and he enjoys only slashing. So surreal
    freddy krueger scored a 9/10 on my personal shit your pants o meter in the first movie but in the later movies he's hilarious
    + 3 comment(s)

  • 4Leatherface (Texas chainsaw series) suggested bySpaceinvader 6424
    Holy shit Leather Face is one of the only slahsers that still petrify me

  • 5Michael Myers (Halloween)
    Michael should be higher than Freddy
    Waaaaayy better than Myers
    Michael is the scariest, a child murderer and then the Shade
    + 1 comment(s)

  • 6Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs)
    The real horror here is that he could really exist.
    Read the books. He's pure evil and insanely smart. Anthony Hopkins renditioning aside, Hannibal is everything that would terrify anyone
    He is smart enough to get away with it and if you were alone with him you'd pee yourself

  • 7The thing (Thing) suggested byJerry Karibu
    Squirming. Contorting. And ever expanding. This horror must be unmade
    Some movies hide the creature away because your imagination is more horrifying. Not in "The Thing". If your imagination is worse than that please seek therapy immediately.
    It's a self replicating organism that can take any shape. This is objectively terrifying
    Yup this is the one. Ooppss I'm sorry, I mean The thing
    + 1 comment(s)

  • 8Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
    Oh Come on Jason is just an invincible even in movie 'Jason Vs freddy'
    The OG when it came to scary movies. He's so scary and iconic that Mortal Kombat XL added him as a playable character to their roster
    Poor man's Michael Meyers
    jason x and freddy vs jason are the best

  • 9Samara (ring) suggested byJerry Karibu
    The way Samara crawls out of the television gave me nightmares as a kid, also her face is creepy
    Bro this movie is the good shit
    Absolutely terrifying when it first came out

  • 10JAKE PAUL suggested byMatthew Myers
    It's everyday bro
    Definitely don't wanna run into him in the morning too
    He influences millions through his personality cult. He is Jim Jone but dumb. That is scary
    this is not even a movie thing but ok
    The scariest, imagine knowing when he's near by hearing it's everyday bro. I'd start running
    + 5 comment(s)

  • 11Pazuzu (Exorcist) suggested byJerry Karibu
    easily the freakiest face in film history, this was 73, the points in the film in which he appears still freaks me out I hate that face
    The OG of monsters. Holds up to today's creatures and tells them to get a real job.
    The Exorcist is funnier than scary lmao
    power of christ compels you XD
    + 1 comment(s)

  • 12Babadook suggested byEren Kefes
    Its more of a phsycological monster than a killer
    underrated af-
    Very underrated and not many people will get the psychological aspect of this movie
    So underrated

  • 13Annabelle- The Conjuring & Annabelle suggested byAfinariefin
    I hate dolls. I hate their dead beady eyes and lacy childrens outfits. Annablle encompasses that perfectly
    i'd say more with the demon in the movies
    Its a cheap copy of original chucky

  • 14Pale Man (Pan's Labyrinth) suggested byDaniel Breen
    The Pale man traumatized me as a kid. He should be Nr. 1

  • 15Jeepers Creepers suggested byHector Mota
    The director is creepier
    Unearthly, unatural, dangerous, predatory, dark, shadowy, and can literally smell your well as harvest you. The creeper is self-explainatory and yet forever hard to explain.
    I loved this movie as a kid
    the fact that he's so freaking hard to kill tho...

  • 16Pinhead suggested byGerald Duncan
    his voice makes him vERY unsettling
    Is the pin head you're talking about is Patrick?
    It's a waste of good suffering
    An explorer in the nether reaches of experience. Like what the hell does that even mean?
    + 1 comment(s)

  • 17Chucky suggested byJerry Karibu
    He really scared me as a little kid
    Old school Terrifying, still gives me panic attacks. His new incarnation is terrifying as well and is a reason why AI might not be such a good idea. It doesn't have to see us as a threat, maybe it just doesn't understand
    He was scary in the OG movie
    there is chucky also as chky add those votes
    Yeah I agree, with the last entries but i was thinking more of the first three movies
    + 3 comment(s)

  • 18Candyman (Candyman)
    YES! Criminally underrated, but his presence ( Hook, Voice & Coat) horrifies. He is a legit mood-changing character in horror; then aand now.
    he ain't scary just cute
    Philip Glass's score makes him all the more terrifying
    Don't forget the bees. Cage is horrified

  • 19Sonic the Hedgehog (Live Action Original Design) suggested byAnthony Garcia
    This character was so scary they had to redesign it to make it less scary.
    It was disrespectful to one of the best games of all time
    This criteria isn't going by old scrapped designs, but actual characters. Voting no
    Upsetting, but not scary.
    That design of Sonic was so scary looking that he make a furry dressed as Sonic look normal in comparison, no disrespect to any furries out there.
    + 1 comment(s)

  • 20Baghuul (Sinister) suggested byEren Kefes

  • 21John Kramer/ Jigsaw suggested byEren Kefes
    Scary as ****, Saw deserves its NC-17 rating.
    john kramer isn't scary, it's the way he think what he's doing isn't wrong
    John Kramer himself is not scary, though what he does to people is terrifying.

  • 22Kayako Saeki - Grudge suggested byFetus Squid
    She is number one for me. Most if not all of the ones on the top 10s didn't deal no mental scars for me, but this one.... I couldn't sleep for days.

  • 23Pyramid head suggested byJerry Karibu

  • 24Batsheba (The Conjuring) suggested byEren Kefes
    Who's out here Rating the suggestions

  • 25Predator suggested byEren Kefes
    not scary until he takes off his mask tho
    Not scary, just cool

  • 26The Nun suggested byEren Kefes

  • 27Cave Creatures ( The Descent) suggested byEren Kefes
    it haunted my chilhood for years.
    Totally killable, if u won't puss down

  • 28Jack Torrence (The Shinning) suggested byAlex Elliott
    Watching Jack go from an Ok state of mind to Crazy was good. The Overlook was scary overall, and it was just a great film
    Not just jack the entire hotel is scary and creepy
    He goes from 0 to crazy in three seconds. I love Nicholson to death but watch the mini-series to see the story told better.

  • 29Inbreds ( Hills have Eyes) suggested byEren Kefes

  • 30Twisty The Clown (American Horror Story) suggested byDavid Lopes
    Twisty just gives me the chills. He is so creepy and utterly disturbing.
    i thought he was sweet...

  • 31The Other Mother - Coraline suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    when she sprouts legs- gIRL BYE
    Button eyes creep AF
    I can't look at those Lalaloopsy dolls the same after this movie!

  • 32Art the clown: Terrifier suggested bymarla taylor
    this rigged 6 downs 1 up and its 13
    yes! dude sawed a chick in half barely struggling!
    this deserves more votes

  • 33The entity - It Follows suggested byLeonardo Klotz

  • 34Ash's Hand - Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn suggested byDavid Jarvis

  • 35Norman Bates (Psycho)

  • 36Goosebumps- The Mask suggested byAmanda Fredette

  • 37Caillou suggested byDaniel Attrell

  • 38The Ice Age Baby suggested byDaniel Attrell

  • 39Angela Anaconda suggested byDaniel Attrell

  • 40barlow - salem'slot suggested

  • 41The Dream Snatcher (The Bear and Meem Show) suggested byThe Bear and Meem Show

  • 42Steerpike (from Mervyn Peake%u2019s Gormenghast Trilogy) suggested byAndrew Kawam

  • 43Salad Fingers - Salad Fingers suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    I mean seriously, very creepy. If he didn't give you nightmares, you are one brave cookie.

  • 44The Lion - Jumanji suggested byBrennan Young

  • 45The crooked man (the conjuring) suggested byEpicGamerProductions

  • 46Slappy the Dummy (Goosebumps) suggested byCoolZDane
    I remember slappy from when I was a kid and he terrified me

  • 47Wendigo from %u201CAntlers%u201D hasn%u2019t come out but wendigo%u2019s are creepy as hell suggested byJoshua Mar

  • 48The Grudge suggested byKing Succ

  • 49Demogorgon - Stranger Things suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    I don't find him scary, more unsettling
    Please kill me

  • 50James Charles suggested byRyan P
    I just peed my pants

  • 51The Empty Child (Dr Who) suggested byConstantino Darren

  • 52Daleks (Dr Who) suggested byConstantino Darren

  • 53Kevin the Corpse - Salad Fingers suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    Sorry, it should be Kenneth, not Kevin

  • 54Norman Osborne - Spider-Man (2003) suggested byJason Lee Baxter

  • 55Orlok (Nosferatu) suggested byJerry Karibu

  • 56The Blob that Ate Everyone - Goosebumbs TV series suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    Poorly designed in the TV series (as he looks like yellow trash), but still very disgusting looking.

  • 57Zelda (Original pet semetary suggested byJerry Karibu
    Dude this scared the fu** out of me as a kid

  • 58Jaws suggested bySpencer Bernard-Kriegl
    Wasn't Scary, but it was suspenseful and it did keep you at the edge of your seat wanting more
    horrifying as crap, but i DO have a phobia of the ocean so...

  • 59Children Wights - Game of Thrones suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    The Children Wights were real creepy, and the way they stared at Karsi and Will made me feel very uncomfortable, as if they were staring at the viewers.

  • 60Papa Legba - American Horror Story suggested byDaniel Nemitz

  • 61Five Nights At Freddy%u2019s Animatronics - Five Nights At Freddy%u2019s series suggested byDaniel Nemitz

  • 62Joker (Batman)
    Joaquin Phoenix is honestly the scariest Joker.
    No we want batman
    not even scary TF?
    If you don't think Joker scary you gotta read some comics. In Death of the Family where he breaks into the PD station and no one knows what's going on and then cops start getting killed in the dark. Pretty creepy.

  • 63Babyface - Toy Story suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    You are probably 5 if you chose this

  • 64Glass Mother - Salad Fingers suggested byDaniel Nemitz

  • 65Melisandre - Game of Thrones suggested bychewinggum 84
    She literally burned a little girl!
    May not be scary in the show, but she would be terrifying if you met her in real life obviously.
    Her old form was just weird af

  • 66Brundlefly (fly) suggested byJerry Karibu
    more gross than scary. and sad.
    This is by far the scariest! If you don't know it, you should google it (or not)!

  • 67Annie Wilkes suggested byАгасфен Оболонский

  • 68The Mountain - Game of Thrones suggested byDaniel Nemitz

  • 69The Splicers - Bioshock series suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    They jump out and scare me most of the time. They even look gross too.

  • 70Dr. Finkelstein - The Nightmare Before Christmas suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    One of the more terrifying characters I recognized growing up. He still creeps me out.

  • 71Carnage (Marvel) suggested byDylan Levi Higginbotham

  • 72Captain Armando Salazar: pirates of the caribbean suggested byJack Sparrow

  • 73Chuky - Child's Play suggested byAfinariefin

  • 74Norman Bates suggested byJakub Konev

  • 75Coralines Parents (Coraline) suggested byEren Kefes
    I would say her other parents are scary, not her parents.
    Bruh, the whole movie was terrifying

  • 76Your mom suggested byI’m Anonymous
    Got eem!

  • 77Chernabog (Fantasia; 1940) suggested byCoolZDane

  • 78Songbird - Bioshock Infinite suggested byDaniel Nemitz

  • 79The Mayor - The Nightmare Before Christmas suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    yES and sally's dad!
    @binschin Dr. Finkelstein was creepy too! 100% agree!

  • 80Coraline Doll - Coraline suggested byDaniel Nemitz

  • 81Professor Quirrell and Voldemort - Harry Potter suggested byDaniel Nemitz

  • 82Dr. Papanak - Salad Fingers suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    As a teenager, I couldn't sleep for days. His face creeped me out, and what he did to that horse was gross and terrifying.

  • 83Alex the Great - Bioshock 2 suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    Alex, or Gill Alexzander, creeped me out, especially the way he floated around and what he looked like in the tank. Pretty gross and freaky.

  • 84Billy the dummy (Dead Silence) suggested byJester Crown

  • 85Bloody face - American Horror Story suggested byDaniel Nemitz

  • 86The Other Father (Pumpkin form) - Coraline suggested byDaniel Nemitz
    The Other Father at the end of the movie (especially when he picked up Coraline and moaned) was real scary and horrified me as a kid.

  • 87The Zuni Doll- Trilogy of Terror suggested byKyle Scharninghausen

  • 88Jigsaw - Saw & Jigsaw (2017) suggested byAfinariefin

  • 89The Woman in Black suggested bySpencer Bernard-Kriegl

  • 90Three finger and the wrong turn inbreds - Wrong Turn suggested byDavid Sheppard
    Good choice

  • 91T-rex (Jurassic park) suggested byJerry Karibu

  • 92Bathsheba The Conjuring suggested byHarvey Williamson

  • 93The Look-See (from Crypt-TV) suggested byJake DL

  • 94Oswald Cobblepot- Batman Returns suggested byAlexandra Pasiopoulou

  • 95Damien (omen ) suggested byJerry Karibu

  • 96Esther (orphan) suggested byJerry Karibu

  • 97Slenderman (2018) suggested byThijs Wolbers

  • 98Mohan Kant-1920 suggested byKush Kaneria

  • 99Big mouth from grave encounters suggested byAndy Mooney

  • 100The Midnight Man suggested byJester Crown

  • 101Jar Jar Binks - Star Wars franchise (just kidding) suggested byWalter Caballeron
    Just a joke
    i mean he is a sith lord
    It shouldn't be a joke

  • 102The Moonlight Man (Gerald's Game) suggested byJoel Cieslak

  • 103Pumpkinhead (1988) suggested byShaun McCurdy

  • 104Dr. Heiter (Human Centipede) suggested byMarinna Szulczewski

  • 105Lickers(Resident Evil) suggested byThe Psyko

  • 106Coachman (Pinocchio; 1940) suggested byCoolZDane

  • 107Firefighter Clown (The Brave Little Toaster) suggested byCoolZDane

  • 108The Bye Bye Man suggested byJester Crown

  • 109Maleficent ($leeping Beauty; 1959) suggested byCoolZDane

  • 110Invisible man suggested byJerry Karibu
    You fear what you can't see
    Actually is not the fear that you can't see, but the thing that other thinks you're mad

  • 111Max Cady - Cape Fear (1991) suggested byOscar Montero

  • 112Hades (Hercules; 1997) suggested byCoolZDane
    I love Hades, he's my favorite Disney villain, but he's more comedic than he is scary

  • 113Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog) suggested byCoolZDane

  • 114Evil Toons suggested byCoolZDane

  • 115Grimhilde (Snow White; 1937) suggested byCoolZDane

  • 116Lana Rhodes suggested byEugene Porter
    That booty can be real, that's why she so scary, she warping our minds so that's what we see!
    That thing is so thick she scares me

  • 117Jafar (Aladdin; 1992) suggested byCoolZDane

  • 118Freddy Fazbear suggested byMatthew Myers
    He is kinda scary, but not really.

  • 119Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men) suggested byJoel Cieslak

  • 120Mick Taylor (Wolf Creek) suggested byBrad Brown

  • 121Dracula suggested byJerry Karibu

  • 122SixNine suggested byEren Kefes

  • 123The Aliens - Signs (2002) suggested byAmanda Fredette
    as a kid ABSOLUTELY. but now that i'm older they looks so bad lol

  • 124The Boogeyman (2005 movie) suggested byLionManatic2048

  • 125Viktor Crowley (Hatchet) suggested byMarvin Hammer

  • 126The mirror (Oculus) suggested bySebastian Lozano

  • 127Pale Man (Pan%u2019s Labyrinth) suggested byEren Kefes

  • 128Billy The Puppet (SAW) suggested byEren Kefes
    he's not as incorporated into the movies as you would think
    He isn't really scary, the pig head is scarier than him.

  • 129Judge Doom - Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) suggested byMitchell McDowell

  • 130Tripods (War of the Worlds) suggested byEren Kefes

  • 131Claude Frollo - Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame suggested byWalter Caballeron
    Should be much higher

  • 132Clover (Cloverfield 2008) suggested byThijs Wolbers
    The big reveal of the terrifying monster which attacked Cloverfield made me feel like I was nothing and helpless

  • 133Kane (Poltergeist II:The Other Side) suggested byChristine Edwards

  • 134Silent hill 1 baby creatures in beginning suggested byRon Grate

  • 135The charons (Unfriended: Dark web) suggested byEpicGamerProductions

  • 136The Invisible Man (Remake) suggested bySpencer Bernard-Kriegl
    not many movies scare me but this movie made me jump a lot so yeah it's freaking amazing

  • 137Mystery man: Lost highway suggested byGustav Johansson

  • 138Gorilla aliens/ Attack The Block suggested byDeighton Miller

  • 139The Great Gangling Man( Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark) suggested byAnime girl forever

  • 140Imhotep (The Mummy) suggested byEren Kefes
    nah he cute

  • 141Godzilla (the original 1954 version) suggested byRed Dalek

  • 142Sam (trick 'r treat) suggested byxenomorph hybrid123 media

  • 143Nazgul suggested byEren Kefes

  • 144General Woundwart - Watership Down (1978) suggested byWalter Caballeron

  • 145Clover (Cloverfield) suggested byEren Kefes

  • 146Gremlins suggested byWaheed Abdullah
    when i was little my parent had to hide the case. now it's one of my favorite movies!

  • 147Lil Tay suggested byLil Nugget
    She is scary and when I first saw her, I had nightmares

  • 148Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot/Penguin - Batman Returns (1992) suggested byMitchell McDowell
    Underrated version of Penguin, and whenever he have one of his lash outs, he was pretty frightening.
    This should be at least in top 10, scares the shit out of me every scene he's in. Especially when he dies. Watched it when I was 10, now I'm 20 and I still can't sleep I see him. Underrated character.

  • 149Mystery Man (Lost Highway) suggested byJoel Cieslak
    "As a matter of fact I'm there right now." %u2014 "You're where, right now?" %u2014 "At your house."

  • 150Charley: Hide and Seek suggested byDenki Kaminari
    2005 horror movie

  • 151Wolfman suggested byJerry Karibu

  • 152Hide and Seek suggested byDenki Kaminari

  • 153Red suggested byFrederick Horne

  • 154Megatron : Transformers (2007) suggested byMichael Spring

  • 155Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

  • 156Sauron suggested byEren Kefes

  • 157Clones (US) suggested byEren Kefes

  • 158Tempest Shadow - My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) suggested byWalter Caballeron
    hear me out, she wasn't scary per say, but she was intimidating when she was on screen, and when she was trying to hunt down Twilight and the Mane 6, she was almost like a pony version of The Terminator oh, so she was pretty intimidating, so I added her for that at least.

  • 159EDP445 suggested byJohn Bucket

  • 160Freddy Krueger (2010 Remake) suggested byEren Kefes

  • 161The Deadbody hanging when Logan Paul went to the suicide forest suggested byEugene Porter

  • 162Three Fingers (Wrong Turn) suggested byBrandon Medina

  • 163Scar - The Lion King (1992), to an extent. suggested byWalter Caballeron
    yeah, he was pretty comical, but he still murdered his own brother and attempted to murder his own nephew out of jealousy oh, so that is pretty scary if you ask me.
    Not to mention, able to manipulate a whole army of Hyenas he used to help him gain power! Also, just a minor correction, The Lion King came out in 94 not 92.

  • 164Johnny Sins suggested byKKK KKK

  • 165Satan - South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999) suggested byWalter Caballeron
    Yeah, I know a lot of characters from South Park aren't necessarily scary, but this version of him is still the devil, and whenever he was on screen in the movie, he still gave an intimidating presence

  • 166Batman suggested byKeep Pounding

  • 167Venom suggested byWaheed Abdullah

  • 168leprechaun suggested bynathancw1993

  • 169Betelgeuse- Beetlejuice suggested byWaheed Abdullah

  • 170Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort- Harry Potter suggested byWaheed Abdullah
    Professor Quirrell with Voldemort was scarier than Voldemort by himself. That scene scarred me as a kid.
    As much as a Potterhead I am, Voldemort is not scary.

  • 171Darth Vader suggested byMatt Wilson
    Vader is threatening, but I wouldn't say he's Scary

  • 172The Gemini Killer (The Exorcist 3) suggested byBaylor Heilman

  • 173Gus Fring (Breaking Bad)

  • 174HOMELANDER: The Boys suggested byKartik Singh

  • 175Thanos- Marvel Cinematic Universe suggested byWaheed Abdullah

  • 176Goose- Captain Marvel suggested byWaheed Abdullah

  • 177Red Skull- Captain America: The First Avenger suggested byWaheed Abdullah

  • 178Black Manta- Aquaman suggested byWaheed Abdullah

  • 179Yellowjacket: Ant-Man suggested byWaheed Abdullah
    Dwarf killer (Don't look now)

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