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Top 1O Best Opening Scenes In Animated Films (suggested 2 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 1O Best Opening Scenes In Animated Films

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    1This is Your Life - Up (2009) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 2Circle of Life - The Lion King suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
    Filled with captivating visuals right from the first shot of the sun rising over the plains to the newborn Simba being shown over Pride Rock
    Gets your attention

  • 3Nemo's Egg - Finding Nemo (2003) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 4This is Halloween- The Nightmare Before Christmas suggested byHenry Patterson

  • 5Shrek's Swamp - Shrek (2001) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 6You've got a friend in me- Toy Story suggested byJacob Koopmann

  • 7Arabian Nights - Aladdin suggested byjulesfmb

  • 8Beauty and the beast(1991) suggested byjhwoe6
    I'd put this at one. You have this heavy dark backstory of the Beast told on stainglass windows. The narration ends with "for who could ever love a beast?" Then it cuts to a light-hearted Belle singing "Belle" giving her background. It was just so perfect an opening.

  • 9We have... dragons!- How To Train Your Dragon suggested byJacob Koopmann
    i love both opening for both movies and caint wait to see what they are going to do with the third one when it comes out next march

  • 10Two Worlds, One Family - Tarzan suggested byjulesfmb

  • 11The incredibles suggested byjhwoe6

  • 12Everything is awesome!- The Lego Movie suggested byJacob Koopmann

  • 13Itchy & Scratchy movie - The Simpsons Movie suggested byzendaddy621

  • 14Wild West - Toy Story 3 suggested bymason carr

  • 15Expirement 626 - Lilo & Stitch suggested byCoolZDane

  • 16Wreck-It Ralph suggested byCoolZDane

  • 17The Emperor's New Groove suggested byCoolZDane
    The humor and comedy from Cuzco is timeless. Not to mention the Emperor's "groove"

  • 18Real Gone - Cars suggested byBrennan Young

  • 19The Rivera Family Story - Coco suggested byAustin Gorham

  • 20Fathoms Below - The Little Mermaid suggested byCoolZDane

  • 21The Hunchback of Notre Dame suggested byCoolZDane

  • 22Whistle Stop - Robin Hood suggested byCoolZDane

  • 23Hercules suggested byCoolZDane

  • 24Toy story 2 suggested byjhwoe6

  • 25Singing Pirates - The Spongebob Squarepants Movie suggested byDirector22

  • 26Pocahontas suggested byCoolZDane

  • 27Tangled (2010) suggested byCoolZDane

  • 28Ponies got the beat - My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) suggested byStacy Picard Mcdowell
    please let this be an honorable mention, this opening was stunning

  • 29Mountain Town - South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut suggested byzendaddy621

  • 30Lion king 2 suggested byjhwoe6

  • 31Destroying then Recreating a Doll - Coraline suggested byClaire Dolge

  • 32Batman: Mask of the Phantasm suggested byDirector22

  • 33Metal Hands and a Doll - Coraline suggested byClaire Dolge

  • 34Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron suggested byBrennan Young

  • 35Indiana Jones parody - The Rugrats Movie suggested byDirector22

  • 36Treasure Planet suggested byCoolZDane

  • 37The Great Mouse Detective suggested byCoolZDane

  • 38Our Time Has Come - Cats Don't Dance suggested byCoolZDane

  • 39Laputa: Castle in the Sky suggested byDirector22

  • 40The Godfather parody - Rugrats in Paris: The Movie suggested byDirector22

  • 41Lion king 1 1/2 suggested byjhwoe6

  • 42Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw suggested byCoolZDane

  • 43kung fu panda 1, 2 and 3 suggested byAbby Peterson

  • 44Once Upon a Time in New York City - Oliver & Company suggested byCoolZDane

  • 45Up

  • 46Driving Through Space - Heavy Metal suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 47Here Comes Garfield (here comes garfield, 1982) suggested byadam diemand

  • 48Home on the Range (2004) suggested byCoolZDane

  • 49This... is Berk- "How to Train Your Dragons" Franchise suggested byShawn Mark

  • 50Deliver Us - Prince of Egypt suggested byAdam Garfinkel

  • 51Nemo's Nightmare - Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland suggested byAdam Garfinkel

Top 10 Opening Scenes in Animated Films

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    1The Lion King

  • 2Up

  • 3The Incredibles

  • 4The Iron Giant

  • 5The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • 6One Hundred and One Dalmatians

  • 7Toy Story 3

  • 8Beauty and the Beast suggested byAngel21

  • 9Finding Nemo

  • 10Shrek

  • 11Inside Out

  • 12Coraline suggested byClaire Dolge

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