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Top 10 worst Disney / Pixar animated features

Everyone settle down. Just because a movie is on the list, that doesn't mean anyone thinks it's bad. It's just there because it's a Disney / Pixar movie. If you think it's a good movie, just vote it down and move on to the next one.
Disney and Pixar can do no wrong? Wrong.
Ooh, I sense some people REALLY don't want this list to be made. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why this list needs to be made. Fastest path to stagnation is to convince someone that they are infalliable.
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    1Chicken Little
    Shallow, mean-spirited, uninspired, and seemingly having no purpose except to try to rip off and repurpose the formula of Shrek. Anyone who says this is worth the film it was recorded on has their head firmly wedged between Mickey's butt cheeks.

  • 2Home on the Range
    Simply put, there's a good reason Disney stopped making hand-drawn animated movies for a long time afrer this one.

  • 3The Black Cauldron
    I can only guess that this movie was made as a result of Don Bluth putting a stick up Disney's butt with the wide critical acclaim of The Secret of NIMH.

  • 4Cars 2
    Yes, it was financially successful, and WatchMojo already has one list ripping it apart in spite of that.

  • 5Dinosaur
    The first ten minutes sum it up perfectly: It tries to be epic with the visuals, but immediately pees itself when it comes to the story.

  • 6Pochahontas
    Disney does the stupid Thanksgiving special you've seen done a hundred times and done a hundred times better.

  • 7The Aristocats
    I only remember two things about this movie: That one song, and the blatantly racist Chinese caricature.

  • 8Cars Make Your Case
  • 9Fun and Fancy Free
    Couldn't just call it a double feature like Ichabod & Mr. Toad, no, no, we need a guy with some creepy puppets thrown into the middle of these ho-hum animated shorts.

  • 10One Hundred and One Dalmatians Make Your Case
  • 11The Good Dinosaur
    Pixar's first box office bomb.
    Fun fact: When I saw this in theaters, one scene (yeah, you know the one) caused half the kids to start crying and need to be taken out of the theaters. The other half had fallen asleep, evidenced by the constant whispering of "What did I miss? What did I miss?"
    The movie that finally woke up a lot of people from the "Disney/Pixar-can-do-no-wrong" stupor. Once the effect of the visuals wear off, all that is left is a bland, tortuous plot that will test the patience and/or sanity of even the most ardent Pixar fanboy.

  • 12Bolt
    A really boring film.Yet, even a talented actor like John Travolta picked to star in crappy movies.

  • 13Brother Bear
    Perfectly summarized as a movie that tried to copy the success of The Lion King by doing every single thing that The Lion King did. To which everyone responded "Thanks, but we already saw this done and done better in The Lion King."

  • 14Monster's University Make Your Case
  • 15A Bug's Life Make Your Case
  • 16Oliver & Company
    "Why Should I Worry?" and the villain face-plants into a subway car. Remember anything else?

  • 17Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    This movie well embodies Disney's identity crisis at the end of the hand-drawn era. It tried to be epic, and it COULD have been epic, but it was too often held down by the "this is what Disney always has been and always will be" conservative wing.

  • 18Meet the Robinsons Make Your Case
  • 19The Rescuers
    Honestly, there's only one reason I can recommend watching it: The sequel.
    Mice usually make great protagonists because of how big in scope everything appears around them. Yet everything about this movie felt small and of little notice.

  • 20Treasure Planet
    Same problem as Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It also demonstrates how trying to make everything look / sound huge instead makes you look like someone with a view of the world that is really small.

  • 21Fantasia 2000
    Yet another Disney movie that aspired to do absolutely nothing except plow through the exact same crap as another of their movies.

  • 22Alice in Wonderland
    What kills this movie is the ending. Nobody but Disney could get away with having the protagonist yell "Wake up!" for their happy ending.

  • 23Saludos Amigos
    This movie is only interesting because of how it came to exist. Yes, it was the first appearance of Jose Carioca, but it's barely even a movie -- it plays more like a documentary about the movie Disney was commissioned to make but didn't.

  • 24The Emperor's New Groove Make Your Case
  • 25The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
    They might be classics, but they ironically both have a critical flaw in common: A protagonist they don't realize is thoroughly unlikable, one being a vain gold-digger, the other being an irresponsible manchild.

  • 26Finding Dory Make Your Case
  • 27Moana Make Your Case
  • 28Cars 3
    A good example of how to flat out lie to your audience with a trailer. The trailer promised a meaningful story of moving on from tragedy, when what we got was just a shallow rehash of the first movie's plot.

  • 29Coco
    Oh yeah, and for some reason, they felt they needed to kill off the villain. . . Who was already dead. Pixar? Don't ever pretend any of you are mature enough to handle serious topics ever again.
    OMG Pixar! You stole so much from The Corpse Bride for this movie, and yet you somehow managed to produce the most incredibly FUBAR take on the afterlife that was not done so on purpose!

  • 30Big Hero 6
    I call this one "Walt Disney's Power Rangers." It's a straight-up copy of the Sentai formula, straight down to the rainbow-colored armor with the two girls wearing pink and yellow.

  • 31Brave
    I'm personally okay with Brave. Though when I was thinking of rip-offs, I was thinking that it pretty much ripped off Pinocchio and Robin Hood and Mulan, that said just about many modern princess-related movies, and Brother Bear, but (shrugs)
    Half of this movie's content was ripped off from How to Train Your Dragon. The other half, it ripped from a TV show on Qubo.

  • 32Inside Out
    This is the only Pixar movie I have yet to fully sit through. . . Because even small installments of it make me angry. This movie prioritizes being wacky and colorful over being even remotely coherent, and the only thing that pisses me off than how bad it is is how critics and audiences alike were all practically ripping their pants off and bending
    Simply put, if any other studio had made this thing, it would have been lambasted as "Herman's Head: The Movie" and failed both critically and financially. Ergo, it's an embodiment of the "Pixar can do no wrong" delusion.

  • 33Hercules
    The bit where Hercules is fighting the centaur and finds a fish instead of his sword?
    Seriously, this movie is not as good as you remember it being. Try to think of one funny moment that didn't have Hades in it.

  • 34The Three Caballeros
    People complain about mood whiplash when it occurs in other movies. But they completely forgave Disney for deciding, halfway through this movie that it was now a documentary.

  • 35Winnie the Pooh
    Again, nostalgia fueled this one. They're great characters, but they were too often out of character, and it once again tries to emulate the original success without understanding why it was successful.

  • 36The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    (Jumping with joy)Yes, yes, YES! Thank you so much for placing that garbage on this list! (sighs happily) Somebody agrees with me.
    Many of the movies at the top of this list would have been so much better off if they'd used this as their inspiration. Not all movies can be epic, and TMAoWtP is so much better off because it makes no attempt to be.

  • 37Pinnochio
    This one ticks me off for two reasons: It's disjointed plot, and its complete and total cowardice in terms of where it chose to be loyal or disloyal to the source material. Changing the symbolism of Pleasure Island, but not the end result, for example, was downright awful.

  • 38Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    This movie may have been groundbreaking, but it has also aged poorly. Watch it again: You'll be surprised how much bland filler content you've forgotten about.

  • 39Fantasia
    Some people call it artistic. I call it self-indulgent. And let's not forget that the only black person in their version of Heaven is a mistreated servant.

  • 40Finding Nemo
    Just because I listed them, that doesn't mean I think they are bad. Half of those votes down are mine -- I just put them on the list so the list would be complete.
    What's wrong with you man? That's every single Disney movie, why don't you like them?

  • 41Toy Story 3
    Bland and predictable. It ended the way EVERYONE said it would end.

  • 42WALL-E
    I think a lot of people are forgetting two things: #1: This was a full-length movie, not an animated short, and #2: This movie had a second act. It's not nearly as good as you are remembering it being.

  • 43Wreck-It Ralph
    Don't deny it: 99% of the appeal in this movie is nostalgia / fandom. Were it not for all of the vintage mascots running around, this movie would have been highly forgettable.
    With only one or two exceptions, the characters aren't just selfish and stupid, they are such to the point of being suicidal.

  • 44Monsters Inc. Make Your Case
  • 45The Rescuers Down Under Make Your Case
  • 46Make Mine Music Make Your Case
  • 47The Fox and the Hound Make Your Case
  • 48The Sword in the Stone Make Your Case
  • 49The Hunchback of Notre Dame Make Your Case
  • 50Peter Pan Make Your Case
  • 51The Great Mouse Detective Make Your Case
  • 52The Jungle Book Make Your Case
  • 53Lilo & Stitch Make Your Case
  • 54The Princess and the Frog Make Your Case
  • 55Mulan Make Your Case
  • 56Melody Time Make Your Case
  • 57Tarzan Make Your Case
  • 58Lady and the Tramp Make Your Case
  • 59Ratatoullie Make Your Case
  • 60Sleeping Beauty Make Your Case
  • 61Bambi Make Your Case
  • 62The Incredibles Make Your Case
  • 63The Incredibles 2 Make Your Case
  • 64Ralph Breaks The Internet Make Your Case
  • 65Toy Story 4 Make Your Case
  • 66Frozen
    Overrated, maybe, but it's a good movie. Just listed it so the list would be complete.

  • 67Tangled Make Your Case
  • 68The Little Mermaid Make Your Case
  • 69Cinderella Make Your Case
  • 70Dumbo Make Your Case
  • 71Aladdin Make Your Case
  • 72Toy Story Make Your Case
  • 73Up
    The one and only movie that I consider to be 100% perfect, only included so that the list of elgiible movies would be 100% complete.
    Wreck-It Ralph

  • 74DuckTales the Movie
    Sorry. This one shouldn't be on the list.

  • 75Toy Story 2 Make Your Case
  • 76Robin Hood
    I was shocked to see this have one of the lowest RT scores. I suspect this one is just fashionable to hate; the whole "eww, furries" thing manifesting somehow.

  • 77Zootopia
    I almost thought this was a bad movie because, in theaters, I did keep getting angry. Then I realized something: I wasn't mad because it was doing anything bad. I was mad because it kept just missing opportunities to do something epic. Awesome movie; please keep voting it down.

  • 78The Lion King Make Your Case
  • 79Beauty and the Beast
    Very few people list this as their favorite Disney movie, but it most acknowledge it to be Disney's most PERFECT movie. Please keep this one at the bottom of the list.

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