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Top 10 outstanding examples of mr. Krabs cheapness

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    1Being a Band Manager- Hello Bikini Bottom suggested byWaheed Abdullah
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  • 2Going to the Zoo on Free Day- The Smoking Peanut suggested byWaheed Abdullah
  • 3Pulling up in a bathtub SpongeBob offers a dollar to the next person who bathes
  • 4Making a pizza out of hamburgers
  • 5Traded Spongebob for 62 Cents- Born Again Krabs suggested byWaheed Abdullah
  • 6Charged a Dollar per Footstep- Kracked Krabs suggested byWaheed Abdullah
  • 7Almost ruining Pearl's birthday party
    "It's a boy!" sign, lol.
  • 8Sacrificing his body for his one millionth dollar
  • 9Saying take my life but don't take my money
  • 10Having a nickel on a string as a child
    Used it to buy a drink from the pop machine but still keep the nickel.
  • 11Knowing his equipment by price when SpongeBob destroys it
  • 12Making SpongeBob catch jellyfish on his own time
  • 13Trying for a whole day to get a penny from SpongeBob
  • 14Bulding a hazardous amusement park to scam kids suggested byKowasaki
  • 15Bill his employees instead of paying them suggested byDirector22
  • 16Telling Squidward he can hug himself on his break
  • 17Framing Spongebob for theft to save $1.99 suggested byKowasaki
  • 18Giving Squidward to the IRS to keep his knee caps suggested byKowasaki
  • 19Turning SpongeBob's house into a speakeasy when Krabby Patties were banned suggested byDirector22
  • 20Using toothpaste to fix the Krusty Krab instead of glue suggested byDirector22
  • 21Blamed his missing dime on Squidward, then Squidward quit his job suggested byTorchBurst
  • 22Draining all the jellyfish of their jelly to be used as a lucrative patty ingredient suggested byTorchBurst

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