Jonathan Luna
Top 10 freakiest coincidences in history
50 15
Suggested by claytonmartino12
Mark Twain - born as halley's comet passed by, died as it passed by again
31 1
Suggested by claytonmartino12
JFK and Abraham Lincoln
29 0
Suggested by claytonmartino12
Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both die on July 4th
25 1
Suggested by claytonmartino12
Brother of John Wilkes Booth saves the son of Abaraham Lincoln a few months before the assassination
18 0
Suggested by mac121mr0
27 Club
18 1
Suggested by wx30th
Morgan Robertson book about a ship called the 'Titan' that crashed into an iceberg and sank 14 years before Titanic
16 2
Suggested by zendaddy621
Brandon Lee's accidental death nearly identical to that of a character his father played
11 0
Suggested by claytonmartino12
Similar circumstances around the murders of Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford, on the same day but 157 years apart
7 0
Suggested by claytonmartino12
Violet Jessop on three differnet ocean liners that end up sinking
7 1
Suggested by Scotty Arbour
World War I ends on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month
5 0
Suggested by Scotty Arbour
Duane Allman and Berry Oakley (Allman Brother Band) died in the same town, the same way, just over a year difference
4 0
Suggested by zendaddy621
The "27" club - Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, et al. died at age 27
4 0
Suggested by zendaddy621
The Wizard of Oz filmmakers unknowingly bought a secondhand coat originally belonging to L. Frank Baum
4 0
Suggested by claytonmartino12
Two Finnish twin brothers are killed while riding their bikes on the same day along the same stretch of road, two hours apart
4 1
Suggested by Scotty Arbour
Phil Hartman (Frank Sinatra impersonator) dies exactly two weeks after Frank Sinatra
3 0
Suggested by claytonmartino12
Book about "unsinkable" ocean liner sinking published 14 years before the Titanic sank
4 2
Suggested by Godslayer79
Mozart and Beethoven probably never met
6 4
Suggested by Henry Patterson
Any of Nostradamus's predictions
4 2
Suggested by Scotty Arbour
British soldier (Henry Tandy) encounters one German soldier (Adolf Hitler) and doesn't shoot
3 1
Suggested by zendaddy621
Spanish Armada blown off course while preparing to invade Britain
2 0
Suggested by claytonmartino12
Mongol fleets stopped from conquering Japan by typhoon two different times in 7 years
3 2
Suggested by claytonmartino12
"My Way" killings in the Philippines
2 1
Suggested by backup368
Chris Benoit's Wikipedia page edited 12 hours before his family's double murder/suicide.
2 1
Suggested by Miami Heatles5
Naruto is better than DBZ
1 0
Suggested by zendaddy621
Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln born on exact same day (Feb. 12, 1809)
1 0
Suggested by Daniel Berger
Stalin opens Tamerlane's tomb, receives curse of invasion, and is invaded by Germany the same day in 1941
1 0
Suggested by Daniel Berger
Franz Ferdinand's driver makes wrong turn, his assassin, taking a lunch break, is at a cafe on that street
1 0
Suggested by Scotty Arbour
Robert Todd Lincoln was at three of the four presidents assassinations
1 0
Suggested by Hdlnyy
Black Hand Assassin Gavrillo Princip fails in attempt to kill Austro-Hungarian Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, and after his cyanide fails to kill him, he goes to restaurant to get drunk. When he steps out
1 0
Suggested by Director22
The king of rock and pop die from drugs
1 1
Suggested by Scotty Arbour
Chris Farleys inspiration John Belushi dies the same age and reason that Farley died
0 0
Suggested by Daniel Berger
Americans stumble upon gold in California in 1848, immediately after the Spanish-American War
1 1
Suggested by Claudia Moni Torres
Enzo Ferrari - Ferrari founder - died in 1988 his doppelg?nger Mesut ?zil - f?tbol player born in 1988.
0 0
Suggested by B.D. Cooper
Gerald Ford escapes 2 assassination attempts in California.
0 1

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