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Top 10 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Cutscenes

This list is for the 10 best cutscenes/scenarios in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You can find them in the title screen's Events Theater under the Scenario Event section.
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    1Final Chapter, #13, The Last Gift
    As Alrest's world is changed, Rex, Nia, and the others tearfully reunite with a few cherished friends...
  • 2Chapter 2, #23, Her Flames Hide Something Deeper
    After defeating Morag and Brighid, Rex, Pyra and their friends recuperate near a campfire.
  • 3Chapter 3, #26, Confrontation
    Pyra is forced to face Torna alone for the sake of Iona.
  • 4Chapter 3, #27, Exit Vandham, Enter Mythra
    Torna reveals it's plan to destroy human kind while killing Vandham and forcing Pyra to save Rex by revealing her hidden sister...
  • 5Chapter 3, #28, Man Down
    The overwhelming might of Mythra destroys Torna's evil Blades and forces their retreat. And yet, Vandham...
  • 6Chapter 4, #21, Working Together With Morag
    A rematch with Morag and Brighid is interrupted by Niranira, who reveals Poppi's innocence.
  • 7Chapter 4, #33, Blue Flames?!
    Rex, Mythra, and Pyra strategize on how to best Mikhail and Patroka, until Morag and Brighid arrive to lend a hand.
  • 8Chapter 5, #8, Bringer of Chaos, Round Three
    The comical Zeke reappears, but Rex and his friends were immediatly thrown off by Zeke's skill with the blade.
  • 9Chapter 5, #9, Special Envoy...of Chaos?
    Rex puts his weapon away when he sees Zeke's true intentions, as the Praetorium's envoy.
  • 10Chapter 7, #13, Burdened No Longer
    Nia's true form as a Blade Eater is revealed as she saves Rex, who is met by the spirit of Addam.
  • 11Chapter 7, #21, Siren Vs. Ophion
    Rex bests Jin with Pneuma's help, but upon seeing a sorrowful Jin, Rex stops his attack, just as the area around them collapses.
  • 12Chapter 8, #20, Power of the Praetor
    Amalthus shows his true colors by forcing Blades under his control against Torna, but Rex overpowers him and frees his friends.
  • 13Chapter 9, #2, Mor Ardain Under Fire
    Mikhail changes the Tornan warship and reveals his true identity to Amalthus, thus swearing to end the mad Praetor.
  • 14Final Chapter, #1, The Birth of a Universe
    Millions of years in the past reveals a foolish scientist's actions, which led to the creation of Alrest.
  • 15Final Chapter, #9, Memories of This Planet
    After a series of visions, the party meets the Architect, who told them the truths about the world.
  • 16Final Chapter, #11, Words Can Be a Curse
    Rex and the party faces Malos, who currently uses the mechs of the space station to rend Alrest and all humanity to ashes.
  • 17Final Chapter, #12, To Find a Way Forward
    The defeat of Malos forces Eden to fall, and to keep the world safe, Pyra leaves her loved ones to die protecting Alrest...
  • 18Chapter 1, #1, A Boy and the Sea
    The scene opens, introducing Rex and Gramps (Azurda).
  • 19Chapter 1, #2 The Legend of Elysium
    As a Titan falls, Rex makes a decision to venture to Elysium.
  • 20Chapter 1, #5, The Masked Man
    Rex is summoned by the Argentum Guild Master, Bana, for a job alongside some shifty characters.
  • 21Chapter 1, #15, Resonance of the Heart
    Rex is killed by the mysterious Jin, but his adventure truly begins after meeting the beautiful Pyra.
  • 22Chapter 1, #16, Crossroads of Destiny
    A battle against Malos forces Nia to defend Rex and leave on Azurda's back.
  • 23Chapter 2, #2, Gramps's Fate
    In a damaged swamp, Rex finds his parental guidance, and experiences a variety of emotions.
  • 24Chapter 2, #6, Gormott Hasn't Changed a Bit
    Upon arriving at Torigoth, Nia sees her face on Wanted Posters while the group witnesses Blade Resonance.
  • 25Chapter 2, #9, Fire and Water
    Brighid's power overwhelms Rex and friends, but an unexpected ally makes his move.
  • 26Chapter 2, #13, Wakey-wakey, Poppi!
    With Rex and Pyra's help, Tora is able to finish construction on-and name-the artificial Blade, Poppi.
  • 27Chapter 2, #15, Lift Gonzalez if Necessary
    With the aid of little Poppi, the party is able to sneak into the Titan Ship.
  • 28Chapter 2, #16, Feel Blade like Wave in Air
    After Pyra melts through his cell door, Dromarch leads the party to Nia.
  • 29Chapter 2, #17, Behind Bars
    Rex manages to reunite Dromarch with Nia, who was expecting someone else...
  • 30Chapter 2, #21, Ultra Powerful
    Morag is revealed as the mastermind who lured Rex and Pyra with the intention of destroying the Aegis.
  • 31Chapter 3, #1, Well Met by Akhos
    Torna members come together to plan their next move...
  • 32Chapter 3, #3, Depart for the World Tree
    After the party gets a ride to the World Tree, they're attacked by Ophion, then eaten by the Uraya Titan.
  • 33Chapter 3, #5, Out of Juice
    Vandham defeats Rex and Pyra, but revealed he had no evil intentions and led them to his home.
  • 34Chapter 3, #10, Ardun Situation
    Vandham teaches Rex the Anchor Shot Art, thus giving the party an advantage against a beast.
  • 35Chapter 3, #15, Too Many Bit-Players
    Akhos and Obrona beat Rex and Pyra, but Vandham overpowers the villains. After the battle, he tells Rex something important...
  • 36Chapter 3, #18, Bringer of Chaos
    Enter Zeke and Pandoria, who point a blade at the party and challenge them for the Aegis.
  • 37Chapter 3, #19, Watch Your Step
    A cinematic attack blows up in Zeke's face, letting the party walk off in confusion.
  • 38Chapter 3, #23, Trip to the Theater
    In Fonsa Myma, Vandham brings the party in to see a play about the Aegis...
  • 39Chapter 4, #1, Swooping Artifice
    Mythra chews out Rex for waking her dangerous power, while Pyra reveals her, Mythra, and Malos's origins...
  • 40Chapter 4, #4, Ah, To Be Young Again...
    Mythra surprises Rex in bed, while Azurda and Dromarch comment on the actions.
  • 41Chapter 4, #16, Secret in the Springs
    A momentary break (with fanservice) shows a secret while a sudden explosion forces the heroes to act.
  • 42Chapter 4, #17, That Body's Mechanical
    An Artificial Blade from Tora's past assaults several Ardanian guards.
  • 43Chapter 4, #23, Bringer of Further Chaos
    Zeke and Pandoria return and challenges the party once again.
  • 44Chapter 4, #24, Danger! Falling Rocks
    Another defeat follows Zeke courtesy of a sudden boulder.
  • 45Chapter 4, #28, Lila's Masterpon...
    Poppi stands her ground against Lila, who is reaching her limit...
  • 46Chapter 4, #30, Initiating QT Mode. Engage!
    The tables turn for the party when Poppi transforms into a stronger form.
  • 47Chapter 4, #32, Patroka and Mikhail
    After besting Bana, two new Torna members challenge Rex and his friends...
  • 48Chapter 4, #34, Goddess of the Praetorium
    Patroka roars in fury at the loss of her blade, but a powerful Blade enters the field...
  • 49Chapter 5, #1, Addam Spars with Lora
    Drivers of old spar with one another while sharing dinner and laughter with familiar faces.
  • 50Chapter 5, #6, Meeting the Parents
    Rex guides Pyra to his parents, introducing her to their graves...
  • 51Chapter 5, #7, Enough Loss for One Life
    Pyra shares a conversation with Rex's aunt, Corinne, who weeps for what her nephew went through...
  • 52Chapter 5, #12, You Remind Her Of Him A Lot
    Rex converses with the kindly Blade, Fan La Norne, while a secretive Pyra converses with Brighid.
  • 53Chapter 5, #20, Song of the Goddess
    Fan uses her power to halt a massive bioweapon, giving Rex and the others a chance to stop it.
  • 54Chapter 5, #22, Be Free Now
    To Rex's horror, Jin kills Fan in front of him, but Jin sees old visions through his actions...
  • 55Chapter 5, #23, Touch and Go
    The day is won, yet Rex TRULY lost more than he imagined, even with the arrival of Amalthus.
  • 56Chapter 6, #1, Jin and Lora's Resonance
    A small girl accidentally awakens a powerful Blade, and so, Lora's adventures with Jin began.
  • 57Chapter 6, #3, Fan's Funeral
    Rex attends Fan's funeral alone while Mythra points something out to Nia, Fan's Core Crystal...
  • 58Chapter 6, #18, The Aegis Must Be Destroyed!
    The Tantal King, Zeke's father, shocks the party by commanding Pyra's destruction while imprisoning the group.
  • 59Chapter 6, #22, Tantal's Dark Secret
    Rex and the party succeed in saving Pyra, who held a message for the Tornan people, by Addam himself.
  • 60Chapter 6, #25, The Struggle for the Fetter
    After taking care of the Tantal Titan, Akhos, Patroka, and Mikhail attacks, while revealing their true identities.
  • 61Chapter 6, #26, Jin's True Form
    Jin, the leader of Torna, appears and reveals his true form, untouched by the party's attacks.
  • 62Chapter 6, #27, The Taking of Pyra
    Jin bests the party with his skill, but Pyra stops him by offering the Fetter and herself in exchange for her loved ones' safety.
  • 63Chapter 7, #1, The Doll in Sight of the Throne
    Rex loses his will to fight, but an enraged Brighid knock some sense back into him, telling him how Pyra truly felt...
  • 64Chapter 7, #7, Zeke, You Don't Look So Good
    Zeke reveals that like Rex, he shares his life with Pandoria, who once tried to save a dying Zeke after an accedent.
  • 65Chapter 7, #15, Cliffs of Morytha, Where Titans Rot
    The race is on to save Pyra, but Malos might have already won as he steals whatever power is inside Pyra's Core Crystal.
  • 66Chapter 7, #16, Malos Restored, Rampaging Ophion
    His power restored, Malos tests his might on an enraged Ophion, whom he attempts to reprogram...
  • 67Chapter 7, #17, Malos's Black Sword
    Rex and his friends are met by Malos, who reveals the power he once had and attempts to kill them.
  • 68Chapter 7, #18, The Place Where I Belong Is Here
    Malos's power seems unrivalled, until Blade Nia unleashes a killing blow no one expected...
  • 69Chapter 7, #19, Stand With Me One More Time!
    Malos mocks Rex's bond with Pyra, but despite his foe's cruelty, Rex leads his friends into battle.
  • 70Chapter 7, #20, Rex, Pyra, Mythra and...
    Rex and friends put up a valiant fight against Torna, and just when things were bleak, Rex was aided by Pneuma, Pyra and Mythra's true form.
  • 71Chapter 8, #1, Together with Rex
    Mythra awakens on Rex's lap in a dystopian city hidden beneath the Sea of Clouds, called the Land of Morytha.
  • 72Chapter 8, #5, A Promise
    As the group and Jin rest, Poppi shutters at a possibiliy of her ending up like Jin, but a promise with Mythra keeps spirits up...
  • 73Chapter 8, #7, Torna's Titan
    After a battle, Jin finds a familiar sight while his comrades search Morytha for him...
  • 74Chapter 8, #9, A Way for Us to Live
    Jin tells Rex about Amalthus's villainy and the fate of Lora upon the Tornan Titan many years ago.
  • 75Chapter 8, #11, Nameplate
    Rex reunites with his friends, and Jin reunites with his, and as an act of friendship tells Bridget an unheard truth...
  • 76Chapter 8, #15, Amalthus's Ambition
    Amalthus's past is revealed while Indol sets the stage for their battle with Torna...
  • 77Chapter 9, #1, The World That You Intended
    The mad Praetor's past is further explored while Rex and the others press forward further up the World Tree.
  • 78Chapter 9, #3, Surgical Strike
    Rex, Mythra, Poppi, and Mikhail deliver everything they got on Amalthus, destroying Blade and Titan controlling Towers while delivering a final blow to the Indol Titan.
  • 79Chapter 9, #5, Told To Wait
    At the behest of Lora's phantom, Jin bids Malos farewell while challenging the approaching Rex.
  • 80Chapter 9, #6, Agent of the Architect's Will
    Rex and Nia come to Jin's aid, but suddenly, Amalthus attacks them and kills Patroka and Akhos in a new monsterous form.
  • 81Chapter 9, #7, I Lived As You Wanted
    Rex, Jin, and the party manage to defeat Amalthus at last, and as the Praetor perishes, so to does a satisfied Jin...

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