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Top 10 Worst Things to’ve Happened to Bender in Futurama

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    1Being Summoned to Robot Hell Make Your Case
  • 2His Brain/Disc/Whatever it’s Called being Stolen Make Your Case
  • 3Brannigan Implanting a Bomb into him Make Your Case
  • 4When taking over Robot Santa, he gets though to be the Real Deal
    As I was saying, they only made Bender vibrate in Season 3, unlike in Season 6 where they successfully finished off Roberto.
    Luckily the Execution Magnets after he got Sentenced to be Executed weren't Properly Working.

  • 5Becoming a Werecar Make Your Case
  • 6Temporarily losing his Ability to move due to being Paralysed by a Can Opener
    Even though it was sad to he'd Never be able to Move again, Bender actually did Regain his Ability to Move later on in the Episode.

  • 7Being Infected by a Virus to Serve the Scammers Make Your Case
  • 8His Antenna stopping TVs from Working
    Luckily that was Fixed after the 3rd Episode of the Series.

  • 9Being Forced to Dance Non-Stop so that he won%u2019t Self Destruct Make Your Case
  • 10Losing his Ass Make Your Case
  • 11Being Doomed to Drift through Space Forever after being shot out of a Cannon that he%u2019d been Sleeping in Make Your Case
  • 12Nixon%u2019s Head Attempting to Wipe him out Along with the Other Robots to end Global Warming Make Your Case
  • 13Not being Given Proper Shielding during a Crash
    Of which happened to Everyone but Farnsworth.

  • 14Being sent to a Distant Future in a Time Machine that can only go Forwards in Time Make Your Case
  • 15Nearly be Executed after Learning the Truth of Slurm on the Planet Wormulon Make Your Case
  • 16Being Forced to Rebel, and even Liquor
    I forgot to say Not Use about Liquor.
    What little the Electronic Card affected by the Rebellion knew with Robots of that time, needing alcohol to get them smoothly running.

  • 17Having to Compete Against his Old Enemy Flexo For Angeline Make Your Case
  • 18Being left in Peril due to Hermes not Revealing that he%u2019s Inspector 5 - Legal Inspection
    I meant Lethal not Legal.

  • 19Being sent onto a Delivery to a Planet that Doesn%u2019t Even Exist Make Your Case
  • 20Farnsworth tearing up the Photo he took of Langdon Cob%u2019s Exposed Face
    Though that was done to prevent any other Life Forces from being drained, it could've helped saving the lives of whose Life Forces were already drained.

  • 21Losing his Body when the Ship Crashed in 1947 due to Not Wearing a Seatbelt
    What's worse is that Bender's Head fell out of the ship as the Planet Express Crew left back to their own time, but he was luckily still alive having been buried for over 1000 years.

  • 22Getting Upgrades which Lead to Bad Results
    Because Bender abused many of his upgrades. His sex change was not really an upgrade and he made fun of women through it. He chose to abuse his free will chip by shooting Farnsworth, and in terms of empathy chip, Farnsworth wanted Bender to learn a lesson in empathy but that did not happen because Farnsworth removed the chip too early
    Those Upgrades were removed by the end of those episodes he had them, some of them were even Regretted to've been given to him in fact.
    Really? Bender wanted to have a free will chip and chose to shoot Farnsworth after getting it. Also, he wanted to have his gender changed so he could cover up the fact that he cheated in the olympics. In terms of the empathy chip, Bender deserved this because he was being punished for flushing Nibbler down the toilet
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  • 23Nixon’s Head Stealing his Body
    Well, Bender chose to pawn it off in the first place because he wanted cash after the price of titanium skyrocketed

  • 24Being Temporarily Fired from Planet Express
    That episode wasn't the only time in the Entire Series that happened.
    Oh come on, Bender deserves that cause he took the ship on a joyride with Fry that damaged the building

  • 25His Cooking being Criticised
    Well Bender does a poor job cooking
    Even the man who looks up to Criticised him, thus resulting in Bender to compete against Elzar.

  • 26The Few Times he Actually did get Arrested
    Seriously? He deserved to get arrested for many things such as mistreating orphaned children, vandalizing buildings and signs, and shooting Farnsworth

  • 27Losing the Items that he ended up Stealing
    He deserved that because those items were not his to begin with. Please pay attention to what you are typing

  • 28What the Planet Express Ship when given a Female Voice Box attempted to do to Bender Make Your Case
  • 29Those times he Wasn%u2019t given much Recognition Make Your Case
  • 30Not being Very Good with Love
    Um no. He almost married Amy and chose to ditch her after legalizing robosexual marriage. Plus he did a bad thing when he had an affair with the donbots wife because by doing so, Bender committed adultery
    He either gets rejected or his Love Interests die in their One Episode.

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