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Top 10 Worst Things Done by Disney Villains (suggested 2 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Worst Things Done by Disney Villains

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    1Claude Frollo lusting over Esmeralda and committing mass genocide on gypsies - The Hunchback of Notre Dame suggested byRazorRex
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  • 2Kill his own brother- Scar The Lion King suggested byJacob Koopmann
  • 3Poison Hector and Steal His Songs - Ernesto de La Cruz (Coco) suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
    And also not letting Miguel escape from the Deads' world knowing that he would die
  • 4Mother Gothel kidnaping Rapunzel to Stay Young - Tangled suggested byRazorRex
    She also has murder/attempted murder under her belt when she stabs Flynn in order to keep Rapunzel's powers for herself
  • 5Gaston forces Belle to marry him for her father's release, rallies the villagers to kill the beast out of romantic jealousy, & stabs a merciful Beast again out of romantic jealousy - Beauty and the Be suggested bymac121mr0
    -ast (1991)
  • 6Basically everything Lady Tremaine and her daughters ever did to Cinderella - Cinderella (1950) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 7After Woody and Buzz help Lotso reach an emergency stop button on a incinerator conveyor belt, Lotso abandons them and escapes - Toy Story 3 (2010) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 8Steal people's souls with contracts- Ursula The Little Mermaid suggested byJacob Koopmann
  • 9Blow up an exhibit killing Hiro's brother in the process- Dr. Callahan Big Hero 6 suggested byJacob Koopmann
    Of course, Dr. Callahan did scoff at his death, 'That was his mistake'.
    The brother got killed because he ran into the building to save him not knowing he really wasn't in danger.
    Though Killing The Brother Wasn't Intentional
  • 10Randall attempted to use the Scream Extractor on Mike, intended to forcefully extract screams from kidnapped children, & attempted to kill Sulley - Monsters, Inc. (2001) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 11Steal his brother's son and make him mortal -Hades Hercules suggested bykailie miller
  • 12Hans Leaving Anna To Freeze To Death And Trying To Kill Elsa - Frozen suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 13Charles Muntz suggests people who he killed after he discovers about Kevin, captures Kevin/sets Carl's house on fire forcing Carl to choose between saving Kevin or his house - Up (2009) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 14Brainwashing The Sultan And Trying To Force The Princess To Marry Him - Jafar In Aladdin suggested bybobbylashley18
    Think of the forced marriage as attempted rape and he even tried to forcibly kiss her.
  • 15Killing Bambi's Mom - The Hunter In Bambi suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 16Syndrome has almost all of the supers killed - The Incredibles suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 17Stealing the 15 Puppies - 101 Dalmatians suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
  • 18Turbo took over RoadBlasters to sabotage them and result in them being unplugged & he is discovered to have displaced Vanellope as the main character in Sugar Rush - Wreck-It Ralph (2012) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 19Tricking Snow White into eating a posion apple - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
  • 20AUTO electrocutes WALL-E, disposes him and EVE, & crushes WALL-E in the Axiom's Holo-Dectector chamber - WALL-E (2008) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 21Cutting off Maleficent's wings in order to become king - Maleficent suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 22Kidnapping the Cats - The Aristocats suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
    He also tried to ship them to Timbuktu.
  • 23Al McWhiggin steals Woody out of greed which depresses Andy & the Prospector rips Woody's arm with an axe - Toy Story 2 (1999) suggested bymac121mr0
    Andy was at summer camp when that happened and was never aware that Woody went missing.
  • 24Facilier Stepping On Ray - The Princess And The Frog suggested bybobbylashley18
  • 25Shooting John Smith - Pocahontas suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
  • 26Maleficents curses Princess Aurora, decreeing that before the sun sets on Aurora's sixteenth birthday, she shall die by pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel - Sleping Beauty suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
  • 27Sid Phillips tortures sentient toys and bullies her younger sister - Toy Story (1995) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 28Captain Hook almost blew up Peter Pan with a timed bomb & harmed Tinker Bell in the process - Peter Pan (1953) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 29Darla killed multiple previous gifted fish & violently shakes Nemo in a water bag - Finding Nemo (2003) suggested bymac121mr0
    Darla is a child, she didn't know any better.
  • 30Anton Ego's negative review cost Gusteau's one of its stars and caused Gusteau's death - Ratatouille (2007) suggested bymac121mr0
    Cruel as it was, Anton was just doing his job.
  • 31Prince John overtaxes and imprisons the citizens of Nottingham - Robin Hood suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 32Everything Gaston did in the original Beauty and the Beast plus tying up Marice and leaving him to the wolves - Beauty and the Beast (2017) suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 33Commander Rourke Beating Kida's father in front of her - Atlantis the Lost Empire suggested byRazorRex
  • 34Percival McLeach nearly doomed the Golden Eagles to extintion - The Rescuers Down Under suggested byJamesLabraFox
  • 35Bill Sykes kidnaping Jenny for Ransom - Oliver, and Company suggested byRazorRex
  • 36The Huns Razing a Villiage - Mulan suggested byRazorRex
  • 37Betrays his fellow thieves and convinces the remaining thieves to turn against Saluk, then tries to kill Saluk's son - Aladdin and the King of Thieves suggested byAdam Garfinkel
    Sorry, I meant to put Cassim both times, not Saluk.
  • 38Madame Medusa kidnaping Penny and forcing her get the Devil's Eye Diamond in the Bayou - The Resucers suggested byRazorRex
  • 39Screenslaver using hypnotic goggles on the supers, crashing a boat into the city, and arresting an innocent person. - Incredibles 2 suggested byDarnit Ninja
  • 40The Horned King abusing Creeper - The Black Cauldron suggested byRazorRex
  • 41Gothel stabbed Flynn Rider, forcing Repunzel into the decision of cutting her hair off - Tangled suggested byConner Alexzander
  • 42Zira mainly focusing on taking revenge on Simba ,and Kovu ,while neglecting her 2 other cubs - Lion King 2. suggested byAnonymous
  • 43Ursula cheats on her deal with Ariel - The Little Mermaid suggested byAnonymous
  • 44Became a legendary Porn Star - Granny Norma suggested
    Betrayal of han frozen
  • 45What...The...Hell...? suggested byConner Alexzander

Top 10 Worst Things Disney/Pixar Villains Ever Did

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    1Frollo Does Everything (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
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  • 2Scar murders Mufasa (The Lion King)
  • 3Ernesto du la Cruz poisons Hector and steals his songs (Coco)
  • 4Ursula turning mermaids into polyps (The Little Mermaid)
  • 5Sid blows up a Combat Carl (Toy Story)
  • 6Gaston accuses Maurice of being insane (Beauty and the Beast)
  • 7Mother Gothel kidnaps and imprisons Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • 8Maleficent curses Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

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