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Top 10 Ways Game Of Thrones Foreshadowed Bran Stark Becoming The King

Warning for those who haven't watched all 8 seasons of the HBO series, 'Game of Thrones', expect spoilers below.
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    1Bran's Visions Mostly Focused On The History Of King's Landing
    Which is something that will help him rule

  • 2Jaime Almost Killing Him Is What Causes Everything
    Also the fact that Jaime is the Kingslayer
    Generally what starts the war, since the question of who pushed him played a part in the rivalry between the Starks and Lannisters

  • 3Tyrion's Fascination With Him When He Got Crippled And Later When He Was The Three Eyed Raven
    Also Remember He Went Out Of His Way To Give Bran The Design For A Saddle So He Can Ride A Horse As A Cripple
    This Factoring Into Suggesting Him As King

  • 4His Journey Has Parallels To Jon Who Is Supposed To Be The True Heir
    Both Going Over The Wall And Being Focused On The Threat Of The White Walkers

  • 5Season 8 Putting Focus On Bran And Tyrion Having Converstations Including The Implication Bran Told Him About His Journey Make Your Case
  • 6The prophecy stat he receieves that he will never walk again but gain the ability to fly suggested byAnonymous
    I think this prophecy was referring to him flying in a metaphorical way. I think by fly he would go from being a crippled boy from a betrayed house on the run to becoming the King Of Westeros

  • 7The Night King Mostly Being Focused On Killing Him, Not Jon Or Danaerys
    Because Of His Knowledge Of Human History As The Three Eyed Raven And Wanting To Wipe It Out
    It is not really explained why the Night King was obsessed with Bran
    Also The Night King Tends To Let Jon And Danaerys Get Away Or Just Having The Wights Try To Kill Them But He Directly Goes After The Three Eyed Raven Killing Him Personally And Goes After Bran The Same Way.

  • 8Most Of His Story Arc In The First Seasons Is Learning To Be A Leader
    Specifically when Robb And Their Mother Go To War He Is Left In Charge Of Winterfell Despite Being Young

  • 9Ultimately It Was Bran Who Orchestrated The Defeat Of The Night King
    He gave Arya the knife and he basically set a trap for the night king using himself as bait

  • 10All The Set Up That Becoming The Three Eyed Raven Was Going To Lead To Him Doing Something Important
    We just thought it was only going to have to do with defeating the night king.

  • 11He Gets The Most Focus In The Pilot Next To Jon And The Other Starks
    It Actually Mostly From His Point Of View

  • 12Varys's Statement That Maybe The Best Ruler Is Someone Who Doesn't Want It Ended Up Implying To Him And Not Jon
    Even before becoming the three eyed raven he didn't want to rule anything he wanted to be a knight.

  • 13He Actually Shows That He Can't Be Manipulated When He Doesn't Fall For Littlefinger's Games And Plays A Part In Setting Him Up Make Your Case
  • 14All The Sacrifices Other Characters Made Just To Protect Him Make Your Case
  • 15His Knowledge Of Jon's True Heritage Is What Causes The Downfall Of Danaerys
    If you believe that Danaerys was going to become the mad queen no matter what he ended up preventing her from causing more destruction

  • 16Other Than Using His Warging Powers To Defend Himself And Others He Is The Only Protagonist Who Has Never Killed Anybody Make Your Case
  • 17The Person He Was Named After
    Bran The Builder Who Helped Build The Kingdom In The History Books

  • 18He Specifically Said He Can't Be A Lord Of Anything Never Said Anything About Being A King Make Your Case
  • 19Technically Being The Last Son Of Ned Stark Standing In The End Make Your Case

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