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Top 10 Video Game Hardest RPG Boss Battles

The Bosses themselves can be any boss, whether it be a Final Boss, an optional Super Boss, or even a penultimate boss.
Plus, the bosses suggested have to be considered by the public at large to indeed be the hardest in the game, so bosses that give you trouble early on but aren't that strong don't count.
Any game that is considered an RPG can be volunteered, but only one game per franchise can be displayed.
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    1Demi-Fiend, Digital Devil Saga 1
    Has a powerful team of demons at all times, having three opponents on the field at once, a huge HP total which is healed back to max when brought down to half once, afflicts lots of status affects, and has a one-hit kill move that can only be avoided through proper preparation.
  • 2Penance, Final Fantasy X
  • 3Red, Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal
  • 4Baal, Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
  • 5Dream Devourer, Chrono Trigger DS
  • 6Bonetail, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
  • 7Magical Starsign, Cybersaurus
  • 8Nostalgia, Mother Stella
  • 9Etrian Odyssey 1, Primevil
  • 10Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Dragonian King
  • 11The Forgemaster, The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard suggested byThomas Williams
  • 12Aboslute Virtue, Final Fantasy XI
  • 13Sephiroth, Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts II suggested byStripes_013
  • 14FFXII Yiazmat suggested byLuis Muñoz Rivera
  • 15Ragula - Wild Arms 5 suggested byLuis Muñoz Rivera
  • 16Ruby Weapon - FFVII suggested byLuis Muñoz Rivera
  • 17Emerald Weapon - FFVII suggested byLuis Muñoz Rivera
  • 18ZOdiark, Ultima & Zalera - FFXII suggested byLuis Muñoz Rivera

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