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Top 10 Video Game Controllers

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  • 2GameCube
    This controller has to be #1 its still being used today
    This controller is the definition of "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it" It's survived 3 console generations and they're still in production.
    You know that you have a good controller when Super Smash Bros for WiiU reused the Gamecube controller for that game alone.
    Best Controller Ever!
    The GameCube controller is able to fit well in your hands, all of the buttons are easy to reach, and feeling the rumble always leaves a feeling of satisfaction. It really feels like you are working with the controller to complete whatever you're trying to accomplish.
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  • 3Xbox 360
    I was a loyalist to the Dual Shock until I defected to the Xbox camp, I will never go back to the Sony camp now...
    This controller was so great that the Xbox One Controller hardly made any improvements over it.
    The only controller that actually feels comfortable in my hands. The fact that the left stick, which is the one used the most nowadays is "swapped" with the arrows, so it's easier to keep your thumb in it, makes it even better.
    idk i fell the PS controller is better, i like that the analog sticks are in a line left to right, where the xbox controller has the analog sticks in a slant, also there design was inspired by sony's controller, just saying
  • 4PS4 suggested byYacheng Nou Moua Xiong
    It's a great controller... but, it's not PERFECT. It's fun to hook it up to your PC with the right software, but that gets old after some time.
    Yes just because of the light bar and touch pad
    almost perfect
  • 5Nintendo 64
    First controller with analogue stick built in, enough said. Plus rumble
    Nah, the joystick was awful and wore out quickly compared to other Nintendo controllers
    controller penis
    no way, its the dumbest shaped controller in existence
  • 6Super Nintendo Entertainment System suggested byFastTquick
    EU/JP version looks best
  • 7Wii suggested bymattvids247
    It was genius, turn it around and it would become an N64 controller. The motion control wasn't half bad.
    Once the novelty of the thing ran out, you were forced to use to a frustrating controller.
    For anybody or casuals yes, for the gamers meh.
    Its the first of its kind so the iconic value alone should put this top
    Even if you aren't into gaming, the Wii Remote is perfect to just pick up and use. It feels just like a TV remote, you don't need a major learning curve, and the motion controls brought an innovation to the modern game industry, inspiring the PlayStation Move and Kinect.
  • 8Nintendo Entertainment System
    Yes, it was carpal tunnel inducing, but it was simple, yet elegant in its design...
  • 9Mouse and Keyboard suggested byYacheng Nou Moua Xiong
    I GUESS this is a controller, but I don't think the creators of both ever had a thought in mind that it would be used for video games. Still, interesting suggestion.
  • 10Sega Genesis
  • 11Xbox One suggested byYacheng Nou Moua Xiong
    Very comfortable for any size of hands
    its a good controller but dissposable batteries on 2015??? really???
    I've never tried an Xbox One, so I wouldn't know if the controller is great or not. That said, I've heard allot of great things about the controller.
  • 12Wii U Pro Controller suggested byRotfl Master
    If you love the Wii U but hate the GamePad, the Pro Controller is perfect for you. It has all the same buttons of the GamePad, the button placement feels natural, and it has over an 80 hour battery life, which astounding compared to the GamePad's 4 hours.
  • 13Sega Dreamcast
    It too small for my hands.
  • 14Atari 2600
  • 15Sega Saturn suggested byFastTquick
    Six-button layout for fighters but otherwise a straight-forward controller.
  • 16Dualshock 4 suggested byVAndy123
  • 17Playstation 2 suggested bysimaopereira
  • 18Gamepad (Wii U) suggested byIan Cochran
  • 19Xbox (the first one) suggested byGodslayer79
  • 20DualShock IV suggested bymac121mr0
  • 21Trackball suggested byzendaddy621
    It allowed for a level of precision you couldn't get from a joystick; it was also the inspiration for the early computer mouse...
  • 22NES Advantage suggested byStarkyTheBrony
  • 23Computer Mouse & Computer Keyboard suggested byCallofDutyGamer014
  • 24NES Zapper (Famicom Light Gun) suggested byDimitri DKlaid De Koninck
  • 25Xbox 360 Arcade Controller suggested byEric Silver
  • 26DualShock suggested bymac121mr0
  • 27DualShock II suggested bymac121mr0
  • 28DualShock III suggested bymac121mr0
  • 293DS suggested bySlushy523
    The 3DS isn't even a controller... it's a handheld. Unless you're speaking of one of the many things you can tack onto it, the 3DS itself is NOT a controller... unless you're speaking of Smash Brothers for the Wii U.
  • 30Xbox One Elite Controller suggested byDavid Zephyr Meier
  • 31console peasants suggested byBerserker Baron

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