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Top 10 Underrated Movie Scores (suggested 5 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top 10 Underrated Instrumental Film Scores

Thomas Newman? like his oscar-nominated score from "The Shawshank Redemption"
What about Jerry Goldsmith? James Newton Howard?
Alan Menken is the most underrated film composer. Kind of unrelated but just saying.
The Game
Most of these points are from animations, so why not rename it animation instrumental film scores
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    1The Hunchback of Notre Dame suggested byGodslayer79
    Hell fire. Dark fire.
    A great example would be "Sanctuary"
    the score was oscar-nominated
    Heaven's Light and the opening of the movie

  • 2The Prince of Egypt suggested byGodslayer79
    By the way Hans Zimmer did compose it.
    A Great example would be "Deliver Us"

  • 3Finding Nemo suggested byScotty Arbour
    A Great example would be "Nemo Egg"

  • 4Atlantis: The Lost Empire suggested byGodslayer79
    A great example would be "The Crystal Chamber"
    I love the secret swim music

  • 5Princess Mononoke suggested byJedimperial96
    A great example would be "The Legend of Ashtika"

  • 6Spirited Away suggested byJedimperial96
    Hey, anyone ever watch "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence"?

  • 7Shrek suggested byGodslayer79
    A Great Example would be "Fairytale" and "Transformation / The End"
    If you aren't admitting that All Star isn't America's national anthem, then you sir, are an idiot
    If you don't believe it's underrated, just try humming the opening theme. It's a guarantee that 90% of the people around you will recognize it.

  • 8Treasure Planet suggested byGodslayer79
    A Great Example would be "12 Years Later"
    Just when they start flying off

  • 9How To Train Your Dragon suggested byDarrenZach
    Final battle against the Green Death is one of the greatest of any genre. And the music aids that.
    A Great Example would be "Forbidden Friendship"

  • 10Memoirs of a Geisha suggested byJedimperial96
    A Great Example would be "Becoming a Geisha"

  • 11The Last Samurai suggested byJedimperial96
    A Great example would be "Red Warrior" or "A Small Measure of Peace"

  • 12The Land Before Time suggested byGodslayer79

  • 13The Artist suggested byGodslayer79
    A Great Example would be "George Valentin" and "Waltz for Peppy"
    It won an Oscar but I don't think it has the mainstream attention it deserves.
    I don't think it's an underrated film score the composer won an oscar

  • 14Spirit Stallion of Cimarron suggested byJedimperial96
    Everything from start to finish
    A Great Example would be "Run Free"

  • 15Legends of the Fall suggested byJedimperial96
    A Great Example would be "The Ludlows"

  • 16Edward Scissorhands suggested bysponge_bob

  • 17The Shawshank Redemption suggested byGodslayer79
    A Great Example would be: "Stoic theme"

  • 18Hook suggested byGodslayer79
    A Great Example would be "Flight to Neverland"

  • 19Bicentennial Man suggested byGodslayer79

  • 20The Fountain suggested byGodslayer79
    A Great Example would be "Together We Will Live Forever"

  • 21Beauty and the Beast suggested byGodslayer79
    Underrated? Good god, no. "Beauty & The Beast," "Gaston," "Be Our Guest," this thing is loaded with songs that are routinely ranked among the best.

  • 22Pride and Prejudice suggested byGodslayer79
    A Great Example would be "Dawn"

  • 23National Treasure suggested byJordan Collins

  • 24Boy in the Striped Pajamas suggested byLukeC22
    One of James' Horner's last pieces

  • 25Chronicles of Narnia Trilogy suggested byJedimperial96

  • 26Road to Perdition suggested byJedimperial96
    A Great Example would be "Road to Chicago"

  • 27Rudy (1993) suggested byArtsyChic
    I think it should have won an award for its music, at least oscar nominated or golden globe nod

  • 28The Green Mile suggested byJedimperial96

  • 29Pirates of the Caribbean suggested byLvetto
    It's a great score, but I think it is too well known to be underrated
    Although I do find the 4th installment On Stranger Tides to be a pretty underrated score
    I think it's still underrated. It's as great as the most mentioned hollywood great scores and doesn't have much recognition.

  • 30Once Upon a Time in America suggested byJedimperial96

  • 31Toy Story 2 suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 32Glory suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 33The Hours (2002) suggested byGodslayer79
    A Great Example would be "Morning Passages"

  • 34The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies suggested byJedimperial96
    A Great Example would be "Sons of Durin"
    Actuall Whole Trilogy is pretty underrated soundtrack wise

  • 35Little Miss Sunshine suggested bygardigiot

  • 36Under the Skin suggested byNana Amuah

  • 37Conan the Barbarian suggested byJedimperial96

  • 38The Theory of Everything suggested byJedimperial96

  • 39"Define Dancing" by Thomas Newman - WALL-E (2008) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 40Meet Joe Black (1998) suggested byGodslayer79
    A Great Example would be "That Next Place"

  • 41Munich suggested byJedimperial96
    A Great Example would be "Remembering Munich"

  • 42Oblivion suggested byJedimperial96

  • 43The Mission 1986 suggested byJedimperial96

  • 44Cider House Rules suggested byGodslayer79

  • 45Empire of the Sun suggested byJedimperial96

  • 46Dallas Buyers Club suggested bygardigiot

  • 47Hugo suggested byJedimperial96

  • 48The New World suggested byJedimperial96

  • 49"Fargo, North Dakota" by The Soundlike Ensemble - Fargo (1996) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 50"Blood Trails" by Carter Burwell - No Country for Old Men (2007) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 51Rush suggested byJedimperial96

  • 52The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles suggested byDirector22

  • 53Starship Troopers suggested byJedimperial96
    A great example would be "Klendathu Drop"

  • 54Cinema Paradiso suggested byJedimperial96

  • 55Amistad suggested byJedimperial96
    A Great Example would be "Dry your Tears Afrika"

  • 56The Patriot suggested byJedimperial96

  • 57The Terminal suggested byJedimperial96

  • 58Moneyball suggested bygardigiot

  • 59True Romance suggested byJedimperial96

  • 60The Iron Giant: The Eye of the Storm by Michael Kamen - The Iron Giant (1999) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 61The Glory Days by Michael Giacchino - The Incredibles (2004) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 62"Hello Zepp" by Charlie Clouser - Saw (2004) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 63The Last Airbender suggested byJedimperial96
    While the Movie is Terrible, I think the Score is amazing
    A Great Example would be "Flow like Water"

  • 64John Carter (2012) suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 65Lady in the Water suggested byJedimperial96
    A great example would be "The Great Eatlon"

  • 66"Polymorphia" by Krzysztof Pendereck - The Shining (1980) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 67Masters of the Universe suggested byDirector22

  • 68The Road suggested byJedimperial96

  • 69The Thin Red Line suggested byJedimperial96
    A Great Example would be "Journey to the Line"

  • 70Tuck Everlasting suggested byJedimperial96

  • 71Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within suggested byMichael Ross
    It was performed by an actual orchestra. In the CG age, that's almost unheard of.

  • 72Married Life by Michael Giacchino - Up (2009) suggested bymac121mr0
    not underrated

  • 73"Main Titles" by Danny Elfman - Spider-Man (2002) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 74Main Title by Wendy Carlos - The Shining (1980) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 759 suggested byCamden Coblentz

  • 76Le Professional (Ennio Morricone) suggested byJedimperial96

  • 77Tears of the Sun suggested byJedimperial96

  • 78October Sky suggested byJedimperial96

  • 79Mighty Joe Young suggested bysponge_bob

  • 80Wolf Totem suggested byJedimperial96

  • 81The Devil's Own suggested byJedimperial96

  • 82Thor (2007) suggested byJedimperial96

  • 83Rain Man (1988) suggested byCélia De Clercq

  • 84Willow suggested byJedimperial96

  • 85All is Lost suggested byNana Amuah

  • 86The Village suggested byJedimperial96

  • 87Lux Aeterna from Requiem For A Dream suggested bysoldierlp
    A great masterpiece that is forgotten too often

  • 88Star Wars suggested byCheeseCakeChik
    If you try to hum any songs from it, I guarantee that nobody will recognize it

  • 89Beetlejuice suggested byLiamlovesCuddles66

  • 90dragonheart suggested bySara Cohen

  • 91Silence of the Lambs suggested byJedimperial96

  • 92Havana (1990) suggested byLeo Logan

  • 93The Accidental Tourist suggested byLeo Logan

  • 94The Firm suggested byLeo Logan

  • 95Yo Mama's House 2 suggested byColby Solomon

  • 96Johnny Cage theme-Mortal Kombat (1995) suggested byLazidc420
    This would be better suited for video game music

  • 97X-Men: First Class suggested byRodri Arenas

  • 98Let me In suggested byMikayla Rogers

  • 99Gremlins suggested byLiamlovesCuddles66

  • 100Heathers suggested byLiamlovesCuddles66

  • 101Days of Heaven suggested byJedimperial96

  • 102The Tree of Life suggested byJedimperial96

  • 103Aliens suggested byJedimperial96

  • 104The road to esmeralda suggested byJoan Davidson

  • 105The Incredibles suggested byLvetto

  • 106Gladiator suggested byGandhi Suryadevara
    It's very well known, and is considered Hans Zimmer's best score, I think it gets the recognition it deserves
    While this is an amazing score, I don't know if it is underrated

  • 107The Game suggested byEdward Howard

  • 108django unchained suggested byFunkyFungi

Top 10 Underrated Film Scores (Original Scores Only)

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    1Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands (1990)

  • 2Joe Hisaishi - Spirited Away (2001)

  • 3Vangelis - Blade Runner (1982)

  • 4John Williams - Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

  • 5Jonny Greenwood - There Will Be Blood (2007)

  • 6Michael Giacchino - The Incredibles suggested byLvetto

  • 7Trevor Jones - The Dark Crystal (1982)

  • 8Ennio Morricone - Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
    The closing tune is excellent. Overall more robust than any of his other scores.

  • 9Jerry Goldsmith - The Secret of Nimh (1982)

  • 10Nino Rota - 8½ (1963)

  • 11Georges Delerue - Day for Night (1973)

  • 12Zbigniew Preisner - The Three Colors Trilogy (1993, 1994)

  • 13Hans Zimmer - Spirit, Stallion of Cimarron (2002) suggested byCélia De Clercq

  • 14Thomas Newman - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events suggested by94ejack

  • 15Karen O - Where the Wild Things Are suggested byDylanthemole

  • 16James Horner - Balto suggested byTudor Baltoiu

  • 17Wendy Carlos-Tron suggested bydarkhelmetservo

  • 18John Powell - Robots suggested by94ejack

  • 19Hans Zimmer/John Powell - Kung Fu Panda suggested byOblivion4Lcf

  • 20Thomas Newman - Scent of A Woman suggested by94ejack

  • 21Hans Zimmer - Beyond Rangoon suggested byTudor Baltoiu

  • 22James Horner - The New World suggested byTudor Baltoiu

  • 23Nubuo Uematsu Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children suggested byOblivion4Lcf

  • 24Alan Menken- The Hunfhback of Notre Dame suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 25Ennio Morricone - The Legend of 1900 suggested byOblivion4Lcf

  • 26Michael Nyman - The Piano suggested byOblivion4Lcf

  • 27Shigeru Umebayashi - Huo Yuanjia(Fearless) suggested byOblivion4Lcf

  • 28Tan Dun - Hero suggested byOblivion4Lcf

  • 29Tar%u014D Iwashiro - Red Cliff suggested byOblivion4Lcf

  • 30Susumu Hirasawa- Paprika and Millennium Actress suggested byDrew Planas

  • 31Hans Zimmer- Muppet Treasure Island suggested byDrew Planas

  • 32Elliot Goldenthal- Batman Forever suggested byDaniel Attrell
    The Movie wasn't that good, but I like the song

  • 33Hans Zimmer- Megamind suggested byJack Walrath
    Roxanne's theme is superb.

  • 34Toshiyuki Honda- Metropolis (Anime) suggested byJack Walrath
    Greatly underrated, his jazz-inspired score is excellent.

  • 35Michael Giacchio - Up suggested byjskpixara113@gmail.c

  • 36James Horner- Glory suggested byScotty Arbour

  • 37Stephen Rennicks- Room suggested byDrew Planas
    Room - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (21 tracks; 42 min.) opens with "Opening", a very subtle piano-fronted piece, setting the tone for the music. Brie Larson's character signs "Big Rock Candy Mountain" to her 5 year old son as he goes to sleep in Room. "Wardrobe" and "Out of Wardrobe" are more beautiful and gentle piano-fronted pieces. When

  • 38Cliff Martinez- Drive suggested byDrew Planas
    Martinez's score works like a patient, engaging ambient record with a dramatic arc that works independently of the film. Keyboards plink back and forth like turn signals and human heartbeats, with atmospheres that hang in the air like ghosted taillight streaks. As things get grittier onscreen, so does the music, with industrial grindings and craggy

  • 39Toshihiko Sahashi- Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Daina & Ultraman Gaia: Ch jik no daikessen suggested byDrew Planas

  • 40Ilan Eshkeri- Shaun The Sheep Movie suggested byDrew Planas

  • 41Bruno Coulais- Song Of The Sea suggested byDrew Planas

  • 42Michael Brook- Brooklyn suggested byDrew Planas

  • 43Joe Hisaishi- The Tale of The Princess Kaguya suggested byDrew Planas

  • 44Toru Takemitsu- Ran suggested byDrew Planas

Top 10 Underrated Film Scores of All Time

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    1How to Train your Dragon suggested byWall-E

  • 2Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'Hoole suggested byWall-E

  • 3Zootopia suggested byWall-E

  • 4Miller's Crossing suggested byDarrenZach

  • 5Batman: Mask of the Phatasm suggested byDarrenZach

  • 6The Rocketeer suggested byDarrenZach

Top 10 Underrated Film Scores

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    1Spider-Man Theme

  • 2Halloween Theme

  • 3The Bourne Supremacy Theme

  • 4Saw Theme

  • 5Sunshine Theme

Top 10 Underrated Movie Scores

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