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Top 10 Things in Spongebob That Make No Sense

also part of: Spongebob That Make No Sense
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    1Underwater Fire
    if we're underwater how can there...
    Whoever delivered this clearly doesn't know the physical impossibilities of life underwater. Welp, might as well put it in the fire.
    Those two quotes are pure classic comedy gold.
  • 2Underwater Water & Drowning Fish
    I beg to differ. There is such a thing as water underwater. And there is one lake in the Gulf of Mexico that can actually kill everything it touches.
  • 3Mermaidman & Barnacleboy are Fish-Sized Humans
  • 4Underwater electricity suggested byJacob Koopmann
    maybe the electricity is waterproof. like the underwater hotel
  • 5Pearl is Related to Krabs
  • 6Two Neptunes
    The bald one from the first movie dressed as a traditional king, and the main one from the series that looks like an antlantian God, how can there be two King Neptune's?
    they r the same neptune just played by different people. plus the neptunes are split into two. one for the show one for the movie
  • 7Eating food underwater without it getting soggy or falling apart suggested byJacob Koopmann
  • 8Patrick has a sister when he already said that he didn't suggested byDirector22
    He's stupid, maybe he forgot
  • 9Breathing Air
    I think this kind of was explained in the sponge out of water movie, they were given the ability to breathe air and water thanks to Bubbles the dolphin, but I don't know what that's an in canon explanation
    It's established that Spongebob can't breathe air... but he does in the episode when he and other marines go on dry land on Sandy's bet.
    do you know how a fish breath?
  • 10Spongebob's Anatomy
    Simple question: does he have a skeleton?
    Sometimes he has bones, sometimes he doesn't
  • 11Spongebob's Strength Can't carry a marshmallow 4:04 (but can carry a whole boat)
  • 12Underwater Gorilla
    We're on to them.
  • 13Gary being able to tie things together suggested byDirector22
    He has no hands
    gary is smart or maybe he uses his eyes to do it
    how is gary able to tie things without hands?
    He does actually
  • 14Underwater Tears suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
  • 15Mr. Krabs' History
    There are contradictions in the history between Krabs and Plankton: were they on good terms, or were they always rivals?
  • 16Underwater Tree
  • 17Perfume Shop Aboard Flying Dutchman's Ship
    He has a Macy's Department store?
  • 18Was Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy's adventures recorded for a live TV show suggested byDirector22
  • 19Spongebob's Parents are Round
    not all spongs are square in real live
    You'd expect his parents to be edged like him. After all, his cousin is squared.
  • 20Reason Why Patrick Joined Boating School
    In the episode where Patrick followed Spongebob to school, he later states he followed him because he thought it was a Spanish course, which wasn't his initial intend at all.
  • 21Painting underwater suggested byJesse Goodwin
  • 22Is Squidward a good musician?
    It is a running gag that he sucks at playing the clarinet... yet he also holds successful concerts?
  • 23How do Squidward and Spongebob know what Germany or the Loch Ness Monster are if they live in the Pacific? suggested byAdamFord 152
  • 24Morality suggested byRisk Gambler
  • 25Why Squidward never tried to kill Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs or anyone he hated? suggested byRay MacElroy
    Because it's illegal?
    and that it's also a kid show and if they showed Squidward killing people he hated, that's going to get a bunch of angry parent complaints because they're teaching kids that it's okay to kill people that you hate and will most likely get the producers of bunch of lawsuits on their hands for teaching kids dad even though it's only for a joke if they
    because hes not that kind of person.
    remeber Mrs Puff almost killed Spongebob
  • 26Spongebob's glasses suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 27Why didn't Mr. Krabs and Squidward look like a realistic National Geographic-like version of a crab and an octopus in the episode Pressure where they are all pressured to go on land? suggested bymac121mr0
  • 28Why Plankton never tried to kill Mr. Krabs? suggested byRay MacElroy
    Because it's illegal? And, if he killed him, he'd probably lose the Krabby Patty formula which only Krabs knows the location of.
    Kid's show
  • 29Everyone is retarded suggested byRay MacElroy
    So are the majority of real-life people, how's that nonsensical?
  • 30No underwater hitmen? suggested byRay MacElroy
  • 31How can Spongebob and Sandy have sex if Spongebob is a sponge? suggested byRay MacElroy
    what episode is this
    please no, this show is kid friendly
  • 32Bikini Bottom Mysteries
  • 33Why doesn't Plankton just buy a Krabby Patty suggested byDirector22
    He would probably get caught and get kicked out.

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