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Top 10 Things in Pokemon that Make No Sense

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    1Where are the Normal Animals? Do People Eat Pokemon?
  • 2Kangaskhan Is Born With a Kid in its Pouch
  • 3Large Pokemon With Wings that Cannot Learn "Fly", but Some That Have no Wings Can?
  • 4"We've Discovered a New Continent. It was Right Next to Us."
  • 5Special Medicine Heals 20 HP; Regular Water Cures 50 HP
  • 6Remoraid Evolves Into Octillery
  • 7You Can Catch Beaten Pokemon, but not Fainted?
  • 8You Need A Pokemon With "Cut" to get Behind Bushes
  • 9All Surfing Pokemon Turn to Lapras
    Because not all Pokemon are Ditto!
  • 10Confused Pokemon Attack Themselves
  • 11Rock-Types can Fight on Water... Even Dig Works There!
  • 12Giant Pokemon Can Hide in Grass
  • 13Cubone Has the Skull of his Dead Mother... At Birth!
  • 14Why Did Pikachu Never Evolve?
    Don't get me wrong, we all love the adorable little yellow mouse, but dayum, he's gone through 10 years worth of experience and fighting, how come he didn't get strong enough to become a Raichu? And why would he hate it, anyway? He's earned it!
  • 15Charizard is not a Dragon-Type, but Some Non-Draconic Pokemon Are?
  • 16Ash Never Ages in the Anime
  • 17Even Legendaries Can Become a Child's Slave
  • 18Slugma Stages Are Hot, But Can be Touched and Hugged
  • 19You Can Fit a bike in the Backpack, but it's "Never a Time to Use That"
  • 20Where do Team Rocket (the looser ones) Get Their Funds for all the Special Mechanical Junk?
  • 21How do Ghost-Types work?
  • 22Pokemon With No Arms Can Learn "Punch"
  • 23Self-Destruct Does Not Kill
  • 24Where do Timburr stages get their beams?
  • 25You Need Running Shoes to Run
  • 26Pokemon (In This Context: Bio-Weapons) Are Given to Kids
  • 27Schuckle Can Do The Most Damage
  • 28The Infinitel Deep Backpack
  • 29Can't Move Snorlax Without Pokeflute
  • 30Vullaby's wings are too small, yet she can learn fly. suggested byMick and Mom
  • 3110 Year Old Kids can travel the world without adult supervision suggested byThomas Bates

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