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Top 10 Things We Want to See in Season 9 of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

The magic of friendship Will be in our hearts, For This list We will be seeing the Character Stories and many things that we would like to see in the final season of this Revolutionary Discovery Family series
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    1The meeting of Bright Mac and Buttercup / Pear butter with their children
    I would like an episode to appear where Applejack and her friends can find Bright mac and Buttercup to rescue them. And we would like the voices of Bright Mac and Pear butter to be the same
    When Applejack and his Brothers knew the history of their parents Although they are half apple and Half Pear but the only thing we wanted to know is because they are not the next day since they married .
  • 2The defeat of Grogar, Tirek, Queen chrysalis, and Cozy Glow
    Since the shadow king destroyed the Elements and the tree of harmony I think it would stop him But Twilight and her friends had the magic inside they used it to destroy it and we would like them to eliminate Grogar and the others to save Equestria from their sinister plans.
    When the ninth season arrived, Grogar came the evil sorcerer who came back to life to realize his master plan and recruited chrysalis Tirek Cozy Glow and let's not forget that he used his magic to revived King Shadow
  • 3A Song of Shining Armor
    We have all heard many songs of My Little Pony from our favorite characters But the only character that the missing song is Shining armor because it had a song and much less singing in the Best Ever Gift Special, I would not like shining armor to have the opportunity to sing
  • 4No more competitions Between Rainbow dash and Applejack
    In several episodes Applejack and Rainbow dash compete in each other to see who is the best and that is causing them to destroy their friendship, and we want them to be able to make a draw so that they are winners so they can have their prize and the 2 may be in the photo of the Teacher of the month with fluttershy
  • 5The premiere of My Little Pony Best Ever Gift 2
    And we would like Bright mac and Buttercup to appear in the My Little Pony Special
    The Christmas special of My Little Pony best Gift ever was a great success from the first day it appeared, well we would like to see the premiere of My Little Pony Best gift ever 2 appear so that more special My Little Pony can appear like this one
  • 6Not to the prohibition to the voices of the Latin dubbing of My Little Pony and Equestria girls suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez
    Since we found out that they are going to ban the voices of the Latin dubbing of My Little Pony That part I annoy all the fans of My Little Pony this news We are filled with many hatreds in our hearts, We would like this ban to be erased to the voices of Latin America of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls
  • 7More Stories from Bright mac and Buttercup/Pear Butter suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez
    The reason why this suggestion is on this top is because we would like an episode about Pear Butter's pregnancy to see part of her story about how they became teenage parents
    The story of Bright mac and Buttercup is very beautiful And based on the story Romeo and Juliet, Well as they are taking episodes of My Little Pony in China We would like to see an episode where Pear butter tells Bright mac that she is pregnant to be I can see the origin of applejack and his brothers.
  • 8The apology of Grand Pear for Bright mac and Buttercup/Pear butter suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
    It was very unforgivable what grand pear did that had abandoned her daughter for having learned that she married bright mac but when she arrived in Ponyville she met her grandchildren and came to the city to apologize, We would like Bright mac and Buttercup to return I can do the Excuse grand pear with her daughter to make passes.
  • 9The parents of Candece suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
    That is the question we are thinking. Who are the parents of Cadence? Well, they never appeared at the royal wedding and much less at the birth of their daughter Flurry heart, We would like to meet the parents of Princess cadence to know her story that they can recover the lost time .
  • 10The wedding of Major Sunny Skies and Petunia Petals suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
    But Sunny and Petunia's Wedding did not appear. We would like to see a My Little Pony special appear with the Rainbow Road Trip Animation to see Sunny Skies and Petunia Petals' wedding
    Since the Rainbow Road Trip Special appeared, we met Mayor Sunny Skies and His girlfriend Petunia Petals when Sunny sang the song about what happened in the Rainbow, she had fallen in love with Petunia Petals and a scene appeared in which Sunny told Petunia to marry the
  • 11The friendship of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst become Boyfriends suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
    It is obvious that Starlight's friendship is deeper with Sunburst and is very beautiful when they are united, we wish that their friendship could become true love as Simba and Nala from the movie The lion King .
  • 12Shining Armor turned into Alicorn suggested byIgnacio jose Vera minguez
  • 13More Specials of My Little Pony with the animation of My Little Pony the movie
  • 14The powers of the Mane 6
  • 15The friendship of Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail become Boyfriends
  • 16A Christmas special of My Little Pony for this 2019 suggested byIgnacio Jose Vera Minguez


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